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Gaming Website Design: Examples And Tips 3 Gaming Website Design: Examples And Tips
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Did you ever stop and think about why videogames are a special phenomenon in this world? Games were originally designed for joy and nothing else, yet they’ve become a massive industry. Such traits impose some key features on the development process. Imagine this, you want to make the most popular game and sell it. So what do you need to do? The first step is to inflame the irresistible desire to buy your product.

Nowadays a significant part of a game promotion happens through websites. Unfortunately, it’s a hard task to create an awesome game website design for the landing page or a gaming portal that stands out. Your website needs to look good, but more importantly, it needs to be useful to potential players in a relevant way, otherwise, such an approach will be useless and won’t bring any extra popularity or profit to developers.

Making a games website design requires some specific actions to make it useful. Let’s take a look at 5 great ideas that would help to achieve this goal.

5 ideas for creating a smashing game website design

1. Be viral

Gaming Website Design: Examples And Tips 18

Be modern. Follow the trends. Gamers unite in various communities of people who share their culture, history, and memes. It’s a great way to establish contact with potential customers.

As one of the methods to achieve this goal, you can add a viral and suitable meme to your video game web design. For those unfamiliar with your brand, this meme can surprise them or inspire them to learn more about it and your product. Meme lovers often lose their heads when they see well-known memes in the content of a gaming website. And the right meme will work twice as well with those in the know, giving them something to share with their community.

Try this out and you won’t be just an ordinary boring company anymore. Keep it stylish, try to be natural and don’t overdo it.

2. Be creative

Gaming Website Design: Examples And Tips 19

There are numerous styles you can use to design the appearance of a landing page or a standalone gaming website. Generally, the best approach is to follow the style of an original game. Depending on the gaming world, it can be aggressive, have furious colors or soft and calm styles. It doesn’t need to be neutral. The design must stand out from hundreds of similar pages.

With game portals, it’s better to use neutral colors and shades. The main content in these kinds of websites is gaming news or reviews, not the website’s visuals.

Don’t forget about the interface! Following the concept of user-friendliness, UI (User Interface) tends to be simple but comfortable. The main goal is to allow users the ability to easily surf through the entire website without any problems. That will generate positive UX (User Experience).

Positive UX means that the user has a good impression of your website. There is a chance that they’ll advise your site to friends or share a review on social media. It’s always great to support such efforts. They help to make your website popular.

3. Optimize the website for different platforms

Gaming Website Design: Examples And Tips 20

Whether you’re working with a standalone game page or a gaming portal, it is essential to assure the quality of its appearance on different devices. The website needs to look amazing on all available platforms. The aim is to achieve a great view on personal computers, mobile devices or gaming consoles with all screen resolutions and aspect ratios. Gamers love when they can reach their favorite website from every device they own and it still looks awesome.

Some sites may have a decreased performance rate on smartphones and tablets. One of the possible reasons is the variety of interactive or dynamic objects on the page. In those cases, it can be a great decision to create a lightweight mobile version with looped media.

4. Accept the importance of media

Gaming Website Design: Examples And Tips 21

Modern gamers adore action. They also want to see what they’re paying for. It’s important to find a balance between the attraction, optimization, and convenience of use.

The main goal is to attract users and retain their attention. The best practices for it are dynamic backgrounds, numerous trailers, photos of the development process, video or text developer diaries and concept art—all in one website. But never overdo the use of such elements. No one likes it when the website looks like a kaleidoscope. In the case of a game website, the text is also important, but try not to overload the site with a wall of information.

Notice the fact that standalone game websites are usually quite heavy in terms of computing powers. It’s all because of dozens of images, trailers, and effects. This type of website needs to be well-optimized for better UX. On the other hand, gaming portals are usually lightweight. They don’t need such an ocean of content.

5. Support the community

Gaming Website Design: Examples And Tips 22

The Community is the heart of a game. Developers always aim to cover the biggest audience possible. Add links to social media. If the company posts its news, for example, via Twitter account, it’s a great idea to implement Twitter API (Application Programming Interface) in the website and insert some of the posts to the actual website content.

Another aspect to consider is user comfort. Add a forum or a chat to your website design games, implement technical support and be in touch with gamers. Those easy steps will help to create a live, active community that generates numerous ideas and feedback.

It’s always a great idea to integrate multi-language support. Translate the website to all widespread languages. This method allows for increasing the number of native speakers that use the website. The more patience you invest and the efforts you put into this task, the bigger the community you’ll create. Try to use these ideas if you are aiming to make a game website design that can set gamers’ hearts and minds on fire and encourage them to purchase your games.

5 Best gaming website design examples

All the above-mentioned ideas allow us to create legendary video game web design. The last part remains: find the inspiration. Combine the game’s style with your own creative ideas to build up the best gaming website design. Yes, we know that it’s a lot harder than it looks. We have a worthy solution for it.

Let’s get a closer look at some of the industry giants with a brief overview of the designs that large companies use for their games’ homepages. We hope that these website design gaming examples provide enough inspiration for new ideas.

Metro Exodus

Gaming Website Design: Examples And Tips 23

This site implements one of the best practices for video gaming website design – a dynamic background. The Metro universe is a grim and harsh post-apocalyptic world, so the black color scheme fits perfectly. If the user scrolls the page down, he’ll see game screenshots. They are actually hyperlinked to other sections of the site. The site is designed to fit different platforms. It looks nice both on wide screens and mobile devices.

The other advantage is that Metro Exodus is a multilingual website. Users can swap between the most popular world languages to read the provided information in a comfortable way. Such an approach evokes a good UX. It’s always pleasant to surf a website that is translated into your native language.

Giant Bomb

Gaming Website Design: Examples And Tips 24

This website is a sample of great video gaming website design for a news and review portal. The background is designed in neutral colors. The key is that nothing distracts users from the main part of the site. All of their attention belongs to gaming news. There are tons of media, quotes, and links in each of the articles. This information becomes the only eye-catching factor but not the additional website effects, multimedia or background.


Gaming Website Design: Examples And Tips 25

The Borderlands saga has its own unique visual style. It’s all about the atmosphere of madness, the original games follow this idea and its website is no exception. It’s bright and offensive, with dozens of high-quality art images. That kind of website style is memorable in its creative design. The layout is pretty classic – it’s a standard landing page.

Well-known heroes boost the website’s attractiveness in the eyes of Borderlands fans.

The game site design provides a whole section of the community theme. The landing page uploads developers’ Twitter posts and wraps it up in an original, recognizable design. The content of text posts, including the Twitter account, follows the same provocative ideas of insanity.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales

Gaming Website Design: Examples And Tips 26

This website is another standalone landing page for a newly released game by CD Projekt Red. The company is a VFX (Visual Effects) master, so the page has its own unrepeatable charm. Take a look at the animated smoke and flames in the background. Despite the fact that such an approach is a quite common feature, CD Projekt Red has designed it in a creative way. It is also one of the best game website examples.

The Last of Us II

Gaming Website Design: Examples And Tips 27

Here is one of the most creative video game website ideas. This website has a standard layout with multiple pages. Let’s take a look at the homepage. When users reach the website for the first time they see only a video with parts of gameplay. This media is full of action but also leaves some space for peaceful scenes. They are in great proportion. Action scenes do not overload the users’ attention. They also don’t have a chance to get bored during the short peaceful parts. It’s an effective modern technique to retain attention.

Where to find the best game website design templates

Every product needs a website nowadays, and the gaming industry is not an exception. If you need to promote your game and create a game site design rather quickly, you may use gaming website templates.

If you are looking for a video game website design template, you should check out ThemeForest. This website has numerous modern and attractive web design ideas and templates for your company. All the templates are easy to set and customize according to your needs. All the video game web design templates on ThemeForest have useful features like adding new game releases and reviews or sharing news and other updates with your fans. You can also integrate your social media platforms with some website templates to stay in touch with your audience.

Final thoughts

There is a huge difference between gaming and the real world. Game niches are special parts of the market share with their own unique features and game website design. Gamers are fast and furious, they like when things go crazy. To fulfill their desires you need to create a memorable and exciting website design game. When gamers surf your website, they need to shout, “Wow! That’s awesome! Stop talking and take my money! I want to play it!” Only dynamic stories and action can satisfy their rebellious souls.

The process of creating an epic video game web design can cause lots of questions and dozens of problems. Luckily, Fireart Studio can help you! We are a team of professionals able to resolve these kinds of tasks and create the best game website design for you. Contact us so we can develop a stunning video game website design for you!


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