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The restaurant business is very popular for obvious reasons. The fact is that food will always be in demand, which is why making and owning a restaurant is a great investment. That being said, we live in a time where the internet has basically simplified how we do business. The catering industry has also been affected by these changes.

Nowadays, you can find multiple websites dedicated to selling food. Restaurants have adopted this method to reach larger audiences, which has worked well; however, deciding to build a restaurant website does not guarantee anything. In order to make the most of your website, you either need to know how to create a restaurant website on a professional level or have experts to do it for you.

How to Create a Restaurant Website: 7 Methods

Before you actually proceed to get the website created, remind yourself why you are creating it. Similarly, you have to pay particular attention to the people you are making the site for.

Additionally, web design for restaurants is not too far off from the design of any other sites – at least the basics stay the same. The secret to making a great online ‘location’ for your restaurant is to think the way your customers would.

Think about the reasons why people enjoy going to restaurants. In addition to the food, the restaurant’s environment enables them to be able to connect with friends and family, as well.

The final question is how will you incorporate all the necessary elements into a site. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you out.

1. Identify Your Audience

How to Build the Best Restaurant Website Design 15

Before you can jump into designing your website, first identify your ideal target audience. How do you do this? Several criteria can be used to help you come to a conclusion. For example, by using the physical location of your restaurant, you will be able to discern which people are more likely to be frequent customers.
Once you have used your surroundings to identify your audience, you may proceed. Remember to focus on creating a beautiful restaurant website design that your audience will be drawn to. For example, website design for a student café usually adopts bright colors. On the other hand, you can focus on a more professional design if you are located around a business center.

2. Use a Simple Design

How to Build the Best Restaurant Website Design 16

Remember to stick to the basics when creating your restaurant’s landing page.

Make sure you have all the crucial components, such as:

  • A home page
  • Information about your business
  • Menu and contact information

The above components are all very important. A site without any of these is not complete and cannot serve you well. An additional bonus would be to add a review page to your site, as this part can function as a form of advertisement to people who have not yet been to your restaurant. Adopting a simple web-design is the best way to make sure your pages are user-friendly.

3. Choose a Restaurant Website Color Scheme

How to Build the Best Restaurant Website Design 17

One of the best restaurant website design ideas is the use of a four-color palette. The four colors commonly used on all sites are red, white, brown and black. Each of the above colors has a very important significance.

For example:

  • The red color is used by a lot of fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s. This is because it symbolizes passion and desire.
  • White symbolizes freshness and purity. It improves the readability of content on a website.
  • Black is a great color for a background in food photography. Moreover, it has a sense of mystery to it which always gets people’s attention.
  • Finally, brown symbolizes reliability and also serves as a connection to tradition. It also represents stability.

4. Add a Simple Contact Form

How to Build the Best Restaurant Website Design 18

We have already highlighted the importance of a feedback form. Because it is a vital part of your website, its design should be simple and easy to use. Your customers should never have a hard time figuring out what they should do with it or how to use it.

Basically, your design should be self-explanatory. It is also advisable to add a map to your restaurant site. By doing so, you’ll increase the chances of other individuals finding you. Try your best to make a simple and easy-to-use form, but don’t forget that it has to be beautiful and modern, too.

5. Always Interact with Your Audience

How to Build the Best Restaurant Website Design 19

The best way to spread the word about your business is through social media. You can use various social media websites to find more customers and grow your business.

Therefore, you should make sure you enable your customers to follow you on social media. You can add social channel icons to your site design. This way, you will be able to provide the latest information for them. For example, the introduction of a new dish, price reductions, etc.

Remember to always be professional while staying friendly with your customers. They will also reward you with the same, especially when you consider that word of mouth is still a strong tool.

6. Include or Create Outstanding Images

How to Build the Best Restaurant Website Design 20

Every website designer knows how important images are for the overall look of the layout. This is, by far, one of the best ways to get the attention of a potential customer. Therefore, you have to prioritize this stage of website development.

The best trick is to use an image with a pretty big background on your main page. Make sure you also have high-quality images of your dishes to add to the menu page. Your audience has to see what you offer and make sure they are attracted to what you showcase.

Remember, food photography is supposed to convince people to try your food. Therefore, you should put a lot of time into making sure the pictures are just right. In addition to all of this, you can also add pictures of the interior of your restaurant to show the atmosphere you offer to all diners.

7. Add a Stunning “About Us” Page and Logo

How to Build the Best Restaurant Website Design 21

The main purpose of great site design is to get a larger audience. To do this, you should stand out from the rest. The best way to make sure you leave the competition behind is by creating a killer “about us” page. This page is a great way to showcase your personality to your customers.

Make sure you let your customers know that your team is professional. You should also take into account that people do not look at web content the same. Therefore, you can highlight the most important information.

The last quick tip involves the placement of the logo. Remember, most logos are placed at the top left corner. This is because most people read from left to right. Of course, you should also pay a lot of attention to the design of your logo, as the final product really plays an important part in making your company more memorable.

10 Best Examples of Restaurant Website Design

We have thoroughly identified some of the best tips every web builder needs. It is only fair that we look at some of the best practices among restaurant websites.

These examples can serve as inspiration for the creation of your own site. The following restaurateurs have hit the jackpot in web design:

1. Ruby Tuesday

How to Build the Best Restaurant Website Design 22

The first thing that hits you is the use of amazing pictures. Also, notice how white has been used to help create an emotional response from customers.

The design also includes a slideshow that is adaptable on any screen. Another tactic well implemented is the ‘dishes’ listing on the menu. The current specials are added to the site to encourage more hungry customers to their doors. You can also search for locations to find a restaurant closest to you.


How to Build the Best Restaurant Website Design 23

The Vollerei website is a well-designed website. It uses white as the main color in the layout. If you look at this website, you will immediately be drawn to the images.

By showing clear pictures of the food they offer, customers will want to pay them a visit as soon as possible.

This website also uses video to make sure visitors are absolutely focused on their products. It also enables visitors to make a reservation online.

3. Backyard Burgers

How to Build the Best Restaurant Website Design 24

This is a fast-food restaurant website that is primarily used to showcase the restaurant’s food. The use of red here is quite apparent. Black has also been used in the background to make the images pop.

This site has it all: a great design, including social media buttons, and an amazing call-to-action. You can feel the confidence of the staff by navigating the website.

4. Charlie Brown’s

How to Build the Best Restaurant Website Design 25

The Charlie Brown’s site should be on all lists of great design examples. Initially, you will be drawn to the bright image against a white background, which truly makes it pop.

The readability on this website is simply incredible and the navigation is well put together. The “about us” information is right at the top of the page. It provides a brief but good description of their business.

You will also notice that some of the main dishes have a brief description. Social media buttons are also included on the webpage.

5. The Pointe Restaurant

How to Build the Best Restaurant Website Design 26

The first thing you will notice on this website is amazing photography. It also includes pretty simple navigation with all the important buttons placed at the top of the homepage.

As you begin to scroll down, you will notice a short description of the restaurant. The overall navigation is minimalistic and works well. White is the predominant color which has a great impact on the rest of the content.

6. Café Paradiso

How to Build the Best Restaurant Website Design 27

The feeling provided by this website is one of peace. White has been applied extensively in the design.

This Irish vegetarian restaurant also provides a lot of emphasis on the quality of the food it provides. The atmosphere in which the food is served can also be determined by simply looking at the website.

7. Pizzeria Napolicentrale

How to Build the Best Restaurant Website Design 28

A restaurant site is supposed to attract an individual to the business – and this website does just that. You will be able to find answers to any question concerning the business by navigating through the site.

It has a tidy layout, as well. The pictures not only show the kind of food served but also the environment they are served in. You will also notice other important design features like social media buttons and much more.

8. Pizza Express

How to Build the Best Restaurant Website Design 29

Many customers have provided authentic approvals of this restaurant. It has a minimalistic design that enables fluid navigation of the pages. It uses a great black and white background color scheme with smaller but clear pictures of the food served. Taking a survey on this site is also easy.

You can find a succinct menu at the top and easy-to-use online order block. By clicking on the “Find Restaurants” link, you’ll see different locations all over the world, including in the UAE, India, China, UK, and more. As well, all locations have their own sites with similarly amazing designs.

9. Mamuka

How to Build the Best Restaurant Website Design 30

When it comes to innovative web design, it doesn’t get better than this. This spot definitely stands out from its competitors.

The design alone provides a hint to visitors about what the restaurant is all about. It offers very modern navigation with an adventurous experience.

The colorful images used for the story provide an unforgettable experience, as well. This website’s design shows how thinking outside the box can be quite beneficial.

10. Red Robin

How to Build the Best Restaurant Website Design 31

This chain of restaurants is popularly known for the amazing burgers they make. Not only do they provide amazing food, they also have a great landing page to suit.

Red is the main color on the website and works well with the name. The images are also shown through a slideshow, along with the latest specials. Customers also have access to a special button that allows them to place orders online.


You can conclude that building a restaurant website is pretty involving. You have to be able to make people want your food without actually seeing it, smelling it or tasting it, and that is a challenge.

You also need to focus on the user-experience by making your navigation easy to operate. All these important components come together to make your website work well for your business in all forms.

What do you do when you need to guarantee a great restaurant website? Well, the best answer is to hire a professional who knows what he is doing. Fireart.studio has a team of professionals who are always eager to help you work on your project. We are looking forward to doing business with you!