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How to Choose a Web Design Agency? 3 How to Choose a Web Design Agency?
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Consumers these days have a mindset that won’t let them settle for anything less than perfect. And with the rise of e-commerce, businesses need to maintain a certain amount of online sophistication in order to create the right impression.

If you want to survive in the global market, your website needs to portray your brand’s style and spirit. Therefore, it’s vital to have a web design that is clean, easy to navigate, and highly responsive so that users will love to interact with it.

The design you achieve decides the future of your company because web design has the power to influence traffic volume, engagement levels, and conversion rates, all of which impact the performance and growth of your business.

So you don’t want to employ the services of any old web design agency. You need to choose the best. But the sheer number of available agencies is sure to make this a daunting task.

Are you in search of a web design agency? If you are on the verge of starting your online business or are thinking of revamping your current site, here are 11 questions that you should ask before signing an agreement.

  1. Do you utilize the right CMS for your websites?

    Consider your website as an investment. To make the most out of it, you need to know how to keep it up to date with current trends. Problems often arise when there is a lack of sufficient technical knowledge in the area. Therefore it’s important to understand the terminology that goes into web design. 

    For anyone who’s not familiar with CMS, it is known as a content management system. It’s a platform that simplifies the updating process so that non-technical individuals can do it themselves. Popular ones are WordPress, Squarespace, and Joomla.

    It allows business owners to have more control as they can effortlessly login to the backend and edit text, images, videos, or even add additional pages to the website.

    So yes, CMS development is something that you need.

  2. Do you have previous experience in designing websites for businesses similar to mine?

    Each business has unique demands. Likewise, your website will need to have features that meet the requirements specific to the industry.

    Even if you see examples of a web design agency’s work on their website, verify their qualifications and experience.

    Have them walk you through the phases of design and development they have previously utilized. Ideally, you want to work with individuals who are experienced professionals.

  3. Can I meet the team?


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    There is a great deal of research that you can do online and over the phone, but nothing beats the old ‘meet and greet’ attitude.

    By personally interacting with the team that will develop your website, you can get an idea of how dedicated they are to understanding a client’s needs and goals.

  4. What happens if the site doesn’t perform as you expected it would?

    The website that the firm develops should have the ability to grow with your business and adapt to its growing demands. But even when you prepare yourself with the proper research and ask the right questions, sometimes people are disappointed with the final results.

    By asking this question beforehand, the web design agency can provide you with a list of options that will help to keep in line with your expectations. They can also explain the requirements and tasks that a successful website entails.

    Remember a good website is only as good as the people who know how to operate it to its optimal potential. And this leads up to the next essential question.

  5. Will you provide training for employees using the website?

    As an owner, you need to take responsibility for your website. An agency can design and develop a site for you, but at the end of the day, you are in charge. With some initial training and guidance, you’ll soon learn the ropes.

    The agency should train you on how to keep your site live, whether you need to add more pages, edit content, or post new blogs.

    Besides on-site training, ask if your web design partner provides phone and email support, ongoing maintenance, ongoing support and troubleshooting assistance while upgrading, etc.

  6. What if I’m unable to update my site on my own?

    You’ll be surprised to learn that the aspect that dictates the success or failure of your site is not the design of your website but rather the critical 18-month period after its development.

    The level of engagement and support provided by the web design agency have a considerable impact. While you may be able to update and upgrade some aspects of your website, you may need help for more complex procedures.

    Inquire if any upgrades are included in the plan or if there is some support available at an additional charge. Also, understand the schedule of updates that will be necessary for the near future.

  7. What other services do you provide?

    How to Choose a Web Design Agency? 18

    When you hire a company to design and develop your website, be upfront about any web design services that are included in the package.

    As mentioned above, a certain amount of prerequisite training is essential. Ask if they will also design a logo and provide SEO services, both of which are crucial for building your brand’s reputation. Since SEO is vital for digital marketing practices, this should be overlooked.

    The site needs to be optimized with respect to structure, content, images, videos, etc. not only for search engine rankings but also to enhance UX. On the plus side, it goes to show that the agency is up to date with the latest SEO and marketing trends.

  8. Where will the content come from?

    Agencies are responsible for providing the initial content, images, videos, etc. for a client’s site. However, you need to inquire whether it will be handled in-house or outsourced. Real pictures and original text create wonderfully unique websites.

    However, it’s quite common for developers to outsource work. If this is the case, you need to know who will support, maintain, or rectify any bugs after the website is launched.

  9. What’s the cost and time frame of completion?

    As with any other business agreement, these are vital parts of the deal. You cannot sign a contract with a company that does not provide you with an estimated cost or project completion deadline.

    Professional web design companies offer a realistic timeline and often adhere to them.

  10. Will I have ownership of my domain?

    The last thing you need is to discover is that after all the hard work, time, and money you’ve put into your website, you do not have ownership rights to it.

    This scenario happens all too often when entrepreneurs fail to register their online business and domain name.

    When you complete ownership of your site, you can redirect your domain to another server and maintain your online presence in the event that there is a lapse in the domain or hosting services.

    For the security and future of your company, it’s better to opt for a backup storage service, preferably through the cloud.

  11. Is my website mobile-optimized?

    As Google’s SEO algorithms are constantly changing, the web design agency must be on top of the latest trends, such as fast loading speeds and mobile optimization. Both are equally important and go hand in hand to increase SERP rankings.

    Though most offer this service as a part of their SEO campaign, it’s always better to ask if the agency includes this or you are expected to hire third-party marketing agencies to handle the task.

    Choose Web Design Agencies carefully (if you must)

    When searching for a web design agency, you should not rush into a decision. It’s not enough to simply ask questions. You’ve got to do your homework.

    With the help of online research, reviews, testimonials, etc., you can gather adequate info about the agency even before you approach them. Carefully analyze their portfolio.

    Peruse their previous successful projects and judge if this company is the right one for you. Lastly, listen to their plans on how their design will help to generate more revenue for your brand, generate leads, integrate automation tools, provide user-friendly navigation, offer secure methods for payments, and anything else your website needs.

    Since each business has different requirements, it’s best to make a quick list of everything that you need before you begin your search for a web design agency.

    Happy hunting!


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