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How to Create an Investing App

18 November
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Users are spending more and more time on apps. Banking, Fintech, and top investment apps are seeing a 26% increase in traffic or sessions. If you’re looking for off-the-shelf applications for investment ideas available on the market and want to develop your own, discover more about investment app features and development technologies here.

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What is a good investment app

What are the best investment apps? Like many other good app, a successful investment app should combine three aspects in a very smart way: market, user, and the product itself. All these factors need to work in accord to give the users a unique value, great usability, and the best performance. Accessibility of your mobile app investing is the last but not least key feature of success.

Types of Investment Apps

There are different types of applications. Most offer functionality for opening accounts, managing finances, payments, loans, investments, and more. Among the variety of app types, you can find suitable for investment business, you are welcome to consider some of the best practices. Here they are:


For example, brokerage apps such as Robinhood and Fidelity Investments will allow your users to buy stocks and ETFs.


Other apps that may be defined as those from Robo-advisors like Wealthfront and Betterment will enable buying stock funds, as well as creating a portfolio on your behalf, etc.

Banking apps

With a banking mobile app, you may access the details of your bank accounts and complete multiple transactions directly from your phone, while on the go or from the tablet, or any other mobile device. Arineo is the best experience for using online banking created by Fireart.

Investing apps

Investure – Investment Dashboard App is another example from Fireart. Investing requires training, as well as tools for them. Investure is an intuitive platform that does not require deep learning, the interface is clear even for beginners. With apps like that you, you can easily become a shareholder of top-growing companies and increase your capital.

Exchange-traded funds app

E-Trade, Robinhoods or Vanguard will also be the brightest examples of Exchanged-traded funds app types working as trading platforms.

Top 5 Investment Mobile Apps Case Studies

We’ve come up with the five most interesting cases of investment concepts for apps development for various projects made by the Fireart team. Enjoy it!

1. Cryptewin

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Cryptewin is a traded company that operates a cryptocurrency exchange platform. Get started with the most accessible and secure platform to buy, sell, trade, and earn cryptocurrencies.

2. Rippic

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The concept of a mobile application Rippic was developed for managing your income and expenses because financial literacy is very important in life.

3. Zigzag

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Wasting time in queues and getting stuck in traffic jams to get to the bank office is in the past, whereas digital banking is our future. Zigzag allows you to monitor your transactions, send wires, analyze your income & expenses, and much more.


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Here is the animation for the analytical and trading platform. The most important thing about this platform is flexibility. Users can adjust all the widgets, choose the dark mode, and so on. But still, the platform looks clear and simple.

How to create an investment app

Investment application, banking, investing or Fintech is an app for end users to manage funds, view accounts and make payments. To create an investment app or banking monitoring application, you need to reach a high level of security and automated financial services with a simple front panel great UX and all functions needed.

Analyse the market

Before creating a product, you need to decide in which niche the application will develop. Of course, you can create a universal solution suitable for any type of investment. If you have about 1-1.5 million dollars, any professional company will make you such a product.

Create a concept

After defining a niche and the target audience, it is necessary to develop a concept. It will allow you to see a product that does not yet exist and understand what will happen in the end. Analyze the existing solutions. It will help you to create a user profile. Imagine that you are a customer of your own product. Describe yourself, define your needs, and write a detailed scenario of interaction with a potential application. How it will help meet your needs, describe all the features that you can use. Then arrange them in order of importance.

Prototype your app

The application architecture is built here, the user interface is created. You may apply for special programs, or draw the interface of the program by hand on a piece of paper and pass it over to a professional. It is important that you understand what the application will look like anyways.

Design the interface

Professionals conduct surveys among potential users in order to best meet their needs. Important is not only the look, but also the location of the components. Designing your own service is extremely difficult. UI/UX design skills are required. In addition, if you hire designers, those specialists must be experienced and clearly understand what you want from them. We recommend contacting a professional design building company.

Cost of developing an investment app

Of course, the costs vary from project to project. A simple mobile application for investments with a basic set of functions may cost $10,000, a more complex product will be $30,000. More precise figures are usually available only after discussing and understanding the tasks and preliminary project assessment. But anyway, the cost of developing an investment app with minimum viable features will range from $50,000 to $100,000. And the exact figure will depend on some factors such as the type of app, investor peculiarities or ideas, concept, type of development team, their experience and location, etc. Of all these factors, the major determinant of an app’s cost is the development team.

How Can You Earn As An Investment App Owner?

You should also consider the ways of monetizing your investment app android. In fact, the main goal of creating an application for investment is its monetization. This is a tool for generating income, so you need to think in advance about how you will monetize your product. As a rule, a hybrid monetization model is more often used, which includes several options at a time. Among them:

  • receiving interest for transactions;
  • advertising in the application;
  • personal consultations;
  • investor’s asset management fee;
  • the possibility of a premium subscription with advanced features;
  • mandatory subscription to work in the application;
  • provision of additional services;
  • conducting educational courses;
  • subscription to an individual selection of news according to the needs of the client, etc.

You may develop your own technology to raise funds. However, small percentage fees for transactions are the most common. You may charge a fee for withdrawing funds from a wallet to a bank account or similar. So financial investment apps remain free to use, but at the same time, earnings come from transactions.


Developing your own investment accounting application is quite expensive. But the product, with an incredible design, competent launch, and great features quickly pays off and brings good profits. Assess the mobile app development risks, whether it is profitable for you to invest in this area, and make a step to build and monetize an app that should be clear to users. Your customers need to understand exactly how the application works and evaluate whether it is profitable to cooperate with such a product or not. You have to think it over at the stage of analysing the target audience and your competitor’s powers. Feel free to consult us for better and more detailed help with app design for investment products.


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