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The whole world can be hidden and encoded in the smallest detail. We should pay special attention to details since they often influence the way we feel life.

The same we can say about in-app micro-interactions. These are details that can make or break your mobile app user experience design. It depends only on the UX designer’s sense of unobtrusiveness. A good designer should be a great marketer at the same time and prevent the situation when the design starts to be intrusive.

The designer should predict the user’s next step, create a design that provides people with the needed information, and guide them in the mobile app journey with the help of micro-interactions.

In this article, we’ll uncover the essential tips in the micro-interaction design and the main micro-interaction types that make a user experience smooth and intuitive.

Don’t Be Intrusive. It Kills The UX

Every designer and marketer should always keep this in mind. No matter, you are intrusive in the advertising or in the micro-interaction design – it kills the UX and makes people subconsciously hate your product.

Your primary mission is to create a pretty product with a great user experience design that makes people fall in love with a brand after the first interaction. Make your micro-interactions as intuitively understood and predictable as possible. Sure, you can rarely use micro-interactions as the cute surprises to add a feeling of the adventure into your mobile app. However, you should keep in mind The Designer’s first commandment – don’t be intrusive in your design.