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Branding your business is one of the most crucial steps for startups. It provides your company with a unique personality that establishes your position in the market and helps to attract customers.

Yet, branding is a pretty challenging task that is influenced by so many factors. With this in mind, we came up with six design principles that ought to help you in creating a perfect brand identity for your startup.

Keep It Classic

While it is commonly recommended to follow up with the latest brands in branding, one cannot simply deny the efficiency of classic design. This is what provides a brand with a timeless feeling, promoting reputation and trust. As an example, the Coca-Cola company logo design almost hasn’t changed over a century, but it has topped the best global brands lists for years.

Keeping your brand classic also allows engendering the feeling of nostalgy for “Good Ol’ Days.” It even somehow works if your intended audience is young people, who had never lived in those times. Nostalgic feeling deals strong emotional impact that may come in handy when creating a recognizable brand.

Align Your Brand with Company’s Image

Your branding should not only point out the industry that you are in, but it should also be aligned with the image and theme of your company. Everything from a logo to the website should be based on a specific theme that immediately associates with your brand. This instant recognition is what makes your audience excited and encourages them to find out more about your product and services. 

Tesla is a good example of how the potential of this branding principle can be realized. The company’s website, products, and logo design look futuristic and indicate modernization, new approaches, and efficiency. Customers can easily understand what are the mission and values of this company.