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Review: 3 - Vue vs. React in 2022

JavaScript’s frameworks are critical to developing web projects. However, it can be difficult for companies to choose between React and Vue. Spoiler: You don’t have to choose the best one, but the one that best suits your project.

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Some struggle to find a difference between Vue and React for a project and determine their benefits. That’s why we wrote the guide to get it more simplistic for you to navigate and learn which framework is more useful to apply for tasks.

Let’s go over together what you need to learn before choosing between React or Vue.

Why React and Vue are Popular?

Vuejs and React frameworks are very widespread among web developers. Before we explore the contrast between them and for which proposes it is better to use which framework, we suggest dwelling on the causes for reputation.

React holds the top spot for the fourth year. Vue.js and React.js are both external JavaScript frames. Both provide consistent performance and a quality approach to web development. Each of Vue or React has its own best scripts and meets different business needs. 

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The popularity of the JavaScript framework directly affects the number of developers on the team and the quality of the libraries involved. The framework saves time because someone has already encountered the same scenarios as part of their product development.

The React framework has a massive association of users. It has led to the fact that you can find a lot of guides, online courses, articles, and forums on all things React-related on the internet. Such a large community also speaks volumes about the organized system of third-party libraries, instruments, and additions. 

Among other things, this library has support from Facebook, which guarantees developers good support. Each of the FB teams can augment and update the library, using it for several internal projects. 

The framework’s competitor Vue has a smaller community so far but is growing steadily. There are also fewer third-party libraries and resources. Numerous of which are not even localized in English.

Let’s look at the arguments why Vue is better than react? In contrast, to React, Vue has more tools. All the major IDEs provide support for Vue, and you can also see its high-level roadmap on GitHub.

Vue vs. React performance

Now let’s take a look at the Vue vs. React performance. Remember that Vue and React have some common components and often show similar results in performance tests.

Both frameworks use lazy loading to avoid wasting resources loading unnecessary content. It also allows the site to speed up. If we talk about speed, then startup time slightly beats Vue. At the same time, in terms of script execution time, React wins. Both libraries have packages that speed uploading the project.

Vue can handle ten frames per second, while React can only handle one frame per second.

React vs Vue performance libraries use the DOM. Given that changing the real DOM model is a complex task, script updates are primarily used on the virtual DOM model.

In React, changing the state of elements will entail additional rendering. That usually has a significantly bad effect on project performance. But Vue monitors dependencies and prevents child elements from being re-rendered.

We can assume that Vue shows slightly better performance results. Nevertheless, here we insist that the speed of running and loading your app depends on the libraries and some other factors.

Syntax Difference Between Vue and React

If you’ve been wondering what the biggest contrast between VueJS vs ReactJS is, then you’ve finally got to this point. It’s Syntax.

Unless other instructions are given, the Vue framework will apply HTML templates. Keep in mind, however, that there is an option to write in JSX.

React provides only JSX. Vue’s separation of HTML, CSS, and JS scripts gives those new to web development experience in creating web applications. HTML templates, among other things, are used by many designers. That allows for a common language and greatly improves communication between design and development teams working on the same project. 

Hiring Demand and Talent Availability

Although Vue is easier for beginner developers to learn, it’s harder to hire Vue js developer than a React specialist for your project. That’s why if your company needs to use more sophisticated technology to create a solution, it’s worth hiring a React developer. First, they will understand your project faster. And secondly, it will take much less time to find such a specialist. 

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The popularity of React suggests that the community includes many experienced developers. According to a Front-End Tooling survey, almost half of developers feel comfortable using React, while only 23% said they could use Vue at a confident level.

Despite this, Vue’s popularity is still gaining force. The framework ranked fourth on the list of technologies developers wanted to explore in 2020. This fact proposes that 2022 will likely increase the number of programmers who will encounter this technology. An essential role in the growing reputation of Vue, as we said earlier, is also the fact that it is more manageable to study. 

Developers Experience about React and Vue

The view of skilled programmers on React and Vue will help you make a good choice and understand the most suitable choice for the project. So now we’ll take a look at what programmers like about each technology.

Developers note that Vue.js is attractive because it is easier and faster to learn this library. In addition, there is an opportunity to use software templates, and thanks to the extensive documentation, you can implement additional features in the functionality of the applications.  

At the same time, React allows programmers to use a large ecosystem of cases and several libraries. There are also more options for its use and fewer limitations. In addition, developers noted that the framework’s popularity also plays a major role in the choice of the development technology stack. Also, it is React ranks first by prevalence and universality.

Tools for React and Vue

When choosing a technology Vue js vs React for your project, consider that Vue is a standalone framework, while developers should use react in conjunction with other libraries.

React uses external solutions (Flux / Redux) for routing and state management. By offering one option to change the script, these frameworks make debugging the load easier. Facebook provides the ability to use response-redux and response-router in management. It leads to a more fragmented ecosystem.

Key Differences Between Vue and React

There are significant differences among frameworks, despite their similarities. This diversity affects what kind of project each is proper for. 

The difference between React and Vue is in the methods used to render content in the DOM. Vue uses HTML and JSX templates, while React uses only JSX. While JSX is designed to speed up and greatly simplify complex tasks, it can also greatly complicate what was originally intended to be a simple task. 

The main solutions of React technology are elements, DOM management, and script management. The rest of the tasks have been developed and continue to be created by the community. Experienced programmers have already become accustomed to this format of work. Nevertheless, novice developers get confused and have trouble using so many third-party libraries and resources. 

The framework has Vue, a fairly wide range of quality solutions created by a small community. The core team also develops and continues to support the tools and libraries used. This symbiosis yields a good result that meets the expectations of beginners and experienced professionals alike.

Will Vue Replace React?

Presently, it’s too early to talk about what can fully replace React. A large community of users and many projects using this framework indicate that a worthy replacement will not come soon. 

Is Vue better than React? Despite all the benefits and ease of use of the Vue framework, it is still not so popular. It is a new technology that still needs a lot of time to grow. We can only speculate if Vue will ever become that popular and widespread.

What is Easier to Learn?

React will still be the leading framework to learn in 2022. But consider that Vue is gaining momentum and popularity because it’s easier to learn and get started.

React’s documentation is flawed, so you might think this framework would be very difficult to learn. That is partly true. Nevertheless, the demand for this technology is why more creators are working with it.

On the other hand, the supporting documentation for Vue is written and aimed to be more developer-friendly than the competition. If you have a basic knowledge of HTML and don’t have much development experience, we recommend starting with Vue. 

So, these frameworks are similar in learning, but Vue is easier because it supports HTML and JSX.

Documentation Difference

Vue has more advantages over its competitor when it comes to documentation. The official Vue website has been designed amazingly. Here you will find detailed technology descriptions, and the documentation and API links are considered the best. There are clear answers to popular questions. 

Nevertheless, as we said below, the Vue association is still less than the React ones. Therefore, you may have difficulty with out-of-the-box problems.

React documentation is not as perfect. Therefore, programmers are usually more likely to seek help from the community to solve non-standard and complex issues. The incomplete documentation is compensated by numerous additional elements and an enormous association of customers. Accordingly, as far as documentation is concerned, frameworks are generally on the same level.

What is More Secure?

Well, on the security question, you have to remember that this thing depends on the approach to app improvement. Not the interface technology. 

There were several vulnerabilities in JS. And even very common elements can cause nasty side effects that will carry security risks. That is correct of the two structures.

Security in React is more of a concern. Attacks on apps can only happen if you apply one of these vulnerable modules. It includes react-dom in its server-side implementation.


As you can see, each framework has more appropriate use cases. None of them is inferior to the other. Nevertheless, accepting the wrong library for your plan may not achieve what you wanted to achieve. 

The main thing in managing this tech is to make the right choice. For it, you need to understand well some goals of the web app and companies’ demands. Based on that knowledge, just get the right choice between Vue vs React, plus settle on one of the options which will help develop a good and productive product.

Test both options for design in 2022. Consult with the design and technology team. A lot of factors can ultimately affect your final choice, so don’t be in a hurry. Read the documentation carefully and determine whether you need Vue.js or React Native app development services to create a good product. 

If you need help developing an app with Vue.js or React.js, just contact us at Fireart Studio, and we’ll discuss how we can implement your project.


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