We Release Another Product Design & Brand Identity Case Study We Release Another Product Design & Brand Identity Case Study
Review: 5- 5 5 We Release Another Product Design & Brand Identity Case Study

We Release Another Product Design & Brand Identity Case Study

28 Feb 2023
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Fireart Studio, an award-winning UX/UI design and product development agency with their startup app developers, announces the release of their next product design & brand identity case. This time an app called Recco is launched as their new visual design service case study on the Behance platform.

Recco on Dribbble

About Recco

Recco is a podcast app that allows users not only to listen to podcasts but also to switch to video and enjoy broadcasts of their favorite podcasters. In addition, users can share the podcast with a friend and listen to it together.

Creating a unique logo and visual design that reflects the theme of the podcast as well as developing of modern style, sets Recco apart from other podcast apps. Using this app you can always stay up to date with current events, learn something new or be entertained by informative content.” – admits the Team.

recco design
App design

This time, among the app problems to solve, there was watching podcast, listening together and navigation difficulties. Many podcast apps do not have any option to watch, and listen podcasts with a friend at the same time. Podcasts apps are also too often tricky to navigate due to their confusing menus of cluttered interfaces. All that makes it difficult for users to find the podcasts they are looking for or discover a new content.

So, the essential tasks and challenges for the team were possibility of watching, simplified design and ability to share with friends. To solve the problem, designers created Scope and Product Timeline, applied User Personas and created Wireframes. They also developed the Typography and Colour ideas to create Home Page and Player, User Profile and Podcaster Screen, and Listener & Creator Accounts.

We Release Another Product Design & Brand Identity Case Study 2
User Profile and Podcaster Screen

The product is made to find the podcast you want to share, send the link to your friends via Recco, email, text, social media message, or any other App, and enjoy listening together.

About Us

With a strong reputation in Poland and beyond, Fireart Studio continues to be a skilled and dependable digital product design and development partner for startups, large corporations, and private clients. The team has been handling product development and offering other services for more than ten years, so they frequently demonstrate their outstanding accomplishments in product design services. For the most ambitious startups and large-scale businesses like Google, Atlassian, Huawei, Swisscom, Swiss Fin Lab, or business newborns, they contribute to creating stunning and extremely functional designs and beyond.


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