Web Developer vs. Software Developer: What’s the Difference? 3 Web Developer vs. Software Developer: What’s the Difference?
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While such definitions as software and web developer may seem to have identical meanings, a difference still exists, and it’s mainly related to the experience and duties of these people. If you want to get one of these positions, you need to know what skills you should have and in what areas you can grow. Read our article to learn more about the contrast between a web developer and a software developer and which option is better for your job.

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Illustration by Aslan Almukhambetov for Fireart Studio

What is a Web Developer?

In straightforward terms, web developers are answerable for building websites with the help of a code that describes websites how to function. Web developers ought to have a strong knowledge of technology and comprehend how PC works and how web servers operate. Again, web developers ought to know how to work with software, web apps, and programming languages, for example, HTML.

Web developer’s duties normally are like:

  • Working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and other web technologies
  • Developing and testing websites of different complexity 
  • Collaborating with other team members
  • Working in a team with UX/UI designers
  • Maintaining and updating websites
  • Monitoring traffic

When it comes to the professional path, there are 3 areas of specialism within software vs. web products:

  • Frontend development the ‘frontend’ developer usually works with the elements on a website that a website visitor can see and interact with, for example, a search box and the site navigation.
  • Backend the ‘backend’ developer’s work is to construct a website to function in the right way. This job refers to operating with website elements like servers and databases.
  • Full-stack combines both backend and frontend development, but nowadays, the demand requires more additional “niche” specialists that’s why it’s better to evolve a specialist in one of these fields.

What is a Software Developer?

Unlike web innovators who create websites, software inventors build any kind of software. The obligations of software architects usually include:

  • Designing software-based solutions 
  • Collaborating with experts and stakeholders
  • Creating end-to-end documentation for the system design
  • Developing complex prototypes that summarize the programs
  • Ability to effectively test programs and merge them with new integrations and software

Both types of developers are answerable for the creating cycle from beginning to end. They will be able to improve the project and the strategy at each step of the project development. Software inventors collaborate with customers to reasonably comprehend the project needs. Well, talented inventors must have good soft talents. They operate near web architects, and their main duty is to observe the work strategy to predict, diagnose, and fix issues in the early steps. 

Software developers may have strong analytical talents to anticipate the efficiency of the future product and choose a perfect balance between the client’s necessities and app capabilities. Likewise, software programmers must be experienced in the computer field.

Main Differences

So what’s the contrast between a software developer and a web developer? So the main distinction is the tasks they can perform and their complexness. A web programmer specializes in web-based apps such as sites, e-commerce, and mobile. Whereas a software creator mostly works on the underlying operating system, network, or platform. We prepared some contrasts you have to comprehend about web and software creators.

  • The immediate contrast between web and software development lies in the individual interfaces.
  • Programs creation mostly focuses on the algorithm when a web programmer is mostly answerable for building a website following design requirements
  • Software apps are used on a machine installed. So run when web apps are accessible from anywhere.
  • Software apps are usually limited in customization options when web apps present a wide scope of adjustment.
  • Web apps demand stronger safety and security standards when compared to software.
  • Web innovators typically cooperate with analytics and marketing professionals to confirm that the website is easy-to-use. Software makers operate with other tech employees and CTOs. They are trustworthy more for technical than for the corporation side of the product.

How to Become A Web or Software Developer?

Is a web programmer a software engineer? Sometimes, yes. And so we prepared the main points you’ll require to comprehend to become a good web creator:

  • Have complete knowledge of how the web functions, and comprehend the basic technologies to process problem-solving techniques and progressive notions.
  • Have a basic understanding of JavaScript and object-oriented coding to write different components
  • Understanding of React, a JavaScript framework to build complex and dynamic web pages and professional-level user interfaces.
  • Know how to build servers with backend frameworks and what it takes to develop custom APIs and work with static websites and files
  • Have a solid understanding of server-side rendering and templating engines
  • Understand core concepts of databases and know-how to work with data on a web server

So here are the mastery a qualified software developer ought to have:

  • Ability to follow directions. These programmers normally operate with scenarios that other programmers note, so following directions and paying attention to details is significant if you want to work on existing projects.
  • Ability to follow patterns. Sometimes the tasks are equal, and there is often one concept that lies at the base of most of them. That’s why software creators have to learn how to find these patterns and reuse them in different aspects of work.

Which is a Better Career Option?

There are several distinctions between a web developer vs. software developer. While you are just beginning your career journey in coding, starting with web creation is more useful. Similarly, upgrade to a software creator. It can help you select what to begin with.


Software engineers need at least a bachelor’s in computer courses. Be sure, that a heightened comprehension of maths and IT languages can help you. Web creators, in their turn, often require just-related mastery in web building, data science, or graphic design to enter the field of programming. So if you just start, web creation has a lower threshold.


In 2021, the average annual wage for software engineers was over $110,000, while the average annual salary for web creators in 2020 was around $77,000.

Employment Demand

The BLS indicates that the software maker profession will grow to 22% by 2030. It is faster than for other professions. The request for web innovators is also high. Web programmer employment’s BLS data projects will grow by 13% by 2030.


Programmers normally cooperate with client-server architectures when software engineers provide customer resolutions by operating on client-based scenarios.

Are You Looking for Web Developers?

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To conclude, these two fields often overlap, and software creators can complete the duties of web creators and vice versa. Web and software development are in demand these days, so no matter what you want, you’ll find your path to win.


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