Identify any outfit you want

We built a search service that will help you to create your own unique style

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About duds

shazam for clothes. an antidote to the feeling when you really want some sneakers that you saw on a blogger, but he doesn't respond to comments, and you can't find them on the brand's website

The Problem we solve


when someone takes it upon themselves to decide who does or doesn't have access or rights to wear branded clothing or shoes and is silent about item's origins

long search

you can always try to find the item on google yourself, but google search by photo doesn't always work right, and scrolling through millions of products on sites isn't so fun


you can put up with the fact that you didn't find the desired product on the Internet and wait until, by the will of fate, it will come across somewhere in social media or stores



scan or upload an photo

duds finds

duds finds the item and a list of stores where you can buy it

personal boards

your personal boards with items for quick access


duds community works like your personal stylist

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User Personas

Identify any outfit you want 6

typical representatives of the 3rd generation in the era of consumption. they don't always know what they want, but they know exactly how to get it

fashion killer
  • social media active
  • keeps scrolling pinterest / insta for fun
  • stressed depressed but well dressed
  • hates gatekeeping
  • superficially versed in brands
  • buy it now or cry later
  • price has no matter
  • brand addicted

User Flow

visual clarity effecient search successful matches

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High fidelity wireframes

wireframing is a way of designing a service at a structural level

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survey at the start of the user path will adjust the algorithms for the perfect match

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Feed & lists

infinite selection through recommendations, widgets and preference analysis selections

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Identify any outfit you want 12

Scanning outfits

with the help of the artificial intelligence, you can identify an object both by uploaded photo and in real time through the camera

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Profile & boards

duds internal community with personalized selections based on your items search

Typography & Colors

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