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Everything you need to know in one screen

The user’s feed has a broadcast block on its top and a posts tape below. As you can see, some of the broadcasts and posts have a little flash icon in the right top corner.

This shows the highlighted items. It means that the source of the post has been verified by the Flash Up team. As such, highlighted posts have higher priority compared to others and are displayed above them.


Easy to use navigation.
Simply swipe

The navigation is built based on swipe and tap motions. Once you click the post you’re interested in, you will get to the channel flow. This is where you can use tap navigation to see selected channel posts, or, alternatively, use swipe navigation to switch to other channels.

Tap to see next post in the current channel

Swipe left to switch to the next channel

Tap on interesting

You can navigate straight into the selected channel by tapping or go beyond your feed by swiping up. This will reveal more related posts on this subject. You can switch channels by swiping from right to left

Also, as you can see, there are different posts designed. It can be a very simple post with title text on its background or a video (with AI auto-generated subtitles) or even a quiz like BuzzFeed. It can also be some simple QA games, depending on the preferences.


Article navigation and elements.

  • Channel info
    Post hashtag

  • News title

  • Timeline

  • Volume

  • In case video playback without
    sound here are auto-gen subtitles.

  • ALSO you can turn on/off cc


Description view

Context menu

Swipe down
to get back to feed


Discover and find

It’s very easy to find what you’re looking for. There are several types of search results which include bubbles with some of the most popular channels and recent posts.

Tap on
to open spotlight

Tap on to get to
selected channel


It’s everyone’s word

You don’t need to register a new account to create a new channel. Everyone can create their very own channel or become an admin of another one. The owner of the channel can manage the admins.

Swipe down
to get back to channel overview

  • Iinvite new admins to your channel

  • Switch back to your personal account

  • Manage admins of your channel

Swipe left
to open content creator

As you swipe from left to right on the channel overview, you’ll get into the content creation mode. This is where you can start a live video, create a static or a video post, create QA games, or add a quiz.

Here you can also create new content very easily. Just choose the background from your Gallery or choose one from the style lists available, write a title, and add an optional description.

Hold on record button to record video or Tap to make photo

Tap on gallery pic to select content assets

Add post title

Add description
text (optional)


Dark side of the press. Fake news

It’s important to be aware of possible misinformation, especially in the press. We’ve added a flash icon which says that the source has been verified and it is hence reliable

These posts get a priority. We’ve also added the possibility to report fake news or posts which are unacceptable.

Tap on context icon

Tap on context icon

Select report point

Select report point

Fake News warning