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What is Quinlex?

Quinlex is a project management mobile app that helps to make your work flow smooth and effective. It helps to manage tasks, to communicate with your team and clients, create and edit projects and much more.

Project Managment

Tracked Effectiveness

Command Communication


Visual Design

After long team discussions, we have chosen Work Sans font that’s appeared to be the most suitable for the general style of the project. Since San Francisco font looked perfectly on the Light outline, we used it as a font pair for Work Sans.

Color palette

Dark blue #535F75

Auxiliary Blue #798794

Main color #0084FE

Light Blue #A1C6FF

Light Base #F0F3F7

Project Page

User-friendly UI design allows users to easily create a profile that showcases their professional skills and interests. On this page, you can also write comments and recommendations.

Project Page

The idea behind this application

Balance your project management flow with Quinlex. This mobile app will help you manage your projects, create them, edit, and update – and that are only a few of its functions.

Team Page

Increase your productivity with the effective teamwork

Create teams within the projects, monitor the productivity score of each member and motivate yourself to increase your own.

Channel Page

Communicate effectively with your team and clients

The value of communication with team members and clients can’t be overstated. This application will help you build rapport and trust with your clients, increase team efficiency, and discuss all the important issues timely

Landing page design

We created a landing page that tells about this application and shows its advantages