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What is Quinlex?

Quinlex is a prject management app that allows you to get all of your projects arranged in one place and set a smooth workflow. Easily manage tasks, communicate with your teammates and clients, collaborate on the projects, and much more.

Quinlex 11Project Managment
Quinlex 12Tracked Effectiveness
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Visual Design

We’ve chosen Work Sans because it is clean, laconic, and doesn’t distract you from the essence of an app. We have combined it with San Francisco because it looks harmoniously at the light outline and fits the overall style of a product.

Quinlex 14Quinlex 15

Color palette

Dark blue #535F75
Auxiliary Blue #798794
Main color #0084FE
Light Blue #A1C6FF
Light Base #F0F3F7

Project Page

Quinlex has a convenient user interface that allows users to easily create a profile and showcase all their incredible skills and professional interests there.

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Quinlex 17

Project Page

The idea behind this application

Keep the balance and motivation with Quinlex – a project management application that helps you organize everything in a smarter way. Easily monitor your workflows, manage all projects, collaborate with a team and clients – all in one convenient workspace.

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Quinlex 19
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Quinlex 21

Team Page

Increase your productivity with the effective teamwork

In Quinlex, you can create teams right within projects, monitor the productivity score of each participant, and boost your own motivation.

Quinlex 22

Channel Page

Communicate effectively with your team and clients

Communication plays an essential role in successful collaboration. This handy productivity application will help you grow credibility and build trust with your clients.

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Landing page design

All our work and commitment are embodied in a sophisticated landing page design that demonstrates the essence of Quinlex.

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