Discover new recipes every day with Tasty
Tasty provides great step-by-step instructions and keeps your phone’s screen awake while it does so. Vegetarian? You can choose to hide all recipes involving meat.
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Our design process
The design process is a method that helps you create and improve your product.
In this process, you contact with the team on each stage. Let’s discuss it!
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Discovery & Workshops
1 day — Discovery
At this stage, we meet with the client and get documentation. We choose technologies for future products, set up deadlines for each of the stages.
2 day — workshop
After research, we started with sketching screens for a future app. The main target of this stage is to create the right structure of a whole app.
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User research
Our main target at this stage is to find a problem in users' life that we can resolve. We started with a survey and interviewed 500+ men and women. We’ve to find the main functions and visualized them.
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We started with sketching after defining basic functions. First of all, hand drawing sketches help us to find the right way and discuss a difficult moment for users before we move on to the user interface.
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We used hi-fi prototypes to implement and check our hypothesis. So, a clickable prototype was provided to a group of people. After testing, we find some difficult screens and come back with new solutions.
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Visual & UI
Visuals based on a brightness color with good contrast. Green and orange seem like fresh and healthy food.
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Welcome to Tasty
We created a strong and smooth onboarding process. Users can build a personal feed page with great recipes based on cuisine.
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Cooking like a pro with tasty
We’ve prepared a lot of solutions for our users. Based on the report of a survey, we created special features. First, of all, it’s a personal feed page. Than detailed cooking process with videos and a huge store.
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Recipes & Masterclasses
Explore interactive and popular categories. We use these widgets to separate content and clean the main screen. So, based on your choice at the onboarding process we create a personal feed page.

You can explore masterclasses for detailed guides created by the most popular chefs. Users have a new block to improve your skills with easy recipes.
Video tutorials & tips
Our recipes created by professionals and include detailed information about tools and ingredients. First of all, we provide calories, time of cooking, and complexity of a dish. So, our algorithm can calculate how much ingredients you need depending on the number of people.

Also, we show reviews from users who linked Instagram, Facebook, or another network.
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Step by step cooking
Based on the research stage, we add simple and easy kitchen controls, like a timer. We’ve prepared basic info about the most popular models of bakes. Users can swipe to read more information about how it works.

The next important thing is the cooking steps. Before starting to cook, you can see the whole of steps and prepare needed tools or ingredients.
Improve your skill by cards
One of the most useful things is cooking cards. For each step of cooking, we’ve prepared special blocks. The card consists of steps, detailed info, main stats, and a small description.

Users can improve their cooking skills through tutorials. Based on your choice, we provide a personal guide on how to cook something.
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User profile
Detailed user profile view
A detailed user profile allows users to see detailed info and cooking progress. Timely we show specific banners with promotions, discounts, or features.
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Integrated online store
Your shopping will be more smooth with our new store. You can find & buy the necessary tools or ingredients as soon as possible.

Save your favorite recipes to create a list of necessary things. With the saving list, you never forget about items you might need.
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Thoughts and conclusion
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