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Who is our client?

TuneGO is a free platform that simplifies content and music rights management, distributes your music to Spotify, iTunes and more.

Distribute your music globally through hundreds of digital music stores and collect 100% royalties on your streaming revenue.

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We’ve had to develop an app that allows users to store their songs and other creative materials securely, collaborate with other musicians, and easily release music on different platforms.

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The initial idea has been to sync all of the music stores possible for simultaneous distribution of songs created by users. It should simplify the song creation and distribution process for musicians.

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We’ve decided to create a workspace for storing all the materials and collaborating with other creators. It will help organize a distribution process across all of the platforms, considering their guidelines.

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User Flow & Wireframes

Our UX design team has been working on all the app flows to ensure that an end-user journey will be as enjoyable as possible.
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UI Design

To choose the right visual style is very important since it creates the user’s first impression, contributes to the overall product value, and helps provide a better user experience.


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Color Scheme

TuneGo 26TuneGo 27
TuneGo 28TuneGo 29
01 – Chathams
HEX 123267
TuneGo 30TuneGo 31
02 – Cadet Blue
TuneGo 32TuneGo 33
03 – Link Water
Blue Stone
Used as primary color
RGB 0 / 97 / 100
HEX 006164
TuneGo 34TuneGo 35
Persian Green
RGB 0 / 151 / 155
HEX 00979B
TuneGo 36TuneGo 37
Mine Shaft
RGB 36 / 31 / 31
HEX 241F1F

All Music services in One Place

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TuneGo 42
TuneGo 43
TuneGo 44
TuneGo 45
TuneGo 46
TuneGo 47
TuneGo 48
TuneGo 49
TuneGo 50
TuneGo 51
TuneGo 52
+100 Music Stores
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Share and Get Feedback

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Landing Page

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Enjoy The Dark Mode

The dark UI has become very popular during the last years, and many users prefer rather it than a light design. Besides the elegance, it also offers reduced luminance that minimizes eye strain and lets users feel more comfortable.
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