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New WinRAR

Everyone knows the good old buddy WinRAR. This world’s most popular Windows utility is the choice of millions of users around the world. It allows you to create and view archives in RAR or ZIP formats and unpack different archive file formats with a few clicks. Many years have passed since its first release, so it is high time to create a unique rebranding concept!

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Logo redesign

Upgrading the classics

We have redesigned WinRAR’s logo, preserving a hint at a previous old-school style. Staying aligned with the primary brand concept and colors, we’ve added simpler shapes and fresh gradients.

WinRar 14

The old logo

It’s recognizable but outdated.

WinRar 15

Iteration #1

A much better version but still needs improvements.

WinRar 16

Iteration #2

Good! But it is still difficult to perceive visually.

Final iteration
WinRar 17WinRar 18WinRar 19WinRar 20

Simple yet recognizable shapes of folders reveal the concept of the “Library.”

We’ve used smooth gradients instead of a previous color palette.

We’ve applied the old-school fonts, Arial and Proxima Nova, fitting the culture of the programming community.




To build an intuitive user interface, we have followed the essential principles of effective icon design: consistency, legibility, and clarity.

WinRar 21WinRar 22
WinRar 23
We’ve created a simple icon design and applied minimalist material icons to avoid interface overload.
WinRar 24
We have added more whitespace and used a grey background to make a user interface less cluttered and easier to navigate.
WinRar 25
The file size is now displayed alongside other metrics.
WinRar 26
Now, there is enough space to display the time and date of all modifications.
WinRar 27

Product package

Bold brand colors and other elements of a new product box create an additional visual appeal, draw the customer’s attention, and make a product stand out.



Home page

The navigation bar is now visible at the top of a page. An updated landing page allows you not only to buy and download WinRAR more easily but also displays all the important information about a product.

WinRar 28
WinRar 29

Download page

The old download page had an inconvenient UX and wasn’t visually appealing. Users were wasting much time while scrolling through an entire page to find the needed version of WinRAR. Now, there is an easy-accessible download button that automatically detects the user’s system and suggests another option below.
WinRar 30


The product information has become much more consistent and easier to read.

WinRar 31


Now, a redesigned media page shows news thumbnails and displays the last update in a large format.

WinRar 32

Support page

A previous support page had several clickable options that required the user’s unnecessary efforts. Now, they are arranged hierarchically and have new beautiful icons. The FAQ section displays a few previewed questions while The Lost Key and Individual Sales sections display a contact form instead of an email address.

WinRar 33

Download page

Instead of a few contacts, a page now has an extended contact form with a set of dropdown options, consistent fields, and a block with the partner programs below.

WinRar 34

Buttons and forms

WinRar 35 Buy WinRAR
WinRar 36 Download FREE trial
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WinRar 39WinRar 40WinRar 41

Brand elements

WinRar 42WinRar 43WinRar 44

Support icons

WinRar 45WinRar 46WinRar 47WinRar 48
WinRar 49WinRar 50

H1 – Rockwell 95 pt

H2 – Rockwell 60 pt

H3 – Proxima Nova Semibold 26 pt

We’ve enlarged the text of short accent statements and applied Proxima Nova Regular 32 pt.

We have used Proxima Nova Regular 32 pt because this font looks neutral and harmoniously combines with bold branding elements. It is easy to read and supports different languages, including Cyrillic symbols for Slavic languages.

Links – Proxima Nova Bold 22pt