20 Leading UI/UX Design Trends to Dominate in 2023 3 20 Leading UI/UX Design Trends to Dominate in 2023
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20 Leading UI/UX Design Trends to Dominate in 2023

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24 August
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What UX/UI trends will dominate this year? Let’s discover the 20 ui design trends, most important of them with examples and detailed explanations.

Over 1.83 billion websites on the Internet. Over 4,66 billion users of the Internet. The number of web surfers is only 2.5 times higher than the online places they can visit. The choice is incredible.

While the number of websites is growing around the clock, standing out from the competitors is hard to crack even if you follow the latest UX trends and UI features. Most of the websites look the same, and users are confused – what makes brands different if their online representation is almost identical? The design is a magic tool to help differentiate, identify, and build a strong brand image.

Joel Spolsky, the creator of Trello, says, “Design adds value faster than it adds costs.” Sure thing, the good design adds value to your website or app and makes your customers purchase, order, and buy things. And if you use current UX design trends, your website or app becomes even more valuable. Design, like any other digital branch, is changing all the time. Each year, UI trends change, new features appear, and outdated solutions lose their way. 

In this article, we will talk about UI and UX trends 2022, define the features that improve website performance, and give you some examples to easily understand how these trends look and where to implement them.

UX vs. UI

UX and UI create a basis for website design. However, the difference between these design spheres is quite vague for many of us. It seems that both UI design trends and UX contribute to the comfortable and satisfying usage of websites. And they both do, however, in a slightly different manner.

Jonathan Widawski, CEO at Maze, compares the implementation of UI and UX to building a house. “UX would be the foundation, and UI would be the paint and furniture.

Using this metaphor, we can clearly understand the difference between UX and UI. To build a house, we need a foundation first. In our case, this is UX. It will help us plan how the rooms (website pages) will be connected, and where we need to put doors, stairs, and windows (features) so that our house will be comfortable for use. Of course, a website or an appropriate app design trend will help us get better results! When the foundation is ready, we start to think about how it will look: what kind of furniture we need (icons), what color to paint the walls (site colors), how to organize the kitchen (typography), etc. This is UI. So UX is the logic, and UI is the emotions; they both serve the same goal – make a website look and feel good.

What Is UI (User Interface) Design? We have already defined how UI, or user interface, works. But what is it?

According to Abode, “The user interface (UI) is the space where interactions between humans and machines occur. UI is an integral aspect of user experience (UX) that consists of two major parts: visual design, which conveys the look and feel of a product; and interaction design, which is the functional and logical organization of elements. The goal of user interface design is to create a user interface that makes it easy, efficient, and enjoyable for users to interact with a product.”

The user interface is where clients start to interact with the design. It can be based on graphics, voice, or even gestures. We can also apply these to both desktop and mobile app design trends.

  • Graphic UI is interaction with visual elements
  • Voice UI is interactions with voice 
  • Gesture UI is interaction with movements (widely used with VR technologies)

What makes a good UI? First, it’s usability. Despite how beautiful the interaction may be, users do not come to your website to look at the icons and combinations of colors. They need to solve their tasks, and they want to do this quickly and with minimal effort. What does it mean? UI should be ‘invisible’ when making a required action – place an order, or buy something. It should not distract your client. And that’s also the basis for UI UX trends 2023.

Secondly, it’s enjoyable. In best UI design, users start to enjoy your design when it predicts their needs. They like personalization and immersive experience. They like gamification. And when a website encompasses these, it makes users stay longer at the website because they enjoy their pastime.

Thirdly, it causes emotions. When users are satisfied with your website, they transmit this feeling to the whole brand. The associations are so strong that they may become a decisive thing when making a purchase.

Words cannot describe a good modern UI design. But the UI itself can. Here are three websites with great UI.

1. Dribbble and its card design.

20 Leading UI/UX Design Trends to Dominate in 2023 5

Card design is one of the latest UI trends, and it is used to demonstrate a huge number of projects that designers upload to the website every day. Many of the previews are not static, which adds an extra thrill to scrolling and watching the ui ux trends ideas.

2. Dropbox and responsive colors.

20 Leading UI/UX Design Trends to Dominate in 2023 6

Dropbox is using one of the mobile design trends – responsive colors in innovative ui designs. It means that a site has a dynamic color system, due to which the user stays engaged.

3. Pinterest and waterfall ui design styles effect.

20 Leading UI/UX Design Trends to Dominate in 2023 7

Pinterest gives each card a shade when interacting with the mouse. Due to this, each element in top user interface designs gets the perception of clickability. 

What Is UX (User Experience) Design?

UX, or User Experience, is less about beauty and decorations but more about functionality. Martyn Reding, Head of Digital Experience at Virgin Atlantic says, “User experience design is the culmination of content, research, design and strategy and its effect on the delivery, selling and use of a digital product or service. In many instances, a user experience happens by the incidental smashing together of code and assumptions about people, so I think the distinction is in brands that recognize the value of a carefully crafted digital experience. In many ways, it is the fulfillment of a brand’s promise and recognition that how customers’ feel has a huge commercial impact.”

To understand what makes an experience a good one, Peter Moreville developed a great visual to highlight elements of good UX design.

20 Leading UI/UX Design Trends to Dominate in 2023 8

In a nutshell, according to Peter Moreville, a valuable UX design should be:

  • Useful. A website or app must fulfill users’ needs.
  • Useable. A website or app must be simple and easy to use.
  • Findable. A website or app must have clear navigation.
  • Credible. A website or app must be trustworthy.
  • Accessible. Users with disabilities must have the same experience as all other users.
  • Desirable.  A website or app must be attractive.

Now we understand what UX is and what makes it good. But what about examples?

Our approach to UI/UX trends research

Usability testing, user interviews, surveys, card sorting, tree testing, field studies, and other techniques are frequently used in UX research. depending on the project’s complexity, we may apply any of the abovementioned to kick off the trends research. Besides, the most obvious research is always made by googling global design trends and changes in the industry.

Overall, the UX design trends for 2023 are moving away from minimalist graphics and toward very bright and bold UI, with the goal of producing more inventive and engaging experiences through the use of new trends in ux design technologies. Here, the best practices future ui design and design examples are also to be researched.

Google and simplicity

20 Leading UI/UX Design Trends to Dominate in 2023 9


No need to add extra elements to the search. We all know what to do with ui technologies: enter the request and press Enter. Minimal efforts guarantee the result!

Apple and elements comparison

20 Leading UI/UX Design Trends to Dominate in 2023 10


Apple comparison feature allows you to check all details and ui ux technologies features right on the page. You do not need to open new tabs to compare goods. This is a great example of modern UX design.

Zoom and virtual meeting

20 Leading UI/UX Design Trends to Dominate in 2023 11

Zoom has changed the world of UX by introducing voice communication for many members as its main feature. So now, when we know what UI and UX are, and understand their differences and similarities, we can learn the trends – how your website should look in 2021 to make your clients feel good.


Less is more, and for a website, this is a golden rule now.

Minimalism is not one of UX design trends 2023 exclusively. It’s been around for several years already. An average user sees many ads, apps, sites, emails, and other interface elements. Therefore, a user is already overwhelmed with information. 

Designers are always looking for new ways to simplify the way they present information. For example, they try various compositions and promotions, limit the number of colors they use.

Minimalism in design. Total PR

20 Leading UI/UX Design Trends to Dominate in 2023 12

Simplified UX

Users do not come to the websitу to browse pages to find what they’re looking for. While creating site UX, it’s important to shorten the customer journey and simplify UX by all means. If you can omit unnecessary steps, do it. If you can omit some fields in the form, do it

20 Leading UI/UX Design Trends to Dominate in 2023 13
Simplified UX in design by Apple

Blurred, colorful background

Blurred and light gradients in the design of the user interface of the site make it more stylish and at the same time more sophisticated. The main trick is to use more colors than we are used to. 10 will be fine! Stripe, MyMind, Panic are already using colorful backgrounds to make their interface more sophisticated. However, you need to be careful with gradients. The fact is that in the 2010s, 2-3 color gradients were popular, which were not similar to the gradients of the 2020s. The website may look dated if the gradient is too saturated.

20 Leading UI/UX Design Trends to Dominate in 2023 14
Размытый и красочный градиент в дизайне Stripe

Unique and absurd 2D illustrations

The 2023 trends are for experiments with illustrations. Although minimalism is still the biggest trend, it’s not the time to be too minimalistic when using illustration. Bright colors, unusual angels, absurd proportions – unusual illustrations may become the distinctive feature of your website.

20 Leading UI/UX Design Trends to Dominate in 2023 15
Illustrations in design Beyond the Pandemic.

Voice User Interface (VUI)

Design is not limited by visuals. Voice user interfaces keep growing in popularity. Of course, the implementation of VUI onto the website or app is not an easy process, but if you use it, be sure your customers will be impressed. How to use VUI? For example, VUI is widely used in apps for translation. The app hears the voice in your language and translates it into the language you choose. Also, VUI is used for voice control apps, like Alexa, Siri.

20 Leading UI/UX Design Trends to Dominate in 2023 16
VUI in design by Apple


Neumorphism is a type of minimalism distinguished by a delicate and airy appearance, frequently using pastel hues with little contrast. The only way to tell an element apart from the background is by its surrounding shadows and highlights, which are typically the same color as the background.

Minimalistic designs and pastel colors are a perfect match for the best UI UX design. Pastel colors do not overload the design; it helps to accent the lightness and simplicity. Additionally, they help to set the right atmosphere and draw attention to the content. It began to merge into all spheres of life – expanding the horizons of digital, they set new rules of the game for traditional art, retail, the fashion industry and brands of various specifics, and product design.

20 Leading UI/UX Design Trends to Dominate in 2023 17
Skincare Beauty Scanner App made in pastel colors

There are 5.27 billion unique mobile phone users, and 4.33 of them actively use social media on their devices. It means that they use mobile phones to browse websites, download, and use apps. Just imagine the situation where you ignore mobiles and create websites that look beautiful only on a desktop. And now imagine how many users you lose just because you don’t know about the mobile-first approach.

Billy Gregory, Senior Accessibility Engineer, once told: “When UX doesn’t consider ALL users, shouldn’t it be known as “SOME User Experience” or… SUX?”

So if you are not sure that your website looks perfect on all devices, we have bad news for you. 

20 Leading UI/UX Design Trends to Dominate in 2023 18
Mobile-first approach in design by Typeform


Different UI and UX elements can be used for communication with users. For example, icons – when they have top UI designs and UX, they can replace words! In 2020, Apple redesigned system icons and made them more clear and easy-understandable. It’s still a trend.

20 Leading UI/UX Design Trends to Dominate in 2023 19
Icons in design by Apple


Let’s be honest. Many customers cannot catch the functions of the app or website at first glance. They need some help. Onboarding can become a helpful feature that can explain how the product works, how to take necessary actions to get the desired result, and what leads to certain actions. If you decide to introduce onboarding, remember that it should be simple and entertaining.

20 Leading UI/UX Design Trends to Dominate in 2023 20
Onboarding in design by Slack


A combination of skeuomorphism and flat design is called glassmorphism. Due to this effect, customers look at the elements as if they are looking through the glass. Interesting to know. Skeuomorphism is the design concept that shows objects of interface mimicking their real-world counterparts. Glassmorphism helps to enhance UI and make it more stylish, clear, and elegant.

20 Leading UI/UX Design Trends to Dominate in 2023 21
Glassmorphism in design by Coffee Shop Mobile Apps

Dark mode

In recent years, the dark mode has become a popular fashion choice. Any trend-conscious designer would advise you to create an app with two different modes: a light mode and a dark mode. It enables catering to various users’ likes and preferences. Although most users still like the traditional light mode, the dark UI is gaining popularity. We shouldn’t disregard this popular trend since more and more consumers are turning their mobile devices into dark modes.

20 Leading UI/UX Design Trends to Dominate in 2023 22
Fireart Metaverse App


Generally, AR & VR  is understood as a virtual world, and metaverse, which, on the one hand, is technologically characterized by virtual reality and augmented reality and exists independently of individual users. It’s also one of the product UX trends today that keep merging and brings newer horizons in how modern UX/UI may look and function. The Internet is no longer just about text and images, so is web design.

20 Leading UI/UX Design Trends to Dominate in 2023 23
Get an AR Navigation App or another, Fintech product concept, etc.

Motion design

A motion design motion adds animated graphics, that is, a moving image. This tool is used in advertising, presentations, movie trailers, TV screensavers. You’ll see that the color schemes and overall style of motion design trends 2023 lean toward simplicity and have a touch of nostalgia. The fashion and media trends of 2023 are likewise influenced by these animation trends.

MarketMove case study

Micro interactions

Micro-interactions: What are they? Small, hopefully, functional animations called micro-interactions serve the user by providing visual cues and making changes more obvious. Micro-interactions make it feasible to convey a lot of information without using words. The four components of micro interactions are the trigger, rule, feedback, and loops/modes. Preloaders, chatbots, animated gifs used to celebrate, and gamified animations are excellent examples of micro interactions.

20 Leading UI/UX Design Trends to Dominate in 2023 24

Bold Typography

Using a strong or heavy-weight typeface to make certain words stand out on a page is known as bold typography. This can be done for a number of things, like underlining words or phrases, contrasting distinct text parts, or creating more attention-grabbing headlines.

20 Leading UI/UX Design Trends to Dominate in 2023 25
A sample from Creative Corner


It is safe to predict that 3D graphics will soon be used even more frequently. There are several tools available for producing three-dimensional illustrations. Website designers are honing their techniques and learning how to produce three-dimensional visuals. Today, 3D modeling is applied in many other fields, including architecture, interior design, animation, and video games. They are also employed in the medical sector to produce interactive anatomical models.

UX writing

A UX writer creates texts for the user interface. Button names, form descriptions, hints, error messages – all this is the result of the work of a specialist. Such small texts are called microcopies. It involves the process of writing thoughtfully studied material that takes context, needs, and behavior of product users into account.

Super apps

A super app, also known as a multi-service tech platform, is a mobile or online application that unifies several services onto one platform. Blackberry’s founder Mike Lazardis is credited with coining the phrase “super app.” Users can access separate micro applications and a set of core functionalities in super apps. These apps allow consumers to access several applications or features from multiple apps through a single interface by providing them with one app.

Dynamic Gradient

The gradual transition from one color to another is known as a gradient. It allows the designer to essentially make a brand-new hue. It gives designs a new dimension and gives the object more realism, which helps the product stand out. Gradients essentially add depth. And dynamic ones are a trend 2023.

Data Visualization

The depiction of data through the use of typical graphics, such as infographics, charts, and even animations, is known as data visualization. These informational visual representations make complex data relationships and data-driven insights simple to comprehend.Data visualization’s major objective is to make it simpler to spot patterns, trends, and outliers in big data sets.

Key Factors Influencing UI/UX Trends in 2022

There are some crucial factors that impact the emergence and influence of certain UX/UI trends on how they will prevail and dominate while planning your next design project and developing your next web or mobile app.

User Expectations

The expectations that users have of goods, services, or digital offerings are known as user expectations (UE). These are quite flexible and include a wide range of topics (objectives, use, discourse, information, etc.). Users have particular requirements for websites and applications. Users are more likely to feel at ease and familiar with their journey when they can predict what will happen next with ease. Logic and best practices must be followed in order to create this sense and prevent people from second-guessing.

Color Palette

Your product design color scheme plays an important role in making it visible and attractive. To make it look plain, yet elegant choose sophisticated colors that provide a rich visual appeal to your product UI. Using an ideal mix of shadow, empty space, intensity, contrast, tones, hues or exposure pays off.


Content includes text data and some visual elements like icons. The designers need to focus on visual balance when using this or that trend, implementing elements with the aim to grab the user’s attention in balance.

Loading Speed

The design should be lightweight no matter the effects you apply there. Like it or not it affects the loading time. Loading speed is one of the essential UX design factors. Users hate wasting time waiting.

Screen size

As world brands are releasing newer devices annually, you may notice the constant increase in their screen sizes. No matter the trend you use, your product UX should fit into the bigger/smaller phone because the larger its screen the harder it is to handle by using one hand, etc.


Everybody is different, so are their needs. You may have a splendid app design and still, lose users due to being inaccessible for some specific target groups which could pass for engaged users with some more interest. Think about the customers with vision problems or blindness, for example, introducing dark themes, also the ones living with motor and hearing impairments, etc. Aim to make your products trendy and ready to fit their expectations as well while hire ux developer

Find your style

In 2023, UI/UX design trends keep concentrate on making the user experience less complicated, more diverse, and delightful, and satisfactory. So when you hire UI developer for your project, it’s worth keeping these latest trends in mind. 

There’s no need to mix all trends – it will be enough to use only some of them to change the look and feel of your website. As we remember, minimalism is one of the biggest trends for 2023, so let’s follow it when using different trends in design. If you have any hesitations on what trends will be better for your business, you can always ask for help. Fireart Studio ui ux design services will gladly help you improve your website or app design or create a totally new vision for your product. Give us a call or leave a message to hire ui developer so we could discuss the design things!



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