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Since the crypto industry is gaining momentum, crypto web design is also an issue of interest. To produce a highly functional cryptocurrency platform for blogs, exchanges, wallets & e-commerce stores or equipment, you need excellent web design solutions. Let’s revise some of the best web design ideas for the crypto world here.

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What should you look out for in cryptocurrency web design?

Since cryptocurrencies only exist in the digital world, it is clear that crypto entrepreneurs need to focus on the best crypto website design in order to present their services in an effective way. For designers, on the other hand, the question is how to design for crypto companies. So, what are the brands and their customers expecting here?


Bitcoin’s brand color is gold and silver blue, which is extensively used on most crypto websites. In addition to the gold models in the header menu (with a black background accent), apply blog images following the brand’s color palette. Due to such a color solution, you will visualize the idea very effectively.

Minimalistic design, interactive illustrations, and dynamic logos are also a trend here, as well as the angular and grid styles that are beginning to dominate in cryptocurrency web development.


The cryptocurrency website design should have the ultimate functionality and speed to represent the idea. Let the website follow the same branding trends: futuristic themes in gold, silver, and blue, but instead fully meet the customers’ needs. One thing that deserves attention is the image of the platform, combined with practical features like device-to-device communication over the Internet of Things to verify transactions, etc. that will be used further in other design elements of the same brand services.

What is the scope of the crypto website design opportunity?

Crypto design art is more about digital art which is treated as a physical one thanks to the ability to have verified ownership of the pieces. Thus, crypto design may easily be verified using an NFT or a non-fungible token, etc. which is quite an issue of dispute for the crypto design creators.

Many of websites designed for crypto are modern and highly functional resources, but you will still notice a fusion of typical technical and financial projects. They focus on the futuristic and technological aspects of cryptocurrencies, taking it to new heights with enhanced site features such as interactive illustrations and more.

What colors should I use in the design of my crypto website?

As mentioned earlier, the two most consistent elements of the crypto color concept are the gold and silver colors. The “striped B” or B with the two vertical strokes that mimic the U.S. dollar is easily recognizable as Bitcoin, even without the color or the circle around it Also, dark deep blue, grey, metallic or black colors are often used for crypto layouts.

Here are also some of the most anticipated crypto background trends:


The futuristic themes (such as sci-fi) seem to fit well: space travel, tech, and especially circuits that highlight the cryptocurrency digital character. No wonder, we see a lot of edgy shapes with sharp lines and neon that look like they glow in the dark.


Shiny metallic textures hint at a futuristic theme. They also conjure up associations with coins or precious metals such as gold and silver. The shiny metal has a reference to the world of finance, making it a great overlay for logos and other branding crypto looks.


This is a concept that is largely related to globalization. Therefore, the representation of the world, especially the interconnected world, does not cause difficulties. Globe images may also be combined with lines and grids.

Lines and Grids

The cryptocurrency brands often use grids, lines, and angled shapes to represent space networks, connections, or patterns, perfect for an industry that is very difficult to visualize. The grids also help make the brand more stable and reliable, which is a big plus for experimental currencies.

Neon & Blue

The blue color scheme has less to do with the world of cryptocurrencies and more with the world of finance. Nevertheless, each color has its own emotional connotation which makes it a powerful branding tool. Blue stands for trust and professionalism, which has made the color a staple for financial institutions. For the same reason, cryptocurrencies also use the blue color palette, supplemented with splashes of bold contrast colors and bright neon.

15 Best Web Design Inspirations in 2022

Let’s view some of the latest top-quality crypto apps & website ideas for web design from Fireart Studio designers right away.

1)    Crypto App Landing Page

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2) Fintech Dashboard Exploration

15 Best Crypto Web Design Inpirations 19

3) Crypto Wallet Dashboard

15 Best Crypto Web Design Inpirations 20

4) Crypto Exchanging Platform iOs App

15 Best Crypto Web Design Inpirations 21

5) Investment App

15 Best Crypto Web Design Inpirations 22

6) Cryptocurrency Dashboard

15 Best Crypto Web Design Inpirations 23

7) cBank landing

15 Best Crypto Web Design Inpirations 24

8) A simple trading app

15 Best Crypto Web Design Inpirations 25

9) Simple Banking iOs App

15 Best Crypto Web Design Inpirations 26

10) Bank App 2021

15 Best Crypto Web Design Inpirations 27

11) Finance App

15 Best Crypto Web Design Inpirations 28

12) Crypto Investing App UI

15 Best Crypto Web Design Inpirations 29

13) Wallet App

15 Best Crypto Web Design Inpirations 30

14) Smart Banking App

15 Best Crypto Web Design Inpirations 31

15) Crypto Wallet Design Concept


Also, check out our UI dashboard inspiration ideas for your product design.

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As you see, the cryptocurrency industry is just starting to take off. If you’re brave enough to jump into this ever-changing content world, start mastering these trends and create crypto product designs doomed to hit the jackpot even in the most severe business environments.

To help with complex web design, managed IT services or professional web development services will come in handy. Feel free to apply since a flexible and adaptive approach to development is best shown in complex niche projects like crypto.


We see a growing demand for cryptocurrency design in the market, whether crypto exchanges, blogs, trading platforms or wallets. So it’s natural to be curious about what cryptocurrency design should look like and research on the industry trends. With our inspiration ideas on crypto, it will be easier to discover more and decide on your next project.

If you have any questions left about these crypto-inspired designs, let us know in the comments below.


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