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There are various categories of mobile apps. You may come across the three groups according to the characteristics of their program work: hybrid, native, and mobile applications for websites. Let’s take a closer look at these types of mobile applications with great examples.

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Native Apps

Native Apps are mostly created to fit a specific operating system (iOS, Android, Windows, etc). To reach the audience, you need to develop several separate applications for different operating systems. They can perform the same functions, have the same design, but they will be different programs. This need increases the project time and development budget.

Native services can work independently of an internet connection, although some of them require a connection. They take up less memory, are fast, and use less battery power. They are allowed to access the hardware of the mobile phone with the owner’s permission.


WhatsApp was first introduced as to be one of the native kinds of mobile apps. It Is an American free instant messenger and voice over IP service, popular worldwide, and nowadays owned by Meta. It is an application for smartphones and tablets based on Android or iOS.


This one is an internet streaming audio service that allows you to legally listen to music, read audiobooks, or listen to podcasts without downloading them to your device. It is available as a website, apps for all operating systems, smartphones, smart devices, and car media systems.


SoundCloud is a free platform for sharing and listening to audio files. This sound club was specially designed for music lovers of different genres.

Hybrid Apps

They occupy an intermediate position among the native types of mobile apps and web programs. They have some limited access to smartphone hardware  (camera, microphone, geolocation, address book, etc). They require an internet connection as they download content from an external source hosted on a server. Most of the promo services fall into this category.

There are disadvantages to hybrid programs. These services operate on a small amount of information. The design does not adapt to screen size and enlargement, which may affect their performance speed and cause inconveniences for the users.


Gmail is convenient for sorting emails, working with documents, sharing photos, and even calling friends. And all this is possible to achieve within one window.


This is a note-taking app that helps you capture ideas and prioritize project tasks, keep to-do lists and keep your life in check. In 2020 Evernote for Android joined the list of updated Evernote apps available for iOS, Windows and Mac.


A well-known system is another popular social network and one of the most popular examples of hybrid apps, allowing the users to send short text notes (up to 140 characters) released back in 2006.

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Mobile Apps

Web applications are different mobile app types. Basically, they’re adaptations of sites for smartphone device users. They are created so that users may visit the site at any time, even without access to a personal computer or laptop. Some web services need to be downloaded and installed. Others are launched automatically when you visit the site through a mobile browser.


You may start with a web application just like Zuckerberg did it back in 2004. Facebook was launched as a mobile app when there weren’t many alternatives then. So, be it today, there have been much more options to create the popular social media platform as something else.


This one is also among the most well-known types of mobile application examples. This is a visual tool for finding ideas such as recipes, home and style inspiration, and more. You know it for sure as one of the biggest inspiration spots.


Probably, this is primarily a social network, where there are already one hundred million active users who like sharing photos. This technology was built as a mobile app for websites, which’s hard to believe.

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Differences between Native, Hybrid, and Mobile Apps

Today, it is difficult to say exactly where the clear line between web applications and regular web pages lies, as the functionality of HTML5 is growing every day and more and more sites are using HTML5.

The different types of mobile apps and their features here:

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How to Choose Which Type of Application to Develop?

Before making your final decision, consider the aforementioned pros and cons for both native and hybrid apps. Alternatively, you may also do your demographic research and overall marketing strategy to see how much investment you are willing to invest in custom mobile apps as per mobile application categories and types. Hopefully you can make a sober decision with the help of professional development team.

Focus on your budget and choose the one that suits you perfectly. Rate the level of your confidence in different kinds of mobile apps. Hybrid mobile app development is the best option when you are unsure of the user’s initial response or have no clear idea of what your final app should look like.

On the other hand, native apps may offer a high level of functionality and great UX. They also perform better than hybrid mobile apps.


Customers need user-friendly programs, and businesses need tools to promote. Creating types of mobile app development for smartphones is a good process that will always be in demand. Newer models of smartphones and new versions of operating systems are constantly entering the market. The application must work on any device; otherwise, users will uninstall it from their phones.

Also, the program must adapt to user requests. If you don’t offer your customers the new user-friendly features they want, your competitors will. So you need to constantly update features, add new user experience to maintain audience reach and user loyalty, etc.

There are already dozens of programs for solving each problem. So, to stand out from the competition, you need to offer innovative or a qualitatively new level of implementation of an existing idea.

Consider the variety of types of mobile apps with examples to make sure you’ve considered the main advantage of each web development and the need for constant updates.

To better dive into the different types of mobile application development and other product design nuances, feel free to contact us asap.


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