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5 Benefits of React JS for Your Startup 3 5 Benefits of React JS for Your Startup
Review: 5 - 5 Benefits of React JS for Your Startup

The rise of startups has created competition among the tech industry. When creating a company you need to find a market niche to occupy. Using JavaScript frameworks has become one of the most popular ways to create a web and mobile application.

The ReactJS JavaScript library, managed by Facebook and maintained by a community of other developers, gives you the capability to create an interactive and functional user interface. The library was launched in 2013 and has gone on to become very popular for startup development companies. It’s already become more popular than many other similar JavaScript tools.

These days ReactJS is mostly used in media, technology and entertainment the world over. Many famous websites are built upon a ReactJS framework. In this article we’ll look at what makes ReactJS so great and what advantages you can expect to get from using it.

5 Benefits of React JS for Your Startup 17

Advanced Programming

We should start out by mentioning how great ReactJS is for writing code. Using ReactJS really pushes you to the next level of programming. The ReactJS framework combines HTML and JavaScript and tells you just what each component does. ReactJS is capable of structuring any code logically, no matter the length. You can also use it to create component trees with ease. Imagine if all the elements of your app worked like functions and you could use them to create a program. The tool is also able to manage the low-level details. To make things better there are no set rules for using ReactJS. This means that developers at any level should be able to master it easily. So to put it all together; ReactJS takes a lot of work out of writing code, gives you new ways to compose code, and gets your app running smoothly.

Efficient Data Binding

ReactJS uses one-way data binding. This means that you can keep track of any changes made to data. It’s all kept in order for you; you’ll be able to track when and how the model has been changed. One weakness is that the framework is unable to provide a lot of information about the data lifecycle that your app should have. Luckily the developers came up with a solution.

There are other additional features to ReactJS. The first is the development of ReactJS Native, which can be used to create mobile apps using just JavaScript. It can be installed on both Apple and Android devices and has become quite popular. The second feature is called Flux. This feature is used in the creation of client-side web apps. It can be used to upgrade how well your service performs, especially when dealing with dynamic data. Flux uses a single control point to organise the data flow and send data to the ReactJS element it’s needed in. This means that your code base is more effective and efficient.

Increased Performance

Another great benefit of ReactJS is that it works with virtual DOM to store and render files as quickly as possible. It creates a copy of the DOM tree using JavaScript elements. These elements are used to create HTML code which is applied to a DOM element. This means that you can redraw your browser page. When using ReactJS you can make any changes to the copy and then use it to modify the actual DOM. That way you can always track how well your application performs.

Dependencies Handling

ReactJS handles dependencies with some great features. The first of which is Inversion of Control. This technology will pass props to elements to route dependencies. Another feature is ReactJS-di. This built-in mechanism handles dependency injection in components. This is where we should mention that the technology is currently in development. These tools help you to get your working process running much quicker.

Templating Made Easy

Unlike with other JavaScript frameworks ReactJS allows you to write template logic within the actual template. It doesn’t try to divide the two concepts. This means that it works great with components that are already in the template and there’s no need to use directives to write codes. That’s something that’s going to save plenty of time and money.


ReactJS comes with a number of special features and it’s very easy to work with. There’s no need to have advanced programming knowledge to master the ReactJS JavaScript framework. If you’re wondering which project ReactJS works best for we would have to say projects that involve managing large data arrays in real time. It’s also a good idea for creating a complex interface made using many different components. If you are interested in difference between React and Flutter – learn more here.


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