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Risks are a subjective and inevitable factor of any business activity. Therefore, risk management issues may occur in any sphere including product design. Being aware of future trends and global issues in risk management will help to maximize the efficiency of the company and minimize the negative impact of the risk aftermath if any.

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Risk management current issues and challenges

Risk management is a dynamically developing field of management. In the process of risk management, it is essential to plan a set of measures to reduce and prevent negative consequences, if any, not to sit and wait until they come, and then combat them and correct the situation. This is a good way to ensure the survival of the project even under the most unpredictable circumstances.

Constant changes

Business activity is always associated with constant changes, uncertainty, and volatility of the economic environment, which in turn affects the achievement of the expected end result.


The desire to get as much profit as possible is always limited by the possibility of losses. In this regard, the concept of risk arises. No event by itself carries risk, but there are always possibilities of risky aftermath depending on this or that objective.

Time dependence

The basic risk formula shows that all the above-mentioned parameters depend on time: uncertainty, limits, rates and potential consequences. Moreover, if some events may be interdependent, another may be the symptoms of others, etc. And it’s hard to define which is which.

Communications issues

The functions of accumulating and processing information entering the organization, monitoring the deterioration of the situation, preventing risk, and responding to its manifestations should constantly work as an integral part of a single process of managing risk activities. In practice, it’s often too hard to achieve.

Failure to use appropriate risk metrics

Early monitoring of risk management current issues and challenges is designed to detect, in a targeted and timely manner, those small events that are symptoms of larger opportunities or problems. When monitoring risks, it is hard to guess with the metrics & notice the time that the situation is moving towards a point of no return.

Future trends and global issues in risk management

In 2022, experts agree that automation, human behavior, 24/7 data streams, better incident preparation and risk assessment are the risk management trends to watch. Their  insight provides a helpful “map” to navigate the evolving risk landscape better, minimizing incidents and saving your company resources. (Resolver)

1.     Automating Everything

Current issues in risk management will be easier to foresee if you implement AI for the automation of many processes that are hard to humans to predict. Data-driven project management and other ways to automate the processes will do at least improve the way you manage risks in your organization.

2.     Behavioral Data

Gathering behavioral data through monitoring software allows the user to record & analyze real human behavior to understand better why people make certain decisions or do not make them. Such software’s ability to detect and alert you to the so-called “risky behavior” by applying neuroscience, psychology, cognitive science, and other social sciences makes it a valuable tool for minimizing any potential risk.

3.     Risk Intelligence 24/7

Companies now may continually monitor & register current data and get instant access to current risk information in no time. This is a huge industry jump from the past.  There, relying on the accuracy of the most recent collection (which could be hours, weeks or even months) was the best option, but the information turned dramatically outdated each time you looked it up.

4.     Prioritizing

Due to the new risk technologies like automated ticketing or response services and better user activity monitoring, risk management trends have also shifted from old-fashioned responsive to proactive.

5.     Risk tolerance

Associated with avoidance and loss, today, better incident detection and risk prevention mean how well your preparation and response efforts are working. Risk tolerance is now how your company is equipped to handle a certain level of risk affect and still achieve its objectives effectively.

Risk management issues in various areas

Among the risk management strategies, you will find active (aggressive), adaptive or conservative (passive) because the more areas you have the more varied risks there are, and the issues emerge to be solved. Here are some of them.


Among the healthcare risk management issues, you will find plenty of laws, regulations, standards, corporate compliance ethics and medicare conditions of participation issues, health insurance, patients’ rights, etc. It’s one of the riskiest industries.


Here you will find the tax law issues, with respect to the co-operative compliance procedure and its consequences on the company’s internal relations, issues arising from the market and other changes to consider, etc.


There are three fundamental challenges in mainstream risk management for development organizations: a culture of blame, a lack of adaptive capacity on the part of development organizations and the lack of a shared concept of risk management. (Worldbank) Nothing to add, indeed.


If we speak on risk management in product design, there are also bright examples here. In fact, risk management is an important element of any product design. It allows to minimize the project- and product-related risks both in the current and future such as project budget and schedule overrun, or missing product cost and quality targets.

To Sum it Up

It should be understood that the very concept of risk is a purely subjective phenomenon. Depending on the expectations of the management of a particular company, the same negative or positive results are considered differently. Or the business industry objectives. Any event or change in external factors for some entrepreneurs brings income. For others, it brings a loss and a high risk.

The stages of risk event occurrence should also be taken into account. The earlier it is identified, the easier it is to take protective measures, and vice versa. Therefore, any possible risks are best taken into account at the early stages of their identification if it’s a creation, project launch, or only preparatory, etc. Digital Product Design managers keep that in mind to succeed, and so do many other areas participants.


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