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The world has drastically shifted towards using mobile phones over personal computers or laptops. Digital games revenue across all platforms reached a staggering $109,8 billion in 2018,  with mobile games contributing an estimated 67.3% of the figure. Smartphones leave PC and consoles in the dust when it comes to profit. And with the number of mobile users predicted to reach 5 billion by the end of 2019, profits are set to grow.

Mobile apps development offers a great boost for entrepreneurs. That is why it is a top priority for startups to invest in. Though there are plenty of users ready to download your new app, their satisfaction significantly depends on the quality of the UI/UX design.

The Importance of UI/UX

As a business, you should determine your number one priority. While some may put that down as income, the highest priority of any business should be keeping clients satisfied. If you want to make your users satisfied, then you should invest time and effort into your mobile app interface design, chiefly in the fields of UI and UX.

User Interface (UI) essentially describes how your app looks. This includes graphics, aesthetics, and usability. Hence, you should strive to make your UI easy to use, effective, and enjoyable so that it will maximize the efficiency of human-computer interaction.

User Experience (UX) is a bit more of a nuanced concept. It is about the user’s feelings and experience when using your app. Modern users are extremely picky and they’ll delete your app within hours if there is something they don’t like about it. You should focus on emotions, feelings, and preferences when designing your app.

Here are five reasons why investing in mobile apps design is important for startups:

Appealing UI Contributes to Customer Satisfaction

Users might want to use your app for a number of reasons. While it seems that the provided services are the major determinant, it is actually simple navigation and appealing design that affects users’ satisfaction.

Just like we have physiological needs, people also have aesthetic needs – the desire to perceive something beautiful. This is why investing in UI/UX design is so important. If your app design is eye-catching and pleasing to the eye, then the chances that the customer will continue using your app are high.

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Improves Human-Computer Interaction

The more you work on your UI design, the easier it is for users to use it. The increasing popularity of mobile apps allows businesses to attract new clients. However, it is a smooth computer-human interaction that causes customers to stay for a long period. That is why it is imperative that startups invest in UI/UX design, which nurtures this interaction.

You should also track mobile app metrics to be sure that users are satisfied with your app. Check usage rates, daily session length, screen flow, app acquisition, etc. If you notice any issues or decreasing rates, implement all possible improvements to keep your users on board.

App Design Is What Makes Brand Recognizable

If you want your app to stand out on the over-saturated market, then you have to make your brand recognizable. An original design and color palette, for instance, will make your app distinct and memorable.

If your company is client-orientated and you make all possible to keep them satisfied, then it is likely that users will return to you every now and again. Satisfaction, in turn, primarily depends on the quality of UI/UX design.

There are many mobile application design services that can design a mobile app for startup and help you earn customer recognition.

Good UI/UX Will Save You Time and Money

Wasting time and money on fixing endless problems is a luxury that many startups do not have. Invest your attention and resources in UI/UX design, and it will yield benefits. If your app is well-designed, then the chances that users will find issues are low.

Similarly, the number of post-launch improvements is directly proportional to the endeavors you make when designing your app. The more you care about the quality of your service, the more rewards you’ll see. You can hire talented UI/UX designers and thus minimize any problems.

Make Users Like You

By striving to create the best mobile app design, you show your customers that you care about them.

If your UI is easy to use but far from eye candy, then a user may feel that you care only about selling your product or service. Always try to optimize every aspect of UI to facilitate User Experience.

If you adjust UI to different mobile devices, then you show both your flexibility and concern for all users. Of course, this is a challenging task, especially on a low budget, but it’s worth it. Such flexibility is especially valuable for startups. Though you might not have many resources, you thus show your aspiration to make a product that will please everyone.


Never forget about the importance of mobile apps design when you launch a startup. If UI/UX is new to you, do not be afraid. You can always ask a mobile app design company for assistance. It is always better to entrust the most important aspects of your business to professionals and secure your place on the mobile app market.