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Every business that has a marketing success attempts to develop a strong online presence. However, if you think that creating a functional site with a flawless set of options is enough to attract a wide audience – you are wrong. You shouldn’t underestimate the value of good website design.

The design of your site is the key to success, which can either make or break the enterprise you run. Genuine website design is the main factor that will reimburse expenses and expectations you have invested. It makes a difference on turning your target audience into customers. Therefore, a site with an amazing user interface will impact on conversion rate, which leads to better enterprise and income.

7 Things That Can Change Your Sales Forever

Still not convinced? Let us show you how it works. We’ll prove to you how proper website design can impact your sales.

1. Visual interface has the most significant impact on the first impression

7 Reasons Why Website Design Can Impact on Your Sales 15

You might think that you should invest most of your time in good content. But as studies showed it takes 50 milliseconds (!) for your readers to decide whether to stay on your website or leave. So your readers do not even get to reading. The visual appeal of a website is more crucial in forming the first impression of your business. The websites with the functional interface will matter less for users if the interface is not visually attractive.

55% of users spend less than 15 seconds on an unknown website. What your visitors see first is a headline. So if you want to keep your visitors on your webpage, you need to create a striking and prominent headline. In addition, the text draws attention before visuals. So, to improve your conversion rate, use bold and vivid fonts with a strong message.

An exciting discovery was made by British scientists in a research case. The aim was to find out how web design influenced trust among visitors checking out health websites. The research showed that in 94% of cases, trust was influenced by the website elements, while in 6% of cases visitors had a claim to the content. Although the research was focused on health websites, there is no question that this revelation can be applied to other industries as well. Here are some elements that visitors mentioned that aroused mistrust:

  • Cluttered layout
  • Aggressive advertising
  • Unreadable font
  • Poor and colorless web design
  • Slow loading

Strong design can boost trust in your visitors and make them stay on your website. Whereas, bad design can scare away your target audience, make them leave and never come back.

2. Following the web standards can increase your conversion rates

7 Reasons Why Website Design Can Impact on Your Sales 16

Assure that you meet web standards. Consider usability, accessibility, and interoperability of your website. Even the poorest website may make visitors stay if it is tidy and meets standards. Consider these points while creating your website.

You should create the easiest and safest route for your visitors to follow. If you don’t follow the rules and throw your visitors into confusion, there is a strong possibility that they will lose interest and will start browsing your rival’s website.


The navigation bar is a map of what services you provide, so give your potential clients a chance to get what they want from you.


Great content is what distinguishes your site from the rest. It is your leverage that helps you sell. All other website elements, including design, images, fonts, videos take a back seat to your content. A recipe for your website success is distinct, purposeful, unique and keyword-rich content that carries a clear and strong message. The aim of your website is to convince your visitors to take action.


The key to successful fonts is to go easy on them! Mistakes with fonts might cause your potential client to skip all your well-crafted website. To avoid these mistakes, Google created a list of fonts that work. Some more fast tips are:

  • Flashing texts is a terrible idea.
  • Minimize the number of fonts
  • Follow line length limit
  • Avoid all caps


Visuals are easier and faster for our brains to grasp. Also, it can help to lead your business to success, and more eyeballs to your site. Consider these statistics while implementing visuals:

3. Following Hick’s Law will limit customers choices

7 Reasons Why Website Design Can Impact on Your Sales 17

Have you ever heard about Hick’s Law which is now considered a new approach to website design? The law is named after William Edmund Hick, a British psychologist, and it points out that time to decide exponentially increases with the number of available choices. Meaning that a variety of choices doesn’t increase your sales, but imposes additional challenges on your potential clients to interpret and decide. The fewer choices your customers have, the easier it is for them to come to a decision.

This theory was proved by a psychological experiment. It was held by psychologists Sheena Iyengar and Mark Lepper, who discovered that a table with 24 kinds of jam attracted less interest than a table presenting 6 kinds. As the case study showed, only one-tenth of people were likely to buy products when offered too many choices. This is important for sales on websites because it shows that people won’t get to buying if they are overwhelmed by the number of choices you provide.

Therefore, the solution is to limit the choices. Just think how many decisions your customers should make, aside from pressing the navigation bar:

  • Scrolling down the page or using the navigation bar
  • Skimming headlines of the blog to choose which post to read
  • Deciding whether to sign up to download your magnet lead
  • Making a purchase or browsing for more products

Let’s say you decide to apply Hick’s Law to your website. Be cautious and decide which actions are the most important for you. Do you want your customers to sign up for your lead magnet, or do you want them to put your product in the shopping cart? Decide on your main objective, and make every page lead to it.

The more you can limit the choices on your website, the easier and faster your conversion rates will increase.

4. Applying the Rule of Thirds can help focus your visitors’ attention

7 Reasons Why Website Design Can Impact on Your Sales 18

The Rule of Thirds originated in an image composition theory. With this rule, you need to visually divide your image or a webpage into nine equal squares. According to this theory, the four middle intersections are the most significant places of interest. When you put the objects there, it creates the most impactful visual and design.

In photography and painting, it helps to create well-balanced and spectacular images. But in web design, it helps to focus the attention of your visitors. So what you need to do is to place the most important elements (call-to-action buttons, the testimonial, lead magnets, etc) at these points.

You do not need to apply the rule of thirds to the whole website. It is enough to try it as a tool to place the most important elements. Do not use it in close reach to a navigation bar, your visitors might navigate somewhere else rather than focus on important spots on your homepage.

5. Avoiding Misguided Descriptions to Make a Sale

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E-commerce product descriptions provide vital information for understanding and deciding whether to buy your product. Online shop owners often manage this information with reckless abandon. The case study conducted by the Nielsen group showed that product descriptions depend on the products you sell.

They found out that thumbnails of bookshelves were studied precisely, whereas the thumbnails of TVs were completely ignored. Surprisingly, customers on Amazon shop spent only 18% of viewing time on looking at the photos, while 82% spent on reading the description. It is pretty obvious. Most of the people care about how the bookshelves will look on their walls, whereas people buying TV care more about specs.

Incorporate this information while writing the descriptions. Do your customers care more about how the product looks or what is it capable of? Adjust your choice of images and product description based on this information and you’ll never lose a sale.

6. Checking for broken links will help your visitors to stay

7 Reasons Why Website Design Can Impact on Your Sales 20

Any website, depending on size and how long it has been on stream, may have some pages that are not working. If it is your case, bear in mind that it is not your visitors’ job to inform you about that.

It may affect your sales! So find time to analyze whether all your pages work, and make sure there are no broken links. You may be surprised that pages that worked smoothly before, now are out of square.

7. Building a community will increase traffic to your website

7 Reasons Why Website Design Can Impact on Your Sales 21

People like to express their opinions and join in discussions which they are passionate about. Therefore, building a community is a great opportunity to start a conversation with your potential customers, which will help you to increase traffic.

You can implement a comment system by third-party (Facebook, Disqus) or create forum discussions, where visitors can ask you questions and receive help.


Increasing your website sales does not sound difficult anymore. Following the above steps will provide high customer conversion rates, which leads your business to flourish. You can reach us at Fireart.Studio for more information on how a website design can impact sales.