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Angular is one of the most widespread development frameworks. More and more software engineers opt for this technology due to its consistent code, user interface focus, simplicity, and component-based nature. This post will guide you through the best practices of implementing Angular into your application development.

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App development has recently become one of the most rapidly growing industries. In 2021, the worldwide revenue reached $639 billion, while in 2019, it was only $461 billion. It is expected that by the end of 2027, the market will reach $1039.89 billion, demonstrating a CAGR of 25.54%. Angular, as one of the frameworks used for app development, is rising in popularity as well.

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Angular usage statistics

According to StackOverflow, Angular is the third most popular web framework. More than 25% of respondents choose it to cover their development needs. Angular keeps one of the leading positions in the number of downloads as well. At the beginning of 2021, downloads reached more than 650,000.

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Angular downloads in past 1 year

What makes Angular one of the most popular frameworks for app development? In this article, we will analyze it from different perspectives, trying to answer all your questions and provide you with detailed information on every point that you might be interested in.

We will cover the following aspects:

  • What is Angular?
  • Why and where is Angular used for?
  • What are the pros and cons of Angular?
  • How to find an Angular developer who will help you create an app?

We will also focus on discussing angular best practices in order to demonstrate to you how Angular is used for app development. You will learn why to name the files and folders, reasons to use reusable interfaces and declare safe stings, and other points to consider regarding Angular development.

What is Angular?

Before we start to analyze all the technical benefits and drawbacks, as well as Angular best practices 2022, let’s first clarify what Angular is.

Angular, also known as Angular 2+ and Angular CLI, is a free web application framework used for building dynamic structures. As Angular is open source, it is widely used among developers from all over the world.

Angular coding standards are making this framework one of the most popular all over the world. It is expected that Angular will keep raising its popularity, and the number of apps developed with the help of this framework will increase.

Angular was released in 2015, but the story started long before the official release. The matter is that Angular is a complete rewrite of AngularJS, released in 2010.

As for the technical description, Angular is written in TypeScript. Moreover, this is a recommended language to use when creating apps with Angular.

Angular consists of different blocks that ensure the usage of the framework. There are:

  • modules
  • components
  • metadata
  • templates
  • data binding
  • services
  • directives
  • dependency injection

Additionally, Angular provides a wide variety of other internal platforms used to create apps with HTML, CSS, and Typescript. 

What is Angular used for?

Angular has a solid reputation in the development industry. Such giants as Microsoft, Samsung, Deutsche Bank, Gmail, Forbes, UpWork, PayPal, Grasshopper, Delta, and Overleaf use Angular to cover their needs. But what are these needs? Perhaps, you have something in common, and you can also use Angular in your practice?

If you need to create a single-page web app, a mobile app with animation, a progressive web app working offline, an app for enterprises or e-commerce, then Angular is your choice. 

  • SPA

Single-page applications are perhaps the most-known product created with the help of Angular. All information appears on a single page dynamically, providing a better user experience. SPAs extensively use the Angular modules’ best practices for better performance.

  • Enterprise web applications

Unlike SPA, enterprise web applications are regularly massive and have a complex architecture. Angular helps to create scalable apps with a huge number of components that can be reused in different places of the app. Additionally, Angular helps create highly secure apps, which is extremely important for the government and corporation institutions. 

  • Mobile apps

A business of any type needs a mobile app. In combination with NativeScript, Angular helps to cover the basic needs of any business and create apps for iOS and Android. Due to the implementation of Angular routing best practices, any type of mobile app developed with this framework surprises with productivity and fast connection to the server.

  • Interfaces with dynamic animations

If you are planning to implement animations in your app, consider using Angular for development. The matter is that Angular created special modules for dynamic animations, and they are available in their official library. Therefore, the process of development takes less time and delivers better results.

  • Systems for improving the quality of your services 

Basically, Angular can be used for creating any type of system for your business, from e-commerce with a dynamic interface to a static website. Angular features are various, and a senior Angular developer can create an app that will surprise you with functionality and productivity.

Pros and Cons of Angular

Although Angular is one of the most popular web development languages, it still has its benefits and drawbacks. For the developer, it’s important to understand them to make a decision whether Angular is the best language to use for creating a certain app.

Pros of Angular

Obviously, the popularity of Angular is determined by the pros it has. Here are the most crucial of them:

  • It is component-based

This is one of the biggest and most important advantages for many developers. The code appears in a proper hierarchy with components that put code in clusters.

  • Automatic synchronization

Two components, namely Model and View, are automatically synchronized in real-time. No need to synchronize them manually or wait till the synchronization finally happens.

  • Less complicated testing

The latest versions of Angular support problem-free bug fixing that helps to simplify and speed up the development process.

  • Consistent code

In Angular, code consistency is one of the major issues; therefore, they have introduced an Angular CLI tool that allows keeping the team on the same page throughout the whole project.

  • Focus on UI

App UI becomes the focus of Angular. The framework helps create any interface you need easily: you just need to choose the proper components.

Cons of Angular

Despite all the pros, Angular still has some cons which make it less attractive to developers:

  • The lower performance of dynamic applications

Even though Angular is one of the best languages to create SPAs, they still are not as fast and functional as expected.

  • Poor documentation

The requirements for documentation are really high now. Yet, Angular’s documentation is rather poor compared to other development languages.

  • Problems with output code

The size of the output code is huge, which creates many problems for developers. Although this problem can be fixed, it still remains one of the biggest drawbacks of Angular.

  • Issues with version migration

It was noticed that when upgrading from the old version to the new one, various issues may occur.

7 Angular Best Practices

With a huge number of different languages and frameworks, choosing the one for your application may be rather confusing. To make a choice easier, let’s analyze angular good practices to understand how you can implement them into your app development.

Files and Folders

As we have already mentioned, one of the biggest advantages of Angular is the consistent code. Files and folders are those elements that help to ensure these consistencies. Yet, to make the most out of it, it’s crucial to understand how to work with the naming in order to create a better structure.

  • File names

No matter what element you are planning to create, its name should clearly speak for itself. Besides, it’s important to obey the consistency of the name of the same pattern this element is mentioned with.

  • Class names

In the case of naming classes, use the upper case with added suffix. This will help to represent the type of file.

Using Interfaces

Interfaces are used to create contracts for the classes. This is important for the whole development process, as the class will use all functions and properties that you declare in the interface.

Therefore, you don’t need additionally to write functions and properties for all the classes. It will be enough to create interfaces for the most common types of classes and implement them throughout the whole development process.

Build Reusable Components

We have already mentioned that Angular helps simplify and speed up the development process, and reusable components play a significant role here. For example, you have a UI used in different parts of your interface. In this case, you should build a component out of the interface and change it depending on where you use it.

Cache API Calls

Cashing is one of the most effective ways to limit redundant information. When you cash API calls, you help to limit the number of server requests. Therefore, the load on the server is reduced, and time is saved.

In order to use cashing of API calls, you need to make an HTTP request and store the results. From now on, the requests will not be sent to the server but to the memory.

Avoid Logic in Templates

One of the best practices in Angular implementation is avoiding logic in templates. Let’s dive deeper here: when you use logic in templates, you must remember that this logic will be extracted into a component. When all components have the same logic, it gets harder to test them. Moreover, in this case, the components are more likely to have bugs when the template is changed.

Environment Variables

When working with Angular, you have to remember that you can add as many environments as you need for the development. By default, Angular has development and production environments, and you can add as many new variables as you may need.

Declare safe strings

When working with Angular, keep in mind that the variable of type string presents certain values. For the developer, it is necessary to set possible values for the code. In this case, the variable will use the indicated values. 

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These 7 best practices are only the tip of the iceberg. When working with Angular, there are many details and nuances to be taken into consideration as they affect the process of development, and as a result, they affect the performance of the app.

Fireart Angular developers will help you create the best solutions for your business in any industry, from finance to entertainment. We’re sure: this is a cost-effective solution that will help you save up to 20% on development and still deliver the best service for your customers. 

If you’re focused on scaling your business, the development process may distract you from that. A professional team of Angular developers can work on the project while you work on growing bigger. We take all development issues on us, including finding the best developers for your project and hiring new talents if needed.

If you still have some hesitations, feel free to call us. Let’s discuss the opportunities of creating an Angular app for you!


Being the third among the most popular languages for development, Angular definitely has a wide range of features that help create functional web apps with dynamic interfaces. This component-based framework facilitates all processes, including testing and bug fixing. The development process gets easier when following the best practices, like building reusable interfaces, naming files and folders, and putting more logic into the component, not in the template, the development process gets easier. Besides, the application becomes faster and provides users with a better experience.

Yet, Angular has a list of cons: problems with output code, poor documentation (compared to other frameworks), problems with version migrations. However, all these cons can easily be fixed by a senior Angular developer who knows all the pitfalls of the development. Therefore, it’s always better to hire a dedicated specialist or a team who already has experience with building complex apps with Angular.

We’re sure: Fireart team will gladly help you with any Angular development request. Contact us any time!


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