Bad UX Design for SaaS: 7 Worst UX Design Fails to Avoid 3 Bad UX Design for SaaS: 7 Worst UX Design Fails to Avoid
Review: -1 - Bad UX Design for SaaS: 7 Worst UX Design Fails to Avoid

No matter which SaaS platform you own. It will likely break if you do not pay close attention to its UX/ UI. So it is important to learn all the key aspects before switching to the next level of the design process.

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What’s the best UX design for SaaS?

While designing SaaS application, you probably think more about the functionality and features, the target market, no bugs in the final product, etc. And although today’s user experience is significant, it often happens that it directly determines the success or failure of your SaaS project from the start.

Another important aspect of the SaaS platform is to know what makes the user happy and satisfied. Discard your mind from making money on your product and think about how to hold your audience instead.

Users are looking for errors that need to be fixed or interesting functions that need to be added. They will also receive more convenient and smooth work. The key to success is the development of a product that your audience will easily familiarize with and will not contain aspects that might seem strange to them.

Balance is the key to creating a reliable UX / UI design. Your user interface should not only be easy to use but should also be minimalistic and beautiful. It is important to choose design elements that will not be too screaming but organic and so much more.

Here, the most basic and key principles in the design and development process are worth adhering to for the flawless UX of the future platform and its success with the users. Apart from fundamental principles in UX design, you’d better watch the worst design fails to avoid.

 Why do you need it?

Software as a service is a means of accessing and distributing programs or software from any place.

Optimization of UX design is one of the most necessary parts of any software application. It plays an important role in terms of user experience for your SaaS product.

A convenient and simple UX design for any cloud web application can simplify the understanding of your product for any new user.

7 Worst UX Design Fails to Avoid

This section provides a few SaaS UX design recommendations to help you improve your SaaS platform. Let’s look at the list.

#1: Low discoverability

Another most common cause of unsuccessful launches is poor interaction with the user. And at the same time, user experience is one of the main factors affecting the growth of your product. So, make sure your platform discoverability is just fine.

#2: Long dropdowns

The truth is that the long lists dropping down from the menus have never been attractive and convenient to use. A massive wall of text that appears as if falling from the sky right on your head doesn’t mean you immediately find something you need there. In fact, the thing you’re looking for may be right at the bottom of it. So, that’s not the thing that inspires customer loyalty, indeed.

#3:  Massive checklists

You don’t have much time explaining what you mean to your user, so you need to get to the point quickly. Massive checklists, jargon, or blurred explainers just won’t do. Don’t bother the user with the superfluous content anyways.

#4:  Complex password requirements

It is not as difficult to reduce the turnover of SaaS customers as it seems. You just need to know what to do to get there. Customer retention is the most important of the components. When subscribers or customers leave your company, this is called the outflow of customers and is the result of poor customer retention and all due to long and annoying password requirements. Make it clear and simple.

#5 Obscure UI

Here, your tooltips should only offer brief, context-specific guidelines for one UI element. If you use one of the minor UI patterns for a reason, make them so subtle that they’re almost integrated into the native UI.

#6 Autoplay videos

The worst example of this is when companies think it’s ok to have videos autoplay, regardless of what the user is doing or doing to do. By nature, video content may seem incredibly engaging, which is why many tools are cropping up to allow SaaS companies to add micro-videos to their onboarding. But mind when it’s on and what for.

#7 Empty states

It’s the worst when you sign up to a new platform and can’t see it teeming with other users with who you could interact. Thus, empty states look depressing as they require more activation energy to fill in than if there were already existing content from other people out there to see and check it out.


Since UX design for SaaS is so essential, and many of its aspects may be monstrously missed or mistaken, picking the right design elements for well-developed applications should be given more attention and recognition. So, make sure you select the concept of the best SaaS design for your project. Thus, optimized and convenient UX is what you need because your user satisfaction, in the end, is always what determines the general success of any SaaS.



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