12 Amazing Corporate Website Design Examples 12 Amazing Corporate Website Design Examples
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12 Amazing Corporate Website Design Examples

By Industries
29 Dec 2023
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There are nearly 10 million corporations in the US today, and most have websites. And if you think you know what to expect, newsflash: best corporate websites are not boring at all. 

Are you looking to make a corporate website? Then, read on for the best web design advice and outstanding examples.

What are corporate websites?

Corporate websites are online platforms that represent a business or corporation on the internet. They serve as the company’s digital face, providing information about the company. Best corporate websites are crucial to a company’s online marketing strategy.

Corporate website design means creating and designing a website specifically for a business or corporate entity. 

Most excellent corporate websites provide information about the company, its products, and services and get in touch with customers, clients, and stakeholders. Here, you can await a professional and consistent look, easy navigation, responsive design, high-quality content, and integration of corporate identity elements like logos and company colors.

Creative corporate website examples

In our curated selection of the best corporate websites, you’ll find outstanding examples of how web design can vividly express a company’s ethos, values, and offerings. These business website examples are more than just digital brochures; they’re immersive experiences that showcase a blend of creativity and functionality. 

From the sleek, innovative layouts of tech firms to the warm, inviting interfaces of healthcare providers, best company website design employs a unique mix of design elements. Best company websites can include dynamic visuals, interactive features, thoughtful typography, and responsive designs, all coming together to enhance brand identity and foster connections with a global audience. Let’s take a look!

1. Will Ventures

best corporate websites - will ventures

Website: Will Ventures

Will Ventures presents a bold, dynamic design with large, impactful imagery and a clean layout. The website effectively communicates its role as an early-stage investment firm focusing on consumer, health, and media startups. The site is user-friendly and informative, with clear sections outlining their beliefs, playbook, team, and portfolio. 

What we love: The website’s impactful visuals and straightforward layout effectively convey the firm’s focus on innovation and partnership in venture capital.

2. P&G

best corporate websites - p&g

Website: Procter & Gamble (P&G)

P&G’s website emphasizes its commitment to improving lives through its range of consumer products. It showcases its iconic brands, focusing on innovation, sustainability, and community impact. The site offers insights into P&G’s history, values, and business practices, catering to a broad audience, from consumers to investors. 

What we love: The site’s clean, professional design, combined with comprehensive brand and product information, sets an example for the best corporate websites.

3. B-Corporation

best corporate websites - bcorp

Website: B Corp

B Corporation’s website presents a mission-driven design focused on its commitment to using business as a force for good. It’s structured to educate visitors about the benefits and process of becoming a B Corp, highlighting the impact of its community and certification standards. The layout is user-friendly, facilitating easy navigation through sections like certification, community, and resources.

What we love: The site’s compelling blend of educational content and inspiring testimonials aligns perfectly with its concept of responsible and sustainable business practices.

4. Chevron

best corporate websites - chevron

Website: Chevron

Chevron’s website showcases its commitment to energy innovation and sustainability. The design focuses on the company’s efforts towards a lower carbon future, featuring sections on new energy solutions and carbon capture. The site combines detailed information about Chevron’s operations, sustainability initiatives, and corporate news with high-quality imagery and interactive elements. 

What we love: Its user-friendly interface and clear messaging underscore Chevron’s role as a critical player in the global energy sector.

5. Adobe

best corporate websites - adobe

Website: Adobe

Adobe’s website is a vibrant showcase of its Creative Cloud suite, highlighting tools like Photoshop and Adobe Express. The site emphasizes innovation with features on generative AI tools powered by Adobe Firefly. It’s designed to be visually engaging and user-friendly, catering to creative professionals and hobbyists. The site offers insights into each app, free trials, and showcases the creative possibilities enabled by Adobe’s software.

What we love: The website’s dynamic and creative design mirrors Adobe’s products’ artistic and innovative spirit, appealing directly to its creative user base.

6. Mitsubishi Corporation

best corporate websites - mitsubishi

Website: Mitsubishi Corporation

The Mitsubishi Corporation website provides an overview of their diverse global business operations. It focuses on their role in various industries like energy, machinery, chemicals, and living essentials. The site is designed to be user-friendly and informative, offering insights into the corporation’s values, history, and commitment to sustainability. It caters to a global audience, reflecting Mitsubishi’s international presence and business approach.

What we love: The use of historical hero videos and a retro-vibe navigation menu reinforces the feel of a long-term-standing corporation. 

7. ExxonMobil

best corporate websites - exxon

Website: ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil’s corporate website emphasizes its commitment to energy innovation and environmental responsibility. The site provides detailed information about their business operations, sustainability initiatives, and new energy solutions. It features sections on their global organization, policies, news, and investor information. 

What we love: The design is professional and user-friendly, with clear navigation and interactive elements, underscoring its role as a leading player in the energy industry.

8. KD Capital

12 Amazing Corporate Website Design Examples 2

Website: KD Capital

KD Capital’s website showcases its role as an entrepreneur investor, focusing on companies that change the world significantly. The site highlights their investment philosophy and portfolio, showcasing various companies they’ve invested in. Best company website design combines professional design with a clear, concise presentation of their values and approach to investment. 

What we love: The user experience is centered on understanding KD Capital’s vision and the diverse range of companies they support.

9. Walmart

12 Amazing Corporate Website Design Examples 3

Website: Walmart Corporate

The Walmart Corporate website emphasizes the company’s commitment to sustainability and community involvement. It provides comprehensive information about Walmart’s corporate policies, news, investor relations, and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. The clean and professional design facilitates easy navigation to various sections, such as their sustainability efforts, career opportunities, and corporate governance. 

What we love: The design is clean and professional, facilitating easy navigation to various sections, such as their sustainability efforts, career opportunities, and corporate governance. 

10. CVS Health

12 Amazing Corporate Website Design Examples 4

Website: CVS Health

CVS Health’s website emphasizes its role as a leading health solutions company, focusing on the accessibility and affordability of healthcare services. It presents an overview of their services, including pharmacy, health insurance, and prescription drug coverage. 

What we love: The design is professional and user-friendly, showcasing their initiatives and news clearly and engagingly.

11. Berkshire Hathaway

12 Amazing Corporate Website Design Examples 5

Website: Berkshire Hathaway

The Berkshire Hathaway website presents a straightforward, no-frills design, focusing on providing corporate information such as annual and interim reports, news releases, and letters from Warren Buffett. The site includes links to subsidiary companies, showcasing the breadth of Berkshire Hathaway’s investments and interests.

What we love: The site’s simplicity and directness make it easy for visitors to find essential corporate and investor information without distractions.

12. General Electric

12 Amazing Corporate Website Design Examples 6

Website: General Electric (GE)

General Electric’s website showcases its commitment to innovation and the industry’s future, emphasizing advancements in renewable energy, aerospace, and digital transformation. The site presents an in-depth overview of GE’s diverse businesses, impact, and contribution to various sectors. It’s designed to be informative and user-friendly, catering to a broad audience, from customers to investors.

What we love: It’s designed to be informative and user-friendly, catering to an audience from customers to investors.

How do I create a corporate website?

Creating a corporate website involves several steps:

  • Define the purpose — what do you want the website to achieve? (e.g., sales, brand awareness, customer engagement).
  • Outline the structure of pages and content. Decide on the navigation layout.
  • Design the website, aligning it with your corporate identity. Ensure it’s user-friendly and responsive.
  • Create high-quality, relevant content that includes text, images, videos, etc.
  • Build the website using web development tools or platforms (e.g., WordPress, Joomla) or hire a web developer.
  • Implement SEO strategies to improve your website’s visibility in search engines.
  • Test the website for any issues (loading speeds, broken links) and launch it.
  • Update the website with new content and keep it current with web standards.

Is the corporate website not suitable for your company? 

 Take a look at the roundups of best business websites in other industries:

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