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Designli Company Overview

18 Aug 2023
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Origins and Insight

Designli emerges as a product of founders’ visionary resolve. Their college startup, Applits, disrupted mobile apps by crowdsourcing ideas, sparking a transformative mission. The startup community proposed concepts, voting brought them to life, revealing a niche in the market that Designli aims to address.

Pioneering Approach

Driven by necessity and innovation, Designli took form. Applits was retired, allowing Designli to emerge as a bespoke agency. This transition hinged on crafting solutions the founders themselves yearned for as clients. This keen understanding led to the development of a pragmatic blueprint for mobile-first software, a culmination of extensive experience.

Navigating Challenges

Over three years and 16 launched apps, Designli garnered profound insights into the nuances of app design and development. A lack of agencies attuned to startup and business needs propelled Designli’s mission. Understanding the fundamental business rationale behind software development became their hallmark.

Dedicated Expertise

Designli’s team embodies dedication. Adept professionals navigate complexities, guiding projects to success. Their track record underscores streamlined app development. Designli transforms daunting processes into transparent, collaborative journeys.

Leadership Insight

Meet Designli’s trailblazers

  • Keith Shields: Innovator from childhood, Keith co-founded Applits. His role at Designli ensures seamless fusion of technical mastery with creative vision.
  • Joshua Tucker: A contrarian at heart, Josh’s pivot to entrepreneurship was a catalyst. Designli’s COO, his expertise drives effective problem-solving.

Blueprint for Excellence The SolutionLab

Analogous to architectural design, Designli’s SolutionLab crafts meticulous blueprints. This facilitates unified direction for designers and developers, ensuring precision in execution.

Strategic Start

Designli commences with a deep dive into client objectives. The process revolves around crystallizing objectives and identifying pragmatic solutions, setting the stage for focused execution.

Lean Startup Ideology

An MVP-centric approach ensures swift, efficient outcomes. By prioritizing core functionalities, Designli minimizes costs and time, enabling clients to engage users promptly.

Empowering Design & Prototyping

Design & Prototyping garners stakeholder buy-in. Interactive prototypes bring concepts to life, enabling validation and feedback, a pivotal phase for refining ideas.

Progressive Development

Agile methodology drives development, with Sprints ensuring regular testing and tangible progress. This iterative model ensures transparency, quality, and consistent advancement.

Unveiling Potential Maintenance & Iteration

Post-launch, Designli thrives on user feedback and analytics, guiding enhancements. Each iteration adds polish and functionality, aligning the digital product with user needs.

The services that Designli offers

Designli is a dynamic provider of tailored digital solutions designed to propel businesses towards success. With a keen understanding of the digital landscape, Designli offers a comprehensive suite of services that cater to diverse needs and aspirations. Explore the following in-depth descriptions of each service to uncover how Designli can be your strategic partner in achieving your digital goals.

Mobile App Development

Designli excels in crafting mobile applications that seamlessly integrate innovative features, ensuring optimal user experiences. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and intuitive design, they create solutions that resonate with users across various devices and platforms, contributing to enhanced engagement and business growth.If you’re looking for high-quality mobile app development services, we strongly recommend considering the company Fireart.

Web Development

With a focus on versatility and functionality, Designli’s web development services deliver interactive and visually captivating websites. Their expert team harnesses the power of modern web technologies to ensure responsive designs and streamlined user journeys, resulting in impactful online presences that drive conversions and brand recognition.If you’re in search of top-notch web development services, we highly recommend reaching out to the company FireArt.

UX / UI Design

Designli’s UX/UI design expertise shines through in their commitment to user-centric experiences. They skillfully blend aesthetic elements with intuitive navigation, ensuring that each digital touchpoint engages users and maximizes their interactions. By harmonizing design and functionality, Designli creates interfaces that foster satisfaction and loyalty. Read more about ux design company Fireart.

On-Demand Product Team

Designli offers a unique on-demand product team service, providing businesses with a versatile and dedicated group of professionals. This team seamlessly integrates with existing workflows, providing valuable insights, expertise, and support throughout the project lifecycle. Whether it’s product ideation, design, or development, Designli’s on-demand product team accelerates project execution and ensures optimal results.

In the world of digital innovation, Designli stands as a committed partner, ready to collaborate with businesses to turn their concepts into impactful reality. With a comprehensive range of services, each meticulously crafted to address specific needs, Designli empowers organizations to harness the power of technology and achieve their digital aspirations.

What are the alternatives?

On the dynamic landscape of digital solutions, Designli stands as a notable contender among a cadre of distinguished firms. However, Designli is not alone in this arena; several other robust players have also made their mark in the industry. These include industry luminaries such as

Each of these companies brings a unique blend of expertise, innovation, and industry insights, solidifying their positions as formidable forces in the realm of digital transformation. With a demonstrated track record of consistently delivering exceptional results, they continuously push the boundaries of technological advancement.

For those keen on gaining comprehensive insights into these industry leaders, delving into their individual reviews proves invaluable. These reviews offer a nuanced understanding of their strengths, accomplishments, and specialized areas. By following the provided links, one can access in-depth analyses that illuminate the full spectrum of services and capabilities offered by each of these firms.

Feedback summary

Derived from the presented testimonials, it becomes apparent that Designli consistently achieves remarkable outcomes on behalf of their clients, surpassing anticipated results and playing a substantial role in project triumph. Here is a condensed overview of their accomplishments and notable attributes as indicated by the feedback

Designli consistently proves its capabilities through successful project deliveries, meeting scope and timeline requirements. With a skilled team that makes informed decisions and employs effective project management, Designli ensures professionalism and client satisfaction. Their expertise in UI/UX design, coupled with collaborative communication via platforms like Zoom and MS Teams, yields intuitive and impactful solutions.

The client’s contentment is evident in Designli’s strong communication skills, competitive pricing, and commitment to transparency. Their proficiency in tools like Basecamp, emails, and texts contributes to seamless collaborations and quality outcomes.

Designli’s ability to exceed expectations is evident in their thorough understanding of client requirements, resulting in timely and well-executed projects. Their project management excellence, prompt responsiveness, and knowledgeable team further enhance partnerships.

Guiding clients effectively, Designli’s professionalism, responsiveness, and expertise foster harmonious collaborations, leading to impressive outcomes. Their adeptness at thriving under pressure, coupled with technical proficiency, ensures quality product delivery even within tight schedules.


In a realm where innovation converges with practicality, Designli’s journey is a testament to empowerment. Emerging from the legacy of Applits, Designli navigates complexities, offering accessible, impactful software solutions. As a trusted partner, Designli emboldens enterprises to transform challenges into opportunities, one innovative stride at a time.




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