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Epam Company Overview

17 Aug 2023
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EPAM Systems is a global provider of digital platform engineering and software development services. With a strong focus on innovation, the company helps its clients reimagine their businesses through a digital lens. 

Combining their software engineering expertise with strategic business consulting and design thinking, EPAM delivers real business value to its customers through human-centric innovation. Their multi-disciplinary teams bring together business expertise, design thinking, engineering, and modern operations practices to optimize performance.

EPAM has a strong leadership team that guides the company’s strategic direction and ensures its continued success. The company also has a rich history, with roots dating back to 1993. Over the years, EPAM has grown and evolved, adapting to the changing needs of the digital landscape.

In addition to their focus on delivering value to clients, EPAM also places importance on corporate responsibility. They operate ethically, strive to protect the environment, and support global and local communities.

The services that Epam offers

EPAM offers an extensive array of services tailored to drive innovation and propel businesses forward in the digital landscape. Their expertise and strategic approach enable organizations to excel in an ever-evolving technological ecosystem. Delve into the following services to uncover how EPAM can be your strategic partner in achieving digital success.

Platform & Product Development

Crafting robust and scalable platforms and products that cater to unique business needs and deliver exceptional user experiences.


Integrating development and operations practices to enhance collaboration, streamline workflows, and ensure efficient software delivery.

Agile Ways of Working

Implementing Agile methodologies to drive iterative and collaborative development, optimizing project outcomes.

Quality Engineering

Ensuring software quality through rigorous testing and validation processes, enhancing reliability and performance.


Developing Internet of Things solutions to connect devices and enable data exchange, driving automation and insights.

Open Source

Leveraging open-source technologies to create cost-effective and customizable software solutions.


Designing immersive digital experiences that blend virtual and physical environments, enhancing engagement and interaction.

API & Integration

Creating seamless connections between systems and applications, enabling efficient data exchange and functionality.


Revitalizing legacy systems and applications through modernization strategies to enhance performance and functionality.

Core & Enterprise Systems

Developing and optimizing core and enterprise systems to support critical business operations.


Implementing modern, modular, and cloud-native architectures to drive flexibility and scalability.


Leveraging cloud technologies to architect, deploy, and manage scalable and cost-effective solutions.

Data & Analytics

Harnessing data for insights and decision-making, enabling businesses to gain a competitive edge.

Artificial Intelligence

Developing AI solutions to automate processes, analyze data, and drive predictive insights.

Generative AI Advisory

Providing expert guidance on leveraging generative AI to enhance creativity and problem-solving.

Responsible AI

Ensuring ethical and responsible use of AI technologies, addressing potential biases and risks.

Managed Detection & Response

Providing continuous monitoring and response to identify and mitigate cybersecurity threats.

Digital Risk Management

Assessing and managing digital risks to safeguard against potential vulnerabilities and breaches.

Outside-In Validation

Conducting external assessments to validate cybersecurity measures and identify potential weaknesses.

Cybersecurity Advisory

Offering expert guidance and recommendations to enhance cybersecurity strategies and practices.

Cloud & Data Security

Implementing security measures to protect cloud infrastructure and data storage.

Ransomware Protection

Implementing measures to prevent and mitigate ransomware attacks, ensuring data integrity and availability.

Zero Trust Implementation

Deploying a Zero Trust security model to enhance data protection by assuming no implicit trust and verifying every user and device.

What are the alternatives?

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Feedback summary

Drawing from the provided feedback, it becomes apparent that Epam consistently thrives in the delivery of top-notch results, promoting effective dialogue, and steering projects towards triumphant conclusions. The ensuing recap encapsulates their strong suits and achievements as reflected in the reviews.

Employees at this company are empowered to enhance their careers through skill development and training. The management fosters a supportive and collaborative environment, while the company’s reputation is built on exceptional benefits, work-life balance, and a strong commitment to employee well-being. The comprehensive benefits package includes health, dental, and retirement plans, along with opportunities for professional growth. With flexible hours, remote work options, and generous paid time off, this company truly values its employees’ overall satisfaction and success.


Overall, EPAM Systems is a trusted partner for businesses looking to leverage digital technologies to drive innovation and growth. With their expertise in digital platform engineering and software development, combined with their strategic business consulting and design thinking capabilities, EPAM is well-positioned to help companies navigate the digital landscape and achieve their goals.



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