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Geniusee Company Overview

17 Aug 2023
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Geniusee Company Overview 2

Geniusee is a leading web and mobile development company that offers comprehensive services to businesses around the globe. With a team of over 200 experts in their respective fields, Geniusee has built a reputation for delivering high-quality solutions that drive business growth.

The company takes pride in its team, which consists of talented and passionate individuals who are dedicated to their craft. With a focus on mobile and front-end engineering, Geniusee ensures that its solutions are at the forefront of technological advancements. In fact, 43% of the team is dedicated to mobile and front-end engineering, showcasing their expertise in this area.

Geniusee’s team growth is impressive, with a 50% increase in team size every year. This growth is fueled by a comprehensive hiring strategy that focuses on recruiting graduates from top-ranked technical universities. Furthermore, the team boasts a high level of experience, with 80% of the members having at least 5 years of industry experience.

The company’s management team, led by Tech Lead Ihor Demkovych and Delivery Director Andrew Korobkin, ensures that projects are executed smoothly and efficiently. Their expertise and leadership contribute to the success of Geniusee’s clients’ projects.

Geniusee’s mission is to help businesses thrive through tech partnerships and to strengthen the engineering community by sharing knowledge and creating opportunities. Their vision is to innovate, accelerate, and thrive in the ever-evolving tech industry.

The company’s certifications are a testament to their expertise and commitment to quality. With offices located in the USA, Poland, and Ukraine, Geniusee has a global presence and serves clients from various industries.

Geniusee excels in solving challenges related to software engineering, offering services such as AI staff augmentation, MVP development, software development (including web, mobile, blockchain, AI, and IoT), cloud infrastructure (including DevOps engineering, Amazon Web Services, and MLOps), integration services, and QA/QC testing.

In addition to their business pursuits, Geniusee is committed to corporate social responsibility. They engage in corporate volunteering activities, supporting initiatives like Glory, a crowdfunding platform for Ukrainian businesses affected by the war, and Banderolka, an app that helps civilians impacted by the war. They also have a charity fund to support the Ukrainian Army and provide aid to those in need, such as orphanages, geriatric houses, and animal shelters.

Geniusee is an inclusive company that values talent development and education. They actively support the IT-Cluster community and offer opportunities for individuals to excel in their careers.

The services that Geniusee offers

Geniusee offers a wide spectrum of services tailored to drive innovation and success in the digital realm. Their strategic approach and expertise ensure businesses thrive in today’s ever-evolving technological landscape. Explore the following services to unveil how Geniusee can be your trusted partner in achieving your digital goals.

Product Ideation

Brainstorming and conceptualizing innovative product ideas, laying the foundation for successful development.

Design Sprint

Intensive workshops to expedite product design and validation, fostering rapid innovation and ideation.

Discovery Phase

Thoroughly researching and planning project requirements to establish a solid foundation for successful development.

Technology Consulting

Providing expert guidance on technology adoption and implementation to align with business objectives.

IT Audit Services

Conducting comprehensive audits of IT systems to assess performance, security, and efficiency.

BigData Consulting

Leveraging expertise to harness and analyze vast amounts of data for valuable insights and decision-making.

Digital Transformation

Guiding businesses through the process of adopting digital technologies to optimize operations and enhance customer experiences.

CTO As A Service

Offering executive-level technology leadership and strategic direction on a temporary basis.

Cybersecurity Services

Implementing robust security measures and protocols to protect digital assets and sensitive information.

Software Engineering Services

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to develop high-quality software solutions.

MVP Development

Rapidly creating Minimum Viable Products to validate concepts and gather user feedback for informed decision-making. Learn about our mvp development company Fireart

Web Software Development

Crafting dynamic and responsive web applications that deliver seamless user experiences and functionalities.

Mobile Software Development

Creating cross-platform mobile applications that provide exceptional user interactions and functionalities. Learn more about our mobile development services.

Blockchain Software Development

Designing and building secure and transparent blockchain-based solutions for various use cases.

AI Software Development

Developing artificial intelligence solutions that leverage data to automate processes and drive insights.

IoT Software Development

Creating software solutions that enable devices to communicate and interact, enhancing connectivity and automation.

Cloud Infrastructure

Designing and implementing scalable and reliable cloud environments to support software applications.

DevOps Engineering

Integrating development and operations to ensure efficient software delivery and continuous improvement.

Amazon Web Services

Leveraging Amazon’s cloud infrastructure to host and manage applications, data, and services.


Integrating machine learning operations to streamline the deployment and management of machine learning models.

Integration Services

Connecting diverse systems and applications to ensure seamless data exchange and functionality.

QA/QC Testing

Conducting rigorous quality assurance and quality control testing to ensure software reliability and performance.

Product Design

Creating visually appealing and user-centric product designs that optimize user experiences. More info about product design and development company Fireart.

Product Experience Design

Crafting holistic and immersive product experiences that captivate users and drive satisfaction.

Business Analysis

Analyzing business processes, requirements, and goals to align technology solutions with organizational needs.

What are the alternatives?

Apart from Net Solutions, the industry hosts a variety of noteworthy and commendable contenders that warrant acknowledgment. Notable among these are:

To gain a thorough grasp of the strengths and capabilities of these companies, we encourage you to delve into reviews and insights provided through the corresponding links. These resources provide valuable perspectives to assist you in making well-informed choices as you navigate the competitive arena, searching for the perfect technological partner to meet your business requirements.

Feedback summary

Drawing from the provided feedback, it becomes apparent that Geniusee  consistently thrives in the delivery of top-notch results, promoting effective dialogue, and steering projects towards triumphant conclusions. The ensuing recap encapsulates their strong suits and achievements as reflected in the reviews.

Geniusee’s approach to projects has consistently delighted clients with its blend of professionalism and genuine care. Leveraging tools like Slack, they maintain transparent and responsive communication, fostering a trustworthy project management process. Operating within the Agile methodology, Geniusee excels in meeting milestones, providing insightful solutions, and automating features. Their team’s open-mindedness, organization, and clear communication style contribute to successful outcomes, earning praise and solidifying strong partnerships. From completing projects on time to achieving seamless cloud migrations, Geniusee’s dedication, professionalism, and effective project management shine through, leaving clients thoroughly satisfied.


Overall, Geniusee is a reliable and innovative technology partner for businesses looking to drive their digital transformation. With a talented team, a customer-centric approach, and a commitment to corporate social responsibility, Geniusee stands out in the industry.



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