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Net Solutions Company Overview

18 August
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Net Solutions Company Overview 5

Net Solutions is a leading IT and software development consultancy firm with over 20 years of experience in helping startups and enterprises build transformative digital products and platforms. With a focus on delivering results-driven solutions, Net Solutions has established itself as a reliable partner for businesses seeking to thrive in the digital space.

Founded in 2000 by Sameer Jain, Net Solutions quickly gained recognition for its expertise in programming and web development. Starting with a project to create a “yellow pages” website for India, the company expanded its services to include designing pop-up banners and landing pages for large ad networks. Net Solutions became a go-to choice for brands like General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler.

While the company initially focused on user engagement through eye-catching design, it soon recognized the need for more reliable and personalized digital communication products. To address this, Net Solutions developed SiteRack, a platform that allowed users to design, build, and host websites without coding knowledge. Additionally, they created AdHawker, a simple email marketing tool. Net Solutions’ approach has always been centered on building the right products that effectively solve users’ pain points and challenges.

As the company grew, so did its commitment to delivering exceptional user experiences. Today, Net Solutions has a team of more than 275 talented professionals located in offices in Chandigarh, Toronto, London, New York, and Los Angeles. Despite this expansion, Net Solutions remains agile and maintains a startup mentality, ensuring an efficient and effective approach to product design and development.

Net Solutions’ success is built on the success of its clients. The company has a proven track record of helping businesses thrive in the digital realm. Their expertise spans a full spectrum of technologies, and they employ an agile, end-to-end process to ensure seamless project execution. With a focus on continuous delivery and a co-creative process, Net Solutions consistently delivers innovative solutions that enhance user experience and drive business growth.

The services that Net solutions offers

Net Solutions offers an array of dynamic services designed to drive innovation, enhance digital experiences, and streamline development processes. With a commitment to excellence, Net Solutions empowers businesses to navigate the complex landscape of technology and achieve their goals. Delve into the following services to discover how Net Solutions can be your strategic partner in the world of digital transformation.

Custom Software Development

Crafting tailored software solutions that cater to unique business needs, leveraging advanced technologies for optimal performance and scalability. Read about offshore custom software development by Fireart Studio

MVP Development

Rapidly developing Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to quickly validate concepts and gather user feedback, enabling efficient and informed decision-making. Fireart Studio, recognized as a prominent MVP development company, also offers top-notch services for creating high-quality Minimum Viable Products.

Dedicated Development Team

Building dedicated teams of skilled professionals to seamlessly integrate with existing workflows and contribute to successful project execution.

Application Modernization

Revitalizing legacy applications through modernization strategies, ensuring compatibility, enhanced functionality, and improved user experiences.

Digital Experience Platform

Creating unified digital experience platforms that seamlessly integrate various channels, optimizing user interactions and engagement.

Digital Transformation

Guiding businesses through comprehensive digital transformations, leveraging technology to reshape operations, improve efficiency, and enhance customer experiences.

Experience Design

Designing intuitive and engaging user experiences that drive customer satisfaction and foster brand loyalty.

IT Outsourcing Services

Providing outsourced IT services, enabling businesses to focus on core competencies while benefiting from expert technical support.

Mobile App Consulting

Offering strategic consulting services to guide businesses in crafting successful mobile app strategies, from concept to implementation.

Offshore Development Services

Leveraging offshore development capabilities to drive cost-effective solutions, maintaining quality and timely delivery.

Product Development

From ideation to market launch, facilitating end-to-end product development services to bring innovative concepts to reality.

Software Consulting Services

Offering comprehensive software consulting services to assess, strategize, and optimize software solutions for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

What are the alternatives?

In addition to company, Net Solutions, the industry is home to a range of formidable players that deserve recognition. Noteworthy among these are:

For a comprehensive understanding of these companies’ strengths and capabilities, we invite you to explore reviews and insights by following the respective links. These resources will offer valuable perspectives that aid in making informed decisions while navigating the competitive landscape and seeking the ideal technological partner for your business needs.

Feedback summary

Based on the provided reviews, it is evident that Net solutions consistently excels in delivering high-quality work, fostering efficient communication, and driving projects to successful outcomes. Here’s a summary of their strengths and accomplishments based on the feedback:

Net Solutions consistently demonstrates their ability to deliver outstanding results across a variety of projects. They successfully launched a fully functioning app that soared to the top of rankings in the Google Play Store, underscoring their expertise in app development. The team’s commitment to regular communication and adherence to project roadmaps impress internal stakeholders, reflecting their dedication and professionalism. Their superb frontend design and meticulous backend development processes are repeatedly praised, showcasing their holistic approach. Their solutions-oriented mindset, excellent knowledge, and attention to detail contribute to the creation of impeccable products that exceed expectations. Net Solutions’ adaptability, effective project management, and close collaboration with clients stand out as key factors in their ongoing successes. Overall, they are recognized as valuable partners who consistently deliver exceptional solutions.


In summary, Net Solutions is a trusted IT and software development consultancy that specializes in designing and building transformative digital products and platforms. With their expertise, commitment to quality, and focus on user experience, Net Solutions is the partner of choice for ambitious businesses seeking to succeed in the digital age.





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Garik Goldsheyd

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Felix Rodriguez

"Prospective users praised the new website's seamless incorporation of multiple dashboards and beautiful design. FireArt Studio's collaborative approach, current technology stack, and extensive industry experience made the engagement enjoyable."

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Julian Fagan

"Their deliverables earned positive feedback from the customer and end users. Particular points of praise for Fireart Studio's work included the UX/UI design, illustrations, and animations."

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