Fireart Awards: Design and Development Accolades Fireart Awards: Design and Development Accolades
Review: 5- 5 5 Fireart Awards: Design and Development Accolades

Fireart Awards: Design and Development Accolades

19 Jan 2024
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Fireart Studio’s journey since its inception in 2013 is a testament to our commitment to excellence in digital design. Today, we’re happy to list Fireart awards that have become a recognition of this commitment. 

Based in Warsaw, Poland, we’ve built the studio to be a home for Eastern Europe’s best designers, developers, and product talent. We are the development partner for growing businesses in thriving sectors. We have many skills, and we get to use them across the entire digital ecosystem.

We’re happy to take on new challenges constantly. Our projects keep us on our toes, stretch our skills, and motivate us to stay agile and avoid getting stuck in the same patterns or ideas.

Over the years, our pursuit of innovation and attention to detail has led to numerous accolades, establishing Fireart as a leading figure in the digital design world. 

Let’s see how our blend of creativity and technical expertise has earned international recognition and prestigious awards.

List of the Fireart’s awards 

We have bagged everything from the Red Dot to Clutch’s Top 100. Here’s a list of Fireart’s awards received in the most recent years.


  • On the launch day, an eBook, “Business-Driven Digital Product Design,” by Fireart founders, was voted and featured as the Top 2 Product of The Day on Product Hunt
  • Fireart has been recognized as the Top Node.js Development Company and the Top PHP Development Company on TechReviewer for its exceptional expertise in custom software development.
  • Not only that — TechReviewer has also published the list of the top mobile app development companies in the world, and Fireart Studio has entered it as one of the top leaders. 
  • 99Firms has published the annual list of the Top 20 Product Design Companies in the world, and Fireart Studio has hit the TOP 10 leaders in the list.
  • In October 2020, The Manifest published a list of The Top Web Design Companies in Warsaw, and Fireart entered it as the number one web design company. 


  • In May 2021, Clutch revealed Poland’s Top 100 app development companies. Fireart Studio confirmed its expertise and high proficiency, once again being recognized as one of the app development industry leaders.
  • Point-and-click game TOHU, developed by Fireart Games, a daughter company of Fireart Studio, was honored with two nominations for The 25th Annual Webby Awards, one of the most prestigious Internet awards nowadays.Fireart awards - TOHU game
  • Following the results of in-depth market research of the analytics team from The Manifest, Fireart has entered the list of the best design agencies in Eastern Europe for 2021 as the leader.
  • Based on the paramount significance of UI/UX design for mobile app success, GoodFirms has put together a list of the top mobile app design companies in Poland for 2021 — and Fireart Studio was named one of the Top Mobile App Design Companies.
  • In the same year, Fireart was recognized as one of the best app development and MVP development services for startups globally by MobileAppDaily.


  • The Fireart project was recognized as the best design project by one of the most prestigious international awards in the realm of design – The Red Dot Award.Fireart awards - Red Dot
  • For four consecutive years, starting from 2019, DesignRush has recognized Fireart Studio as one of Poland’s best graphic design teams
  • Fireart Studio entered the list of the top app developers compiled by The Business of Apps, a publication led by one of the most authoritative research and analytics teams. 


  • iDesign Awards – Golden Award for our project “Replicant”. This recognition highlights our commitment to excellence in design and innovation.
  • The London Design Awards – Silver Awards for Best User Interface and Best User Experience marked our dedication to creating intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for applications Parents and Equine.
  • The Lovie Awards – Bronze Lovie and People’s Lovie Winner for Trackme, recognizing it as one of the best in user interface design in categories Apps, Platforms & Software: Best User Interface
  • MarCom Awards – Gold Award for Hot Desk Booking App in category Apps for Business; a testament to our commitment to developing innovative solutions for businesses.
  • SODA – Distinction for Fast Growth Companies, underscoring our dedication to growth and innovation.
  • Muse Awards – Product Design Award for Healthist in category: Product Design.
  • DotComm Awards – Platinum Award for Electrys | EV Charging App in category: Best UI/UX Design.

Even more reasons to choose Fireart for your journey

We are happy to come to our office daily and roll up our sleeves. Our home base in Warsaw, Poland, isn’t just an office – it’s where some of the best designers, developers, and product owners from Eastern Europe have come together to do great stuff.

We are here for the sectors that are booming.

We help businesses grow fast with great quality products.

We have cultivated a team of passionate professionals and created the best apps, games, websites, and products people use everywhere, from New York to Beijing and from Kyiv to Cape Town. 

What a ride it’s been! From our early days to now being big players in the digital design world, it’s been a fantastic journey. And our long list of awards and accolades? They’re way more than just shiny objects on our shelves. They show how much we’ve grown and keep pushing ourselves to improve. 

Looking ahead, we’re excited to keep mixing our creative ideas with our tech skills to make excellent digital experiences. Huge thanks to you for being part of our story. Stick around because there’s a lot more to come from Fireart Studio.

If you are looking for a star-studded vendor for your web design and development project, you’re in the right place! Reach out to our manager today and get your free consultation. 

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