Fireart Studio Introduced Its First EBook “Business-Driven Digital Product Design” 1
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Fireart Studio released its first eBook that considers UI/UX design of mobile and web experiences from the business & marketing perspective. The eBook met terrific public engagement and was featured as the Top Product of the Day on Product Hunt.  

In September 2020, Fireart Studio, one of the leading boutique design and software development companies in Poland and Europe, introduced its first free eBook, Business-Driven Digital Product Design” on Product Hunt. It collects all the team’s unique insights, industry discoveries, and around the decade of expertise in digital product design and development. 

It features fragments of interviews with the Founder of Fireart Studio Dima Venglinski and a board of Art Directors, including Tolik Nguen and Valeria Rimkevich. The marketing aspect of product design uncovered by Dana Kachan, content marketing manager at Fireart.

Unique Cohesion of Product Design, Marketing & Entrepreneur’s Insights

The book takes an extraordinary and holistic approach to digital product design, considering it from three perspectives: design, marketing, and business. It is reflected in the contents featuring thee chapters:

  • Balancing User Needs And Business Objectives In UX Design
  • Uncover The Enigma of Conversion-Oriented Web Design
  • A Roadmap To Intuitive UI/UX Design For A Mobile App

A human-centered approach to designing mobile and web experiences, the best online customer acquisition models, and digital business transformation tips — here everything is blended into the ultimate and versatile guide for business people who are going to launch their first digital products. “Business-Driven Digital Product Design” is the entrepreneur’s handbook into a digital transformation journey. 

It helps business owners get a better understanding of product development processes and market pitfalls. It also allows product designers to better understand how to create web and mobile solutions that address their clients’ business objectives. This eBook fills gaps in understanding between product designers, developers, and clients (product owners).

UI/UX Design Practices Backed At Real Case Studies With The Top Brands

How to create a hyper-intuitive web and mobile user experience? What does make a web design convert more sales for B2C and B2B businesses? And what you need to know to hit the market with a successful mobile application? These and many more questions are answered and explained using examples from real cases of Fireart Studio. In the eBook, the team shares internal production processes and recommendations on how to optimize them.

The EBook Has Become The Product of The Day On Product Hunt

On the launch day, “Business-Driven Digital Product Design” has been voted by almost a thousand people and featured as the Top 2 Product of The Day on Product Hunt. This terrific public engagement has proven the book’s ability to build human connections and empower people to develop better products. The eBook has received a five-star rating and plentiful positive feedback on Product Hunt.

Would you like to learn more about Fireart’s product expert insights and practices that help businesses lead the competition and navigate the digital landscape? Don’t hesitate to download a book here.

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