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Visual perception plays a key role in the way we interact with this world. Based on visual impressions, we make decisions and build our personal opinion about the environment we live in.

Considering the power of visual perception, it would be a critical omission to not use it for your web business.

Online entrepreneurs spend weeks and months trying to improve their websites and products. Striving for success, they visit various events devoted to trends and personal brand development. But still, the results are unsatisfactory. So what is the reason? Why are your competitors winning customers’ attention and you aren’t? Is it because you did not forward that chain message to 10 friends a couple of years ago? No, the reason is much more simple than you might expect. One of the primary issues you need to solve when dealing with a significant reduction in the number of website visitors is the user interface.

An Introduction to the Importance of Website UI Designs

The very first impression of your business is created when a visitor gets on your website. This impression will greatly affect their future decisions about your business.

Let’s analyze the process. An Internet user clicks on a link and a website appears on the screen. Immediately, this person can answer the following 2 questions:

  1. Do I need this website?
  2. Do I like this website?

If the products or services you offer meet your visitors’ needs and expectations, there is a chance they will either browse your website and finish with checkout or at least add it to Favorites to check out later. However, if the answer to the second question is “No, I don’t”, then you’ve definitely lost a potential customer.

The market is full of attractive offers, so the user does not have to keep on browsing an unattractive website. In most cases, a negative first impression does not lead to a purchase or deal. It is basically a bad experience for both the customer and you.

How do you fix the issue and make the visitor stay and enjoy your website? In this article, we list the top tips for building the best user interface website design and we collected the templates of the most successful applications.

Visual Hierarchy Makes a Difference

How to Create Website UI Designs? 15

To catch the visitor’s attention you should work on the way you present every idea included in the interface. Emphasize every part of the information, from the most important and general facts to specific information interested customers need.

Place bigger elements, no matter if they are textual or graphics, in the focal point. Let the user recognize the main idea of the web page first, then proceed with more specific details. It will make your web interface design look better and hold the visitor’s attention for longer.

It’s All About Colors

How to Create Website UI Designs? 16

Picking the right color scheme for your website is not as easy as may seem. First of all, it needs to match your brand’s message. For example, it would be a mistake to design your car rental website in bright shades of pink. The psychology of color perception has to be taken into account as well – and we mean not only the main color of your website but the color of each element as well. With the help of color, you can underline each element’s hierarchy and divide the web page into smaller pieces.

Try to include as few shades as possible into your color scheme. Let it look peaceful and natural. Do not overuse contrasts: use them for drawing attention only. Take note that darker colors tend to be perceived as “heavy”. Avoid them, or use them for emphasizing the most important things only.

Optimize Each Element

How to Create Website UI Designs? 17

Each button and field should be easy to find and click on. If we are talking about the vital Contact Us button, it should not be hidden somewhere under tons of text or pictures. It cannot be small or colored in an unrecognizable shade.

The size of each button should permit the easy placing of the cursor on it, as well as performing drag and drop or other actions. Use bright colors to emphasize the button and its significance. Make the button ”hot”: for example, the color red is responsible for fast recognition and awakening a sense of urgency. Place the Navigation field at the top of the web page to simplify a search. Keep working on improving the interactions.

Use Unique Images

How to Create Website UI Designs? 18

We all know that the Internet is full of photos of kittens, beautiful landscapes or office routines. But since each business is unique, it is unacceptable to violate the author’s rights, duplicate content or add standard pictures to your website. You need to either order custom photos or buy them from a content platform. Whatever option you choose, you still have to be unique.

Pick photos that draw the attention of a random visitor and an interested customer. The graphics you choose need to highlight your business specifics and strengthen your position.

Know Customers’ Desires

How to Create Website UI Designs? 19

To get the best results, you need to clearly understand what these results should look like. The same thing can be said about visitors’ wishes.

Make sure that your website’s layout helps the customer understand each new step. Make the Checkout button easy to notice and reach. Additionally, let it lead the customer directly to completing the purchase. Each button added to the web page should correspond to its particular purpose. When your visitors need to make a serious decision, (like ordering a service or providing a payment) ask for additional confirmation. Let the elements of the interface play a particular, but obvious, role in the process.

Bind Similar Elements

How to Create Website UI Designs? 20

Fragmentation is cool if there is a reason behind dividing the elements. If there is none, it is better to combine or merge similar objects to simplify the user’s perception.

Use similar fonts and types for related content. Avoid contrasts when providing similar information. This step will help the user perceive the data consistently, and thus improve their impression of your website.

Keep It Simple

How to Create Website UI Designs? 21

Visitors hate dealing with 99-field forms that include questions about their grandmother’s first crush. If you really want your visitors to reach you, add the simplest form possible to your website’s interface. For example, you can ask for the potential customer’s email only, then collect more detailed information when discussing the deal.

By simplifying the forms you will not only make your website look more organized, but also show your visitors that you care about their time. Ask yourself: what is more important to you, collecting general information about hundreds of users or having a close acquaintance with ten of them?

Define the Customer’s Journey

How to Create Website UI Designs? 22

To improve the interface, you have to look at your website through your customers’ eyes, retrace their steps and see the full picture of their experience.

First of all, make sure that tapping and swiping, as well as drag and drop feature, work well on all devices. A considerable number of users will visit your website from a mobile browser, so provide them with comfortable conditions.

Additionally, you should make your decisions based on your target audience. If you know that most of your customers prefer using a PC to enter your website, then improve mouse moves and apply key commands. Every movement from element to element needs to be quick and seamless.

Consider the Combinations

How to Create Website UI Designs? 23

The user interface is a complicated combination of various images, texts, and fields. Each element must augment the entire picture, and engage and meet the visitors’ expectations. A coordinated interaction between the elements will lead to the desired result.

For example, if you post high-quality pictures on the pages of your website, but they are not accompanied with a detailed description, you will probably lose part of your audience. At the same time, if your texts are too creative and do not include simple words to be indexed by Google, you will lose your position in search results. So keep in mind that brilliant user interface design for your website needs to also work closely with UX, professional texts, and the general atmosphere of the website.

Follow the Standards

How to Create Website UI Designs? 24

As stated above, uniqueness is important. However, following the existing patterns is also necessary.

When building your UI, do not try to blow your customers’ minds. For example, if you work with an eCommerce website, place User’s Profile in the top right corner. Use product listings and put the Add to Cart button to the right of each object for sale. Upgrade each product description with a photo, and add the option to see more information when clicking on the product. Add the Up button to simplify the user’s journey, and enjoy the results.

The Most Inspiring Website UI Designs

There are tons of attractive website designs found all over the World Wide Web. Here are 5 catchy web UI design examples you might find useful.

Alice + Whittles

How to Create Website UI Designs? 25

This eCommerce website occupied the leading position in the Shopify’s list of the best website designs. And really, pastel colors combined with high-quality pictures appeal to visitors’ sense of aesthetics. Additionally, a catchy phrase fulfills its task: it remains in the memory even after you leave the website.

Uppercase Magazine

How to Create Website UI Designs? 26

The customer’s journey is well defined in this one – a great source for UI inspiration. Besides that, here we have a classic example of the traditional website organization. Each component of the page has its own organic position and makes an interface enjoyable for a user.


How to Create Website UI Designs? 27

This crowdsourced blog provides a visitor with a functional interface from the very first second. The whole content is strictly divided into categories that look both attractive and improves overall user experience.


How to Create Website UI Designs? 28

This website is not only useful for designers (providing useful assets) but also inspiring. Texts combined naturally with images provide great aesthetic satisfaction. Here, you can also extend your knowledge on what font types to use on your website. This doubles the profit of visiting the resource.

Found Studio

How to Create Website UI Designs? 29

You should definitely check out this website’s interface for inspiration and aesthetics. Welcoming you with a white font against the animated background, it provides eye-candy content as you scroll down. Take a look at yourself, you’ll surely be impressed!


The user interface of website design can either take your business to the top or turn off every interested customer. How to design a website user interface may seem too much of a challenge. With Fireart.Studio you can reach the expected level of user satisfaction. Essentially, simple steps and reasonable actions are all you need.

Our team knows exactly which approach will work for your particular business. Years of experience have allowed us to upgrade our skills and assist dozens of companies with the best web UI designs!