What’s White-Label Apps? Is Building a White Label App a Good Idea? 3 What’s White-Label Apps? Is Building a White Label App a Good Idea?
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What’s White-Label Apps? Is Building a White Label App a Good Idea?

31 August
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You may have many unique product design ideas but also lack the expertise in web design & development or other resources to make them a reality. In other cases, it may be tough to catch up with the core business operations, web development management, etc. So, if you face such difficulties or similar, white-labeled app & startup app development  will be a great option to consider. White-label web development will improve your business in many ways.

What’s White-Label Apps? Is Building a White Label App a Good Idea? 5
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What is a White Label App?

How to save time and money on product development? What will help to satisfy the wishes of customers and popularize the brand? These requests of entrepreneurs are answered by the partner business model called White Label (WL), which is also a legal protocol that allows to resell and rebrand the product service under another company’s brand.

White label example of app & website development may be the website development version of ghostwriting, which means that a company develops the website or app for another company to buy it. This way the company developer cannot associate its brand with the website it created. But the company that bought the website gets full freedom to use its own logo, brand, identity, etc. This also applies to all other kinds of web design services capabilities. When we talk about the white label web design services, they definitely help the mutual growth of digital agency profit and the client’s success.

Which Industries Use White-Label Apps?

Since purchasing a white-label solution may become a real go-to option for businesses that demand a mobile app with some standard features, many industries are using these opportunities. Today, the WL model has spread to many areas of business both offline and online. Here are some of the most popular areas that resort to using a white label technology:

  • Fintech,
  • Taxi and ridesharing,
  • Traveling,
  • Tourism,
  • Public catering,
  • Retail,
  • E-Commerce,
  • Banking,
  • Affiliates, etc.

Since you are buying a ready-made solution from a dedicated android app developer and cannot influence its quality, it is important to choose a reliable partner who has a good reputation in the market.

White label mobile apps vs custom mobile apps: what’s the difference?

The impact on the app’s usefulness may be minimal as most white label apps are simple and more straightforward. However, customization has its specifics. And mobile apps vs. custom mobile apps definitely have some differences.

A white label app is a universal mobile application that can be downloaded to your device. Any business can then rebrand it to its needs. White label apps are created by a third party and have basic and general app features that are compatible with most mobile devices.

The company then purchases the white label app and these app features are personalized or branded to their specifications. No-code or low-code platforms white label apps are the exact opposite of building your own mobile app.

There are no-coding or low-coding development platforms that allow users to create applications for their business without the help of any coding and developers or other specialists. This makes it easy to build and develop complex large and highly scalable applications with no code for white labels.

And remember that white label apps are much more cost-effective than custom apps created. The cost of a mobile application depends on your budget, the features of the application, and the development team. But as you might expect, a more complex white label app setup will cost more than a traditional mobile app solution with the standard set of features.

So, also mind that customization is where many white label app developers make you nervous as they may further charge huge fees to customize the application and maintain it. Plus, you’ll never truly own a white label app.

Pros and Cons of White Label App Development

Here’s a white label app development difference chart that will give you some insights on the pros & cons of white label apps building process:

What’s White-Label Apps? Is Building a White Label App a Good Idea? 6
Source: Appinventive

Benefits of white-label app

Cresconnect  advises adding rebrandable and resalable digital marketing services and products to the main company strategy because it has a range of advantages. Here are some of them:


Scalability has always been one of the most beneficial advantages. These white label solutions make you grow your organization in many various ways both quick and safe.


You may reduce your overhead and resource costs and increase the revenue potential. White label solutions reduce your expenses in many ways: for products or fulfillment, etc. because they are ultimately cost-effective.


White label mobile apps may help you increase the size of your offering and allow you to go from entrepreneur to agency and beyond in a very short period of time. Just quickly add new goods or services to your core offerings via white and private label solutions.


Don’t forget that your application makes you stand out from the crowd because the way you may customize it is limitless. White-label options are considered to be fantastic ways to expand your brand, build a solid reputation, and services, and grow revenue to new heights.

What to consider in white-label app solutions

The app decision comes down to how complex the mobile app is. It also depends on the features of the app that you choose to include in the app development process. A White Label app can be the perfect solution for your business if the customization features are available in the app of choice. White label apps make it easy to build apps without having to hire app development teams for coding and maintenance, so mind that too while considering where you’re in or not.

White Label App Development Process

The process of building your own white label mobile app may be very simple and fast and includes the following steps:

Step #1 Consultation

The consultation phase will help you get an idea of ​​what your finished application will look like. During this phase of collaboration, your business will focus on the best practices for building mobile applications. It will also help determine if a white label application is the best solution for your business.

An initial consultation with your future dedicated team is the first step in creating a white label mobile app that meets your business needs. During brainstorming, they create a profile of the target users of your mobile application. The team also discusses the best features of your application with you.

Step #2 Development

During the app development process, the features of the white mobile app are customized to make it the most effective for users. With this customization, your mobile app will be rebranded to reflect your company’s image.

The development professionals will help your business optimize white label mobile app features to meet your business needs. They apply the most efficient tools for your business, making white labeling your application more efficient.

They also pay great attention to the detail to make sure everything in the mobile app matches your company’s aesthetic. The white label mobile app will be customized to include personalized details such as your company logo, fonts, graphics, colors, and other app design elements. These white app details will help make your brand recognizable to app end users.

Step #3 Launch

Your mobile app gets fully customized to be launched and tested. The app and its features will be found in the app store when you launch your mobile app. Users are provided with access and use the new features of the mobile app. They will also be able to provide feedback and reviews on the new addition to your business technology solutions.

Step #4 Promotion

Through marketing and promotional activities, your business may encourage and incentivize users to download the mobile app. The application development team will provide ongoing support during and beyond the implementation phase to ensure that your company will get the best out of your newly made app.

The 3 Best White-Label Services & Solutions

1) Company Apps

Apps now are said to account for 90% of all the time spent by users on mobile phones. That’s why there are lots of company apps white labelled.

2) Websites

And of course, any website-related product or service that a reseller may rebrand to offer to their business clients at their pricing point is more referred to as white-label website solution technology. And that’s why about 51% of small companies do spend on their digital marketing for the white-labelled websites.

3) Digital Advertising

And nearly 87 % of small businesses apply digital advertising in order to build their organizations. Two thirds of such SMBs express the urge of using such platforms to expand their businesses in the near future.

How to choose a white-label app development company

When evaluating applications, most of the success depends on the right choice of the developer company. When analyzing companies for mobile application design and development, it is worth paying attention to the goals and needs of your business and then communicating with the teams. Then soberly assess their experience and knowledge in the IT industry, and decide on the tasks and requirements you are ready to delegate to the company. Experience and expertise of the company, communication, and development costs will provide food for thought for the final decision.


White labeling is a legal protocol that allows one product or service to be sold and rebranded under another company’s brand. White-label apps are a more budget-friendly option for businesses as they require less investment than building a custom mobile app. So, there are many advantages to using white label technologies as your business solution. Also, mind the cons when choosing the one for your project. In the case you’re more than just curious about top-notch mobile app development, you know where to find us for a consultation on any project of any type. Feel free to drop us a line!


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