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Mobile app user interfaces consist of different elements, each of which serves a certain purpose. A call-to-action (CTA) button is one of the most important components of a mobile app and web interface. It is an interactive element that allows people to take a certain action, like purchase, subscribe, contact, etc. 

Creating a CTA button is a decisive stage in mobile app design. The User Experience and even the success of your business may depend on how well you designed your CTA button. 

That is why our mobile app design company decided to come up with some pieces of advice building on our experience. Here are several crucial tips that will help you design a powerful CTA button and avoid the smallest mobile app design mistakes.

Make CTAs Look Clickable

The very purpose of any CTA button is to make users want to click it. That is why it is so important to make its design correspond to this objective. Users don’t want to spend their time figuring out which element is interactive. That is why you should strive to make a CTA button as clickable as possible. 

If you wonder how to achieve this clickability, here are several examples. Adding some 3D effect to your CTA button will surely boost its clickability. A small shadow or a slight gradient makes people want to click that button. If you don’t like 3D effects and it doesn’t match your style, you can use a variety of other techniques. Experiment with shapes and colors and make this button look appealing and distinctive from its background. 

Pick the Right Size

The most common and easy to implement design tool is the size. It can help you divide elements of an interface according to their importance. The rule is as easy as ABC – the bigger the element is, the more noticeable it is. And since the CTA button is meant to draw attention, you should make it stand out among everything on the screen using sizing. 

Yet, though the chances that a large button will be noticed are high, you should still keep some limits. If your CTA button is too big, it can spoil all the surrounding visual composition and form a bad impression of your brand among customers.

You should better stick to some market standards when customizing the size of the CTA button. Microsoft recommends using 34X26 pixels CTAs when working on a mobile app interface design. Apple says that it should be at least 44X44 pixels. 


Any visitor of this website can get an idea of what it is about in about five seconds, upon laying eyes on it; however, it doesn’t mean that you’d want to scroll or change this page right away. Small details draw attention and keep it for a while. If that’s what you need for the potential visitors of your website, consider concentrating on those tiny details and small animations right in the middle of the crowd of pictures. We hope that you enjoyed at least some of these best uses of illustration in web design. All of them are very different and belong to different techniques. It is not easy to create something like this, as all the little details should be in harmony not only with the template and icons, but also with the whole concept of business. If you consider getting web design illustration, please consider contacting us at Fireart.Studio. We have great designers who know how to underline competitive advantages of business and show it in the most attractive ways.