Mobile App Onboarding Designs for Your Inspiration Mobile App Onboarding Designs for Your Inspiration
Review: 5- 5 5 Mobile App Onboarding Designs for Your Inspiration

Mobile App Onboarding Designs for Your Inspiration

By Elements
06 Sep 2023
4 min read

Users may better understand what they’ll need to complete through an app’s or product’s onboarding design. It’s a method of gaining the trust and confidence of your users, which benefits them and is essential to improving conversion and customer retention for your company. In case you design mobile apps, onboarding design is the key to success. Let’s check on some of the best mobile app onboarding design practices with us.

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8 Top App Onboarding Designs

Whether on a desktop or mobile device, user onboarding is the first interaction new users have with your product. In order to demonstrate how to use your app, this introduction frequently takes the shape of a tutorial, walkthrough, or small demonstration. Here we’ve gathered the top onboarding app design concepts created by the team. Enjoy them!

1. Electrys EV Charging App

A recently released app design case on Electrys by the Fireart team, has gained a place in the UI/UX Category among other design cases on Behance.  Here’s a piece of its  app design for your inspiration.


2. Banking Service Mobile App

Look at our vision for the neobank mobile app’s new design concept, which embodies modern banking. The app’s home screen gives users a quick overview of their accounts, including their balances, most recent transactions, and key financial data. Prioritizing important information while retaining an aesthetically pleasing layout is done with care.

Banking service

3. Habit Tracking Mobile App

We’re thrilled to present our research concept for a habit-tracking software that lets you monitor several habits at once.


4. Blog Edit Tool Web App

Our current project includes a section on writing and editing blog articles. Please share your thoughts with us on the app design.

blog Platform

5. Insummmee

A mobile app called INSUMMMEE offers 24/7 support and risk-free online insurance services. Users of the application can look through a variety of insurance plans for cars, apartments, renters’ insurance, and homes.


6. Online Course Platform Concept

This app offers a selected selection of top-notch courses taught by subject matter experts, whether you’re a newbie hoping to learn the ropes or an experienced designer wishing to further up your skills. Our platform delivers a smooth learning experience, from mastering typography to excelling at UI/UX design.

Online Course Platform

7. Medication Reminder App

An app reminds you to take your meds will help you remain on top of your health and make sure you are doing so according to your doctor’s instructions. You can conveniently keep track of your courses and medicines in one location.

Medication Reminder App

8. Customer relation app

This one is a part of our recent customer relation project. It helps you to organize all your customers, and tasks and get relevant analytics. Share your thoughts in the comments.

Customer relation app

Wrap up

A new user’s first interaction with your product is known as user onboarding. The user onboarding process typically leads new users to their “got it!” moment as early as possible and is essential to ensuring that they continue to use your tool. Prioritizing important information while retaining an aesthetically pleasing layout is vital throughout all your mobile or web app UX/UI. That’s why pay attention to excellent and functional app designs for onboarding. Stay with us for more inspiring examples to come. Hire Fireart for your mobile app design ASAP.

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