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The digital illustration has changed a lot during the last year. We are witnessing the emergence of new illustration trends 2020 . We have also noticed a blast from the past: some of the amazing old-school illustration tendencies are coming back, making modern illustration design even more fabulous.  

Keep in mind that there are plenty of ways illustration in UX design improves the website performance. If you are keeping up with the trends, you’ll have a better shot at standing out on top of the vast competition.

Abstract Illustration: Geometric Design

While geometric and abstract illustrations that are also a tad bit quirky can be especially effective for your design in 2020, it’s essential not to trip the user. There’s a fine line between being creative and being confusing, the latter of which can quickly start to annoy. Subtle and playful geometric shapes awake the imagination and create a welcoming feeling of playfulness – something that you should aim to evoke.

Fun and Engaging

In 2020, we see the rise of playful and engaging illustrations. Designers have started to add more dynamic to static images. Thus, we can see the increasing popularity of GIFs and animated illustrations. Animation makes illustrations more fun-looking and is often associated with cartoons. However, you should be careful and apply it wisely since there is a very subtle line between what is engaging and annoying for modern users.

Illustration by Fireart Studio

Back in the ‘90s

Nostalgia is another significant illustration trend. The usage of a retro palette, elements of the reality of the ‘90s, and old-school typefaces create a feeling of nostalgia. It usually evokes a lot of the user’s emotions and drives a bright response. This trend is based on a principle of awakening associations with well-known concepts, which we remember since our childhood. It helps create a powerful impression by using these concepts and memories. This is undoubtedly going to start causing people to reflect and go through the past 10 years in an attempt to determine what’s changed.

Illustration by Magda for Fireart Studio

Atmospheric Gradients 

If you are new to this term, the gradient is a smooth color transition. Today, atmospheric gradients are among the most trending illustration styles. They have been popular in the last years, particularly in logo design. However, this year, we can also see gradients in illustration. They often add a feeling of airiness and softness to images. As far as the 2020 illustration trends go, they are likely to keep steaming. The most popular color combinations used in gradients are blue and red.

Illustration by Fireart Studio

Moody and Warm

Everything in the world has its counter-reaction. Similarly, duotones and bold palettes (the trends in recent years) have caused a counter-response as well. It has been manifested as the increasing popularity of moody and warm colors in illustration design. Since many designers have been actively using bright and saturated palettes during the last years, the usage of pastel and moody colors hasn’t become a surprise. This trend evokes a feeling of nostalgia and makes designs even more welcoming and pleasant-looking.

Illustration by Fireart Studio

Hand-Drawn Illustrations

Hand-drawn illustrations have become the next design trend in 2020. You can see them on websites, mobile apps, packaging design, and advertising. This illustration style adds a feeling of coziness to images. Hand-drawn illustrations are an excellent way to stand out in the over-crowded digital space and set your business apart from the competition. Uniqueness and originality are always appreciated by people. Thus, such a kind of animation adds even more value to a brand online. This type often appears among the best illustrations 2020 available on the web.


Every object has its own texture, and only just looking at it, we can say whether it is rough, smooth, or slimy. The same principle can be used in digital art. Incredible textures have become one of the top trends in illustration. 

They often imitate real-life surfaces of objects and add a more natural and authentic look to pictures. Illustrations with textures are widely used on websites, mobile apps, and even in the package design. 

Illustration by Julia Hanke for Fireart Studio

Flat color and limited palette

Flat color and limited palette refer to one of the most popular illustration design trends 2020. It makes the illustration look minimalist and bold at the same time. This trend is using the principle “less is more.” Flat color in the digital product interface design helps keep the user focused on the key content without distracting with too many details and tones. Here you can see an excellent example of using flat colors in the illustration.

Illustration by Patryk Wojciechowicz for Fireart Studio

3D Illustrations: Futurism

3D futurism, with a range of its bold colors and shapes, belongs to the most amazing trends in illustration 2020. Now, illustrations can be made not only in a 2-dimensional space but also in a 3D environment. It means that they can have more volume and mass visually. Many brands consider 3D illustration as the best option as it helps a brand look more attractive and innovation-thinking. In other words, the futuristic feel of 3D illustrations makes a brand really stand out on the web.

Illustration by Kostia Varhatiuk for Fireart Studio


Surrealism is still gaining momentum in 2020 and worth being listed among the latest illustration trends. The dreamlike images performed in a surrealist style make digital products more creative-looking and stylish. They add a lot of art to software designs and mobile apps. This trend is very specific and significantly depends on the context of use. However, if you know your audience well and apply it correctly, then this style can do wonders with your designs.


Printmaking is the next trending illustration practice. The trend of printmaking adds a feeling of warmth, authenticity, and somewhat retro to illustration designs. It looks traditional if used alone. However, if combined with other illustration styles, printmaking starts looking innovative and somewhat reminds creative collages.

Best Illustrations 2020

Here we have outlined the most amazing and significant current trends in illustration. We believe that they will inspire you to create even more incredible digital art in 2020. Would you like to learn more about how illustration can enhance web design? Follow our updates! Keep in mind that the new year is bringing even more incredible trends, so we’re going to provide a comprehensive overview of them in our next articles.

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