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The Most Common Mistakes in Web Design 3 The Most Common Mistakes in Web Design
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Internet website design has become one of the most popular and best paid occupations in the modern world. Every day an astonishing 1.022.400 new websites are created. This amazing fact shows how much work web designers have. And that won’t change soon. And for the same reasons, web design courses and training are highly sought after. Who wouldn’t want a job with perspective and a job that brings a lot of clients?

Web designers take care of your comfortable stay on Internet websites

You can do a simple test. Imagine that you need information about a product or service, and then look them up on the Internet. Now click on a link that seems the most useful to you.

How much time did you spend until you found what you have been looking for on that website? Did you reach the information easily or did you struggle a bit? Was the walk through the website a pleasant one, or was it more like trying to find the exit out of a maze?

A web designer is a person who worries about your experience (UX – User Experience) while browsing the website. If the Internet presentation has been done properly, it means the web designer has done a good job. If not, then he needs to renew his knowledge.

The Most Common Mistakes in Web Design 17

6 things that visitors of websites hate the most

If you have wondered what people find most annoying when it comes to website, here’s the stuff that spoils people’s mood most.

  1. Slow loading – a website that loads more than 4 seconds is doomed for failure. Impatient users will give up and look somewhere else. A wasted opportunity for the owner of the website, because they will probably not return. And there goes the profit.
  2. Poor website navigation – it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. You will most certainly not find it. So if you are not in a hurry, you will probably exit the website furious. The owner of the website needs to check from time to time if everything is working properly.
  3. Photos that slow down the website – users love pretty photos, that’s a fact. But they can make the loading of the website slow and difficult. And then more harm has been done than good. The Internet is a visual medium, but it’s important not to overdo it with the photographs and videos.
  4. Tiny letters – not much needs to be said about this, because you understand what we mean.
  5. Textual content that is just there to fill up empty space – for boring, strange and texts that don’t really need to be there, take a lot from the average grade of the website. The content is something that the company uses to talk to the users, it solves their problems and it makes their lives better. Quality content is a sure path towards success.
  6. A website that is not adapted to the screen size (whether it’s cellphones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers) – if you look around yourself on the street, on the bus, in the cafe or in the park, you will see how many people are using their smart phones. It is a big mistake to have a website that will bother all those users.

A website is like a garden – there’s always something to be done

If you are the owners of a website and you believe that you don’t have to change anything, you’re mistaken. Technology is advancing so fast that something that is incredible today, is more than plan in a year or two. Remember how websites looked 5 years ago, 10 years ago, 15 years ago. Big companies follow IT trends all around the clock. That is done by all companies that want to survive on the market. The put a lot of effort in changing their websites, because of one important reason: to create a base of loyal clients and find new ones in the process.

And that’s why it is very important to remember that no matter how well designed and incredible a website is, the job is not over. It’s like a garden. You can have beautiful flowers in the summer, but you will have to replant them and do all the gardening work. That’s the only way to make them look equally if not more beautiful next year.

Mistakes that can easily be avoided with the help of a web design course/training
A web designer should occasionally refresh the look of your website, but you can do that yourself. A web design course or training can teach beginners to create their own website, as well as finding their way in managing an existing one.



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