Web Design Done Well: What is Digital Content & Why it’s King 3 Web Design Done Well: What is Digital Content & Why it’s King
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Digital content creation: strategy, planning & production are essential for ultimate website design. Why? There are no websites without quality content. Your audience can hardly find your business without it, and the search engine will scarcely make it visible if your website is built without a great digital content strategy in mind.

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Types of digital content

Digital content creation is hard to imagine without acknowledgment of the content types that are often used during the website design.

Digital content is called any type of content that exists in the form of digital data.

What types of digital content are there? Here’s a list of the most varied types of digital content that may be created by design agencies or advertising organizations:

  • Explainer videos,
  • Podcasts,
  • Social media content,
  • Copywriting,
  • Surveys,
  • Infographics,
  • Banners,
  • E-books,
  • Memes,
  • Guides,
  • Lists,
  • Cases,
  • Manuals,
  • Instructions,
  • User generated content like reviews, testimonials, how to guides and so much more.

While starting a website design, it’s possible to pick and focus on the types via effective digital content planning. This will also help to build a sales funnel more efficiently and push many other processes. That’s why content is King.

Digital content creation stages

Before you produce awesome website design with high quality graphics and text, you need to take some steps.

1) Digital content planning

Any strategy starts from the market research. SEO research will do during building websites because placing your business online presupposes undergoing specific search engine optimization. For this, you need to know your audience and the environment with its rules.

2) Digital content strategy

Creating your buyer persona likely gave you some ideas about what topics to write about and what questions your audience might have, which is a great start. So, when you’re through with the audience and SEO keyword audit, go ahead with the page copy ideas and illustrations design if any.

3) Ideation

No matter the ideas for your text or web page design, you need to undergo the ideation before implementation.  To avoid mistakes, it’s better to verify your strategy at start. The topics you choose are meant to be relevant to your company in the hopes of being part of your content marketing strategy and contribute to the future success.

4) Digital content production

Content production consists of writing texts, making drafts of graphics, editing pieces and approving them for finalization and further placement on the web resource. When you develop a video, you will also need script and acting voices, animation design, etc.

5) Uploading

A great range to target is 500-1,000 words uploaded for web pages, about 800 – 1000 – blog posts, and other long-form content. For social media, you’ll need to follow the best practices for your platform. Always cut unnecessary fillers and watery language and never use poor quality graphics as quality content should be engaging and meaningful.

6) Promotion

When your website is packed with great content, you may proceed to launching promo campaigns and try other brand promotion depending on your current business goals.


A well though digital content marketing strategy is necessary because accessible content opens your data up to anyone interested in consuming it. Arguably the most crucial reason to have engaging content on the website is to educate and inform site visitors. That’s accessible content from a human creator. Without content, no one will know that your business is out there on the web, what all is about, what is your brand product and how you benefit from what you offer. Any time you need quality visuals, or a reliable cross-functional team for your project, let us know.


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