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Product design sets the trend for the growth of the designers’ teams and the development of graphic and web design. It deals with interface design, UX and demands art directors, marketers, product managers, brand designers, product owners, and other product-oriented specializations to be involved. It also has a range of challenges.

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What is a design challenge?

You may come across the design term – design challenges. Design challenges are exercises or competitions that designers can do for their job to boost creativity, dwell on their design thinking, create positive habits, and learn new methods for brainstorming design projects.

How to approach a design challenge?

To approach design challenges, the designing team should understand the meaning of a product, and its set of demands to it, the methodologies, which allow them to expand the understanding of the meaning of the product and the value for the end-user. In 5 easy steps, you may process a design challenge on a whiteboard like that:

  • Ask questions to specify the ui/ux design challenge.
  • Ask about the users and their context.
  • Put down the main.
  • Write the steps of the story.
  • Draw a few critical screens or

Summarize the design challenge examples, and story, and discuss the alternatives, improvements, or other use cases.

Considering that specialists from different fields come to product design, the critical question is their expertise. What exactly are the skills: graphic design, interfaces, user behavior, experience solutions, or marketing and strategies? In a team, they may all approach product design challenges with a fresh view each from their professional perspective. The product designers’ basic, leading expertise can also determine the degree/quality of the relevant decisions they can develop.

Such skills allow them to create a visual image or a system of images, but do they really allow for creating extended meanings in which the product can be and which the user will have as a result of interacting with the product.

After all, most product designers are still graphic or web designers whose main skill is to create a graphic interpretation of a visual image expressed in a specific form and abstraction of a product.

Product design process

So, what’s the process? How do teams do product design exercises and all the stuff while making projects for their clients? What’s the start here?

Research on the target audience

We begin from who our target is. The fact is that you may try several ways to define your audience for the product design:

  • Analyze a new market or niche,
  • Identify the industry trends,
  • Analyze competitors,
  • Review the clients’ customer base,
  • Carry out client interviews,
  • Create personas or journeys,
  • Define who your target audience is not for sure,
  • Revise and use tools like Google Analytics, etc.

In the end you may come up with a clear vision of who your audience is and who’s not:  examples of a target audience are society as a whole, male or female, company employees, media officials, government, or a variety of other groups.

Data collection

‘Data collection is the process of gathering and measuring information on variables of interest, in an established systematic fashion that enables one to answer stated research questions, test hypotheses, and evaluate outcomes.’ (Source)

For designers, testing hypotheses, and evaluating outcomes will be of special attention.

Idea search

Here the team may pre-emptively think about what the user is looking for and what they want to see and do with the product and explore anticipatory mediums like notifications and customized feeds. Pick the right ideas from the flock which may solve the users’ problems rather than only focusing on the ideal search suggestions and search results.

Hypothesis testing

What is meant by a product design challenge like hypothesis testing? Hypothesis testing is a form of this statistical inference that applies data from a sample to draw some conclusions about a certain parameter. First, designers make assumptions about the parameter or and then test them. Based on the most successful hypotheses, rapid prototyping is made.


Prototyping is a widely used method for testing and evaluating ideas at a very early stage of their development. This is the best way to visualize a future product, get a client and get a contact.


In addition to proof of correctness, tests have several other uses. Testing results can serve as documentation. A well-written test suite that covers possible uses, limitations, and potential bugs is just as good as custom-written examples and can be compiled to verify that the implementation is correct.


A product release is a process of delivering a new product experience to your customers. But a release is much more than just a roll-out of new functionality. It’s establishing a solid position via the sales or communication funnel.

Product success metrics

It’s hard to see the progress or measure results without any SMART goals and the metrics. . Using product success metrics, you can make a compelling business case for a product. Identify product improvements and obtain investment. Product success metrics provide measurable, objective insights into customer behavior and can further help the product managers ask questions and find answers.

Examples of the design challenge

What are some examples of UX design challenges? Here are some of the biggest challenges in design to look through:

  • Working within fast turnarounds.
  • Balancing thinking with doing.
  • Staying relevant.
  • Having a holistic perspective.
  • Applying heuristics for UX/UI.
  • Adapting to technological change.
  • Making great work.
  • Staying true to design fundamentals.
  • Being unique and so much more.

Also, knowledge of the web design evolution and modern trends may cause the emergence of more challenges in design to be solved.


What is a design challenge? Design challenges are exercises or competitions that designers can do for their job to boost creativity, dwell on their design thinking, create positive habits, and learn new methods for brainstorming design projects and solving product design exercises.  Need to know more? – Feel free to get in touch and get the complete theoretical or practical challenge guide for your next design project with us.


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