3 Benefits of IT Outstaffing that May Help Companies Scale 3 3 Benefits of IT Outstaffing that May Help Companies Scale
Review: 5 - 3 Benefits of IT Outstaffing that May Help Companies Scale

After you’ve chosen your business idea for validation, you will probably face the necessity of hiring a dream team to realize it successfully. Using outstaff services that allow providing the company’s business processes with the necessary labor & other resources somewhere offshore may be a way out. However, what if you are not quite into getting business with just another third-party vendor? What about a fully equipped staff with a proven reputation and years of expertise in product development? Why choose product design & development outstaffing and what are the benefits you’re going to have?

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Why Outstaffing?

What if a company decides to hire a dedicated team of specialists who are located overseas simply because it’s more profitable? After researching online for a variety of options and talking to fellow startuppers or business owners, they decide to hire a smart team from a full-cycle product development company they already know as a reliable partner. Such a proven partner may be specializing in staffing clients’ teams with local specialists to fill in the gaps in their development processes or simply back them up.

In such a way outstaffing becomes a type of indirect employment in which bringing new staff apart from that existing as official personnel of the organization takes place through a partnering company. Such hired dedicated smart teams may be located offshore, being directly subordinate to your organization, though, having full responsibility for timely delivery of the product and its quality.

Many companies located overseas prefer this hiring scheme. Why? The answer is simple: it is profitable in multiple ways for their business, partnering company’s business, and the staff it provides to them.

How Does the IT Outstaffing Model Help to Optimize Design Costs?

It primarily occurs on several phases when you pick a great partner to supplement your teams with great designers, be it lean UX experts or product developers and the latest readings to educate them from the outside and optimize a range of your company processes with fresh power. Here is how the top-notch IT outstaff providers work:


When an employee concludes an employment contract with an outstaffing company, and not with a customer, this excludes the participation of the customer in labor disputes that relate to this employee, and liability for violation of the law, etc.


Vacations and sick days are issued by the outstaffing company. As a result, this reduces the burden on the client’s accounting department and eliminates the need to provide separate social guarantees. The outstaffer also maintains personnel records, administers business trips, draws up advance reports, and provides the necessary information to employees.


The outstaffer calculates, calculates, and pays salaries and compensations. Engaged in the payment of taxes and various fees, such as the contribution to the social security fund; optimizes taxation (deals with personal income tax, military fees and similar), forms a tax credit for the customer.

3 Major Benefits of Agile Teams for Your Business

Of course, with the help of augmented teams, you may better focus on your core business process without much distraction from the clients’ needs, building beautiful products for them, testing and maintaining, etc.

1) You take control

You can manage your employees directly in a more efficient way to identify professionals and guide their activities according to the demands of a particular project. There are a bunch of tools nowadays which could help you do that even from home.

2) You save resources

Be it your time, budget, or anything else, on average, the companies may reduce resourcing costs by up to 50% with the help of effectively arranged agile team communication. You also meet any gap in your own team’s skillset on how to create a successful app or how to lintroduce a new technology, etc.

3) You deliver products to market faster

As you’re having time on the company’s processes you are getting faster product launches due to increased focus and accessibility of technology needed to bring products to the market. Thus, it’s never late to contact professionals to find out more details about outstaffing, software development, and marketing opportunities on your business ideas.

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To Wrap Up

Since agile team outstaffing service leads to really good results, we are sure that the future belongs to it. Sooner or later any company will be able to hire random teams to match their projects better and provide ultimate communication to the clients as per their business goals and needs.

What’s more, those, in turn, will get a better opportunity to consult the board of any partner companies on their development, flexible strategic approaches to business organization, outsourcing process management, benchmarking, risk management, and help them identify possible benefits from their planned actions and so much more. Contact us for more details.



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