5 Examples of Web Motion Design That Really Catch Your Eye 1
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Web animation has become one of the most exciting web design trends in 2020. It breathes more life into a website and makes user interactions even more appealing and intriguing. Animation for websites allows introducing a brand in an exceptionally creative way in modern digital space. It helps create a lasting impression, make a company highly distinguishable on the web, and create a powerful brand image. 

We have investigated, created, and implemented many website animations during our over-decade experience in web design, and now, we’re openly sharing our findings with you. In this article, we will consider the five most popular ways to use web motion graphics and the five most incredible examples of web motion design.

#1 Logo Manipulation


Animated logo by Stanislav Mishchenko

One of the most eye-catching graphic design trends is animated logo design. Actually, there are no many companies that use it. However, if you check websites of the most remarkable and innovative brands, you’ll definitely see this incredible trend implemented there. Thus, using a logo animation on your website will add more style to your brand’s look online and help your business stand out. 

#2 Kinetic Typography

Animation by ANET ERMANN

If you’re new to this term, it means animated text on a website. This kind of animation has become particularly popular in 2020. Today, many motion design companies create various text animations to add more dynamics to websites. They make the user experience even more exciting and bring more fresh air into user interface design. This digital trend has become quickly loved among businesses in different areas – from banks, healthcare providers, and real estate agencies to retailers and even small businesses.

#3 Hover Effects

That hover effects are one of the most popular and lovable motion design trends over the past few years. They have quickly evolved from simple mouse interactions to more complex and more impressive visual effects that turn web user experience into magic. Using hover effects to add more beauty to the online business presence, they mostly overlook the importance of the UX side of this trend. If misused, hover effects may distract the user from the primary goal. However, if you apply hover effects unobtrusively and masterfully, they may bring plenty of benefits to your brand image and look. Below, you can see one of the hover effects created by Fireart Studio.

Design by Victor Nikitin for Fireart Studio

#4 Animated Map Marker

Many companies add an animated map marker to add more motion and interactivity to website design. It looks like a movable marker on the map which you can scroll, navigate, etc. You can implement it by using Google Maps or just by adding a simple JavaSript code to your site. If a web designer is looking for something more elaborate, there are many helpful tutorials that can teach you how to create a CSS map marker. Designers that are more familiar with the program can also make this marker swoop, create hover animation, or change its color.

#5 Website Background Animation

It can embrace a part of the screen or cover it entirely, and website animation is the next motion design trend that is worth considering. You can use it as an animated brand story on the website background. Or you can create an animated video featuring your internal manufacturing processes, team, your company’s values, and mission. There are many options and ideas for applying large-scale animation to your website design – you need to choose what suits your brand personality best. 

Design by CRI$$ for Fireart Studio

The Necessity of Using Web Motion Design

The digital world is becoming more competitive as there are so many companies and creative teams struggling for the user’s attention and positioning at the top of search engine results. To build a more remarkable image, you need to invest in an outstanding and intuitive website first of all. It is the first place people will go on the web to learn more about your brand. 

Thus, exciting web experience has paramount importance for the overall brand reputation, image, and user engagement. Website animation is surely what can spice up this digital experience by adding ore life, dynamics, and emotion. Hopefully, the trends mentioned above and ideas will inspire you to experiment with your company’s site and make it more interactive using web animation.

If you want to learn more design and development insights, follow our blog updates. If you’re looking for motion designers and animators who can help your implement creative ideas for your website, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via client@fireart.studio