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Crucial Steps Towards Successful Digital Transformation 100% Remotely 3 Crucial Steps Towards Successful Digital Transformation 100% Remotely
Review: 5 - Crucial Steps Towards Successful Digital Transformation 100% Remotely

A couple of years ago, digitalization was not a necessity. It was an extra opportunity for your organization’s online presence. At one point, digital technology has turned into an urge & a success factor.

Generating new digital business values and transforming your business into a digital environment is something you may be doing just right now as the world’s changed dramatically. What’s digitalization and the factors of successful digital transformation are the subjects of discussion.

What is Digital Transformation

It seems that there is nothing particular about that, and the phenomenon has existed a long time before. Nevertheless, digital transformation success factors might change, affecting how modern projects may react to a highly disruptive digital environment and adjust to the new business reality.

‘Some of my colleagues think that this concept is nothing new. They would say that this is the same automation for many years, but now we are also using big data, cloud solutions, and artificial intelligence. But I see it as a change in the same approach to business management. The point is both in introducing new technologies and in changing the way of thinking and moving to new ways of working. That is, a new business value is generated that distinguishes the concept of digital transformation from what can be called digital optimization.”– says Nick Puri, Senior Vice President IT, FedEx Express

So, for many businesses nowadays how to succeed in digital transformation is more about shifting their business vectors and gaining more value in newer channels, untried ever before.

Thus, digitalization is transforming a business through the introduction of modern technologies and tools that help change and promote a company, improve its market position, interact with customers, and automate many other processes.


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Source: Kintone

Indeed, in the modern world, the absence of a company on the Internet leads to serious financial losses or even a collapse. And the introduction of new tools allows you not only to adapt to the new realities but also to receive additional benefits. First of all – the interaction with customers, expanding the geography of influence, developing sales tools, and positioning the company in the newer markets never available before.

The Content of Digital Transformation

Digitalization of processes has a clear goal: to satisfy customer needs and remove objections. This is exactly what is needed in the modern financial world. You may practice this principle in a range of other modern business niches. It’s important to keep abreast of future trends anyway.

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Source: Kintone

In addition to meeting the customer needs, digitalization for businesses may incorporate the following features:

  • Provide convenient interaction between the company and the client;
  • prompt solutions of client’s questions, remove objections, and stimulate to buy;
  • automate internal work processes, improve the communication within the team;
  • improve the quality of service;
  • allow practical work remotely, in agile, smart teams;
  • provide a wide range of new great tools for sales & analytics;
  • improve the product quality, delivery services, payment processing, etc.

Business digitalization helps take a company to the next level result, increase customer loyalty to the brand, and implement new tools quickly and efficiently. Marketing costs decrease, sales conversion improves, and competitiveness grows. Your brand becomes a leader faster because it dwells on back to back with the future.

The Keys to a Successful Digital Transformation

Feel free to familiarize yourself with the existing digital market trends that may help accelerate your transformation in many ways. To define how to succeed in digital transformation for your business, make sure you’ve considered all the factors.

Often, in the process of digital transformation, organizations place the main emphasis on integrating the latest technological solutions with the existing systems and at the same time underestimate the importance of intangible factors.

Here are some of such success factors for digital transformation you need to look for.

1. Let People Work on a New Digital Way

The company’s online presence helps to shape its image in the eyes of the users, gain their loyalty, conduct business even under severe restrictions, and automate many internal processes.

According to the latest research by TechCrunch, people spend at least 5 hours a day accessing the Internet from mobile devices; this does not include work and time at the computer. That is, a person spends about a third of his/her life online. This prompts mobile presence as well as omnipresence in all the digital channels available as one of the digital transformation key success factors. Let people work and expand your business presence in many new ways.

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Source: Kintone

2. Pick the Strong and Fresh Team

Digital transformation is where business and IT collaborate on an agile basis to deliver real-time data to transportation companies. Smart teams you hire may become your dream teams that turn your business into the lucky star.

3. Determine the Digital Leader

Every successful agile organization should have a leader, be it the owner, CEO, or your project design team lead. Without talented digital teams, it’s hard to get where you go during digitalization.

4. Upgrade Skills Every Day by using Digital Tools

Digital teams use a variety of useful digital tools.  There are plenty of them both prepaid and free, so the sky’s the limit in gearing your projects with the necessary equipment to optimize the workflow and so much more.

5. Digitalize Your Usually Tasks

Even your everyday routine may be optimized through digital dashboards shared to every team member for fast access and possible to manage from any corner of the world. Even medical or governmental organizations and traditionally offline companies nowadays may use top-notch solutions for their work. Or create new apps with the help of product design developers. Working remote provides huge advantages and the leap of productivity is one of them.

Look Ahead on your Achievements

You may scale and make prognoses of your achievements, measure success and conduct deep analysis while on the go through data-driven business solutions. Modern technologies allow looking forward, accessing risks and so much more.

Successful Digital Transformation is Real

What makes successful transformation real?

Today fast companies beat the biggest ones. Many disruptive companies, both large and small, adopt digital tools for digitalization and strive for new trends. But do not forget that digital transformation requires a comprehensive solution to business problems and the right IT tools chosen and timely applied.

The changes in financial realities lead to the fact that every company will use digital technologies. Otherwise, they cannot exist in the market. The sooner a business undergoes this way, the cheaper and more efficient it will be. While others are just starting to enter the digital space, your company will take its place and successfully develop. As a result, every area of business needs changes in favor of modern technologies. So, don’t hang on.

With the help of digitalization pioneers like UX/UI research companies, professional product developers, and business analysts, your transition will be smooth and effective.

 To Sum Up

Digital presence has become a necessity for today’s business. And digitalization, which was already progressing at a rapid pace, has accelerated even more due to the world economy changes.  The keys to a successful digital transformation will help your business survive in the most turbulent times.

Looking at the top companies’ best practices, go through a digital transformation easily. You will be amazed at how far you may progress. If you don’t embrace a new way of thinking and shape a digital culture, will you compete with anyone at all? Make sure you will with reliable digitalization providers.


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