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The Earth has completed one more orbit around the Sun. We have already stepped into the year 2020, full of incredible design experiments, discoveries, and upcoming trends ahead. As the ever-lasting area of admiration and inspiration, graphic design promises to empower online business presence this year too.

Are you an entrepreneur, marketer, web designer, or graphic designer? This article will help you keep abreast of what feels relevant and trendy in design for business this year. Fasten your belts! We take an immersive tour into the top ten graphics design trends 2020.

Animation by Christophe Zidler

Visual Imitation of Liquids

The so-called “liquidy design” will become one of the most eye-catching graphic design trends in 2020. This effect looks like the visual imitation of various liquids in design. This trend is predicted to be particularly popular in web design. 2020 can be memorable for the website layouts with a beautiful liquid-like background or decorative elements.

The “liquidy” design effect features soft shapes that create feelings of movement, smoothness, and creativity. It is also supposed to be combined with engaging animation, a bold color palette, gradients, and semi-transparency.

Animation by Gleb Kuznetsov✈


Illustration by Julia Hanke for Fireart Studio

In 2019, designers have been experimenting with different textures a lot, and this tactic still is trendy in 2020. Geometric, linear, and even natural textures — you can see how they will spice up illustrations, website design, and mobile app interfaces this year. The textures make images look more authentic and add even more originality and creativity. They make flat illustrations stand out, user interfaces please the user’s eyes, and packaging design looks even tastier.

The interesting peculiarity is that designers have started digitizing textures that are often met in everyday life, like crumpled paper, wood, or watercolor, even more frequently than before. They just take photos of real-life textures, import them into graphic design editors, and manipulate them by using design tools and digital effects

Isometric Illustration

The isometric illustration has been a beloved trend for many years. During this time, it has experienced lots of transformations and gained a completely new look and fresh style. Frequently looking toylike, it adds a distinct feeling of simplicity, creativity, and fun to even over-complicated concepts.

It is often used in infographics design, website design, and presentation design since it helps playfully transfer complicated ideas. The isometric design emphasizes that even most challenging information can be easy to understand if to take the creative approach and consider it from a different angle.

Illustration by Igor Kozak


You could already see monochrome effects in designs earlier. However, in 2020, this trend has evolved into an even more simplified form. Such designs look usually minimalist and straightforward. A monochromatic color palette minimizes cognitive user load. The design based on several colors is supposed to be perceived much easier and does not distract users from reaching their goals on a website or mobile app.

Mostly, a monochrome color palette adds a sense of vintage and brings a specific taste of nostalgia to the visual design. This technique has been in fashion for many years and still gains its momentum this year as well.

UI Design by Pham Huy for Fireart Studio