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Who doesn’t like a little blast from the past sometimes? We want to take you back to when the Internet was a new thing. Just think of how many changes has the website design experienced since the ‘90s.  

Many old-school trends are coming back into web-design today. The most significant change in the design is that today, we create things for people and make design user-oriented.

Just take a look at the design of the 90’s – you can see at a glance that it is far from the concept of the ‘human-centric design.’ The design was created for the machines at that time; people didn’t think of the importance of the user experience. However, the elements of such a ‘machine-oriented design’ seem to be comic and even cute today. Many designers take their inspiration from this ‘primitive design’ and use it in modern web designs.

In this article, we will take you back to the early days of the Internet’s childhood, and take a look at the evolution of web design services. Proving that old school is always cool, we’ve created a shortlist of the top four retro-design trends that are coming back today. 

Animated Navigation

Animated navigation is one of the most important trends that are especially worthy of mentioning when it comes to retro web design. Just check out Space Jam. It quickly moves our consciousness straight back to the 90s. Such design inspires to think of a cute design which is seemed to be created by a kid. It can probably evoke a specific feeling of nostalgia and add a pinch of remarkable style to your website.

Space Jam Web Design