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Top 11 Web Development Providers in Utah 3 Top 11 Web Development Providers in Utah
Review: 5 - Top 11 Web Development Providers in Utah

Utah web development firms deliver highly undertaking websites at nationally very competitive prices. Use the list to pick the best partner for the company needs and benefit from these agencies’ proximity to education facilities and thriving tech market.


Best Web Development Companies and Firms in Utah

  1. Fireart.studio

    Top 11 Web Development Providers in Utah 17

    Reviews about this company from Google:

    ⭐️ John Millerstone: If you’re looking for a trustworthy outsource software developers, Fireart is a great option! It is a reliable design and tech partner for any business. We have been building our MVP with Fireart, and are completely satisfied with the results of this collaboration. They provide timely delivery, smooth communication on the project and outstanding quality!
    ⭐️ Stephan Schlosser: We hired Fireart to create an MVP for a delivery service startup, and it was one of the best decisions we made toward our product. Fireart Studio are great guys, they developed an MVP quite quickly and implemented exactly what we expected. Also, they gave us many valuable recommendations about an investment pitch deck, fundraising processes and market research. Thank you, Fireart!
    ⭐️ Richard Fokt: Fireart is a talented web design and development team. We’re a global marketing agency, and we hired Fireart to create a website. They delivered the project timely and met all our requirements. Now, our website looks amazing! It has started bringing us more clients and valuable partnerships. Thanks, Fireart team, for your contribution!
    Reviews about this company from Google:

  2. neoito.com

    Top 11 Web Development Providers in Utah 18

    Reviews about this company from Google:

    ⭐️Mithunraj S: Neoito is more than just a software development company. It’s a great place for any developer to get better and expand their career path. You will learn new technologies and awesome ways to solve the problems that given to you. It’s like a sandbox, where you are given the tools(maybe) and the task, then find the best solution for it. Neoito encourages you to think, adapt, optimise and even improvise on the problems rather than just going the typical search and copy+paste path. The people here always appreciates learning technologies and even supports you on coming up with great ideas, even crazy ones.
    It is a great experience and I am glad to be a part of Neoito family
    ⭐️Gokul S: The best part is that there is no such hierarchy, so that if you want to contact your CEO it’s possible here. And the flexible working hours guarantees enough freedom as well as work life balance. The only problem that I came to notice is that we are growing in numbers day by day and our office is running out of space. 😀
    ⭐️Jijo John: Best working environment filled with somany young minds. Independent ideas are always welcomed and encouraged. A great place not only to work but also to grow our knowledge and career. A hidden Gem ❤️

  3. mysticmediasoft.com

    Top 11 Web Development Providers in Utah 19

    Reviews about this company from Google:

    ⭐️Russell Taylor: Great company and great experience. Mystic Media has the knowledge and flexibility to help on such a diverse range of projects. I am a current customer and I look forward to many more partnerships with Mystic in the future. I’m forever grateful for their creative abilities, technical expertise, and awesome advice.
    ⭐️Support PonyEx: Mystic took on our huge project and did a great job completing all aspects of the project, keeping up with our changes, and communicating with us as the project progressed about the timeline.
    ⭐️Carl Goodman: Great folks to work with. They were very knowledgeable about mobile apps, were efficient, and professional

  4. zibtek.com

    Top 11 Web Development Providers in Utah 20

    Reviews about this company from Google:

    ⭐️Ruth Lois: Zibtek’s support has boosted internal productivity and opened the door to new business opportunities. Reliable and flexible, the team provides developers as needed and communicates seamlessly. They provide daily progress emails, adhere to deadlines, and offer incredibly cost-effective services.
    ⭐️Jay Swan The Hit Maker: I absolutely love what the Zibtek team has accomplished for me! We have come a long ways!
    I can see this changing the hip-hop industry and more!  Thank you team!
    ⭐️Gabe Weaver: The final product exceeded user expectations with its clean, simple designs. Impressing the internal team with their expertise, Zibtek proactively managed the project from start to finish, showing a dedication to detail in regular in-person meetings.

  5. sitesbysara.com

    Top 11 Web Development Providers in Utah 21

    Reviews about this company from Google:

    ⭐️Joel Ban: I signed up with sites by sara due to problems with web security and since then I have had no problems. What’s great about sara is that she’s very responsive and open to helping on any kind of website issue whenever they come up. I’ve had a number of these issues solved by sara with very little wait in response. Sara provides stellar service and would recommend her to anyone who needs basically any website service including security, SEO.etc.
    ⭐️Morgan Fridley: Sites by Sara has been amazing to work with! From the initial planning and personalized customization with Sara to the implementation and design process with Katryna and her crew, this has been a great experience. Really recommend Sara and her team! Thanks so much!
    ⭐️Andrew Perez: Sites By Sara is incredible at everything from website design to marketing. Always responsive, professional and truly honest at delivering results. I can not speak highly enough about Sara and look forward to many more years of partnership.

  6. elaniin.com

    Top 11 Web Development Providers in Utah 22

    Reviews about this company from Google:

    ⭐️Aldemaro Cruz: Best tech company with their employees
    ⭐️Doug Rivera: Digital Boosters
    ⭐️Orlando Rubio Egan: (Translated by Google) Excellent company

  7. cleverlabs.io

    Top 11 Web Development Providers in Utah 23

    Reviews about this company from Google:

    ⭐️Anton Galynya: Strong team + industry expertise + experience + organized processes = CleverLabs
    ⭐️Oleg Tereschenka: Highly professional company delivering high quality services in time. Good luck and good business, CleverLabs Team!
    ABK Development

  8. getfluid.com

    Top 11 Web Development Providers in Utah 24

    Reviews about this company from Google:

    ⭐️matthew peery: I interned at Fluid last summer and it was the most integrous and positive work environment I have ever been a part of. They have changed my perception of the entire advertising industry.
    The management they’ve taken on in the last two years is honest and experienced—it is an entirely different team than what is described in some of these older reviews.
    I have nothing but good things to say about this team!
    ⭐️Tim Miller: We’ve partnered with Fluid and it has been a breath of fresh air. Top caliber individuals that are passionate and work hard.
    ⭐️Marketing Manager: The big question when we work with an agency is trust. There is never a question in our minds that Fluid prioritizes the success of our business over everything else.

  9. jellyfishtechnologies.com

    Top 11 Web Development Providers in Utah 25

    Reviews about this company from Google:

    ⭐️Shubham Gupta: This is a company which cares for its staff. Good management. They have remote work culture with great work benefits and good salary ranges. Needs to improve on team building but it is understandable as the company is growing, there is a transparent culture usually you get to communicate directly with CEO.
    ⭐️Deepak Sharma: WFH facility. In this pandemic situation there are no salary deductions.
    Friendly place to work with good working environment.
    ⭐️Prachi Sharma: Cool and nice people! I had applied for a role, got selected for interview and found staff was very good. Great to found there is a transparent and positive work environment.

  10. nuethic.com

    Top 11 Web Development Providers in Utah 26

    Reviews about this company from Google:

    ⭐️James Needer: Working with the project manager Zach was great. Each week we had a scrum meeting to go over updates that had been done on the website. I would recommend them to anyone looking for good English speaking development company.
    ⭐️John Taylor: NuEthic has helped our business grow 3 times with ads. Great team to work with. I would recommend them to anyone that doesn’t want to work full-time on marketing.
    ⭐️Jake Hamblin: I had problems with my website and Nuethic fixed it in a few hours. They were quick to get back to me and let me know what the problem was. I had other developers look at my site and they made it worse.
    I will use Nuethic in the future. Thanks for the quick help.

  11. clevercoding.com

    Top 11 Web Development Providers in Utah 27

    Reviews about this company from Google:

    ⭐️Heidi White: My Company is growing and an important next step for us will be to incorporate an app into how we communicate and serve our customers. We did a lot of research on line with “do it yourself” app building platforms and with each company we investigated alarms bells started ringing, they make it look easy but reading the fine print we found a lot of constraint and land mines. Clever Coding kept coming up in our Google Search and so we called and were treated to an amazing experience. Larry listened to our needs and asked questions to ensure he was clear on what we were intending to accomplish. Within 2 days Larry came back with a very thorough and well thought out proposal. We learned several very valuable lessons from our experience with Cleaver Coding. #1 we were right to see alarm bells in the DIY platforms. #2 It would be imperative for us to have a partner in building our app, one who we can talk with, who will plan and strategize with us, and will be on our Team as we grow. #3 We are not quite ready to jump into the app world. We so appreciate Larry and the Team at Cleaver Coding and when we are ready, we will be calling them.
    ⭐️Stephen Carlson: Clever Coding does a very good job at taking the time to understand your project and then executing it in a timely manner. They make you feel like you’re a priority, and that your business is as important to them as it is to you. They are always available for a phone call. I think most of our business relationship was done after hours, due to my schedule!!!
    I’ll be working with them in the future.
    ⭐️Cassidy Barsdorf: Clever Coding has been a great partner as we’ve launched new web and mobile apps this year. We were able to provide them with a basic design and they made the apps a reality on a very short timeline. They’ve been very flexible and accommodating as our plans have changed throughout the process and I’d definitely recommend them to anyone looking to bring a high-quality product to the market quickly.

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