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Here we talk about the best, the most popular, and most impressive eCommerce website design trends arising in 2021. Are you ready to take a deep dive into these insights and predictions?

Ecommerce is not what we have used to think of it before. It has grown and changed into a dynamic and innovative online shopping experience that reflects the customer needs, wants, desires, and even mindset.

To keep abreast of the competition, eCommerce brands should rethink their marketplaces from the perspective of web design trends 2021. In this article, Fireart team presents the top nine incredible eCommerce website design trends that will gain momentum this year. Let’s start without further ado.

Navigation takes center stage

Top 9 E-Commerce Website Design Trends in 2021 15
Ecommerce design by Maria Borysova, via Dribbble

We are used to seeing navigational menus somewhere out of our way, in the header, footer, or left/right side. However, in 2021, we see how the new stream is gaining popularity. We are now talking about navigation placed in the center.

Moreover, web designers have started adding more animation, branding elements, special fonts, and micro-images. All these practices turn ordinary eCommerce website navigation into a visual attraction. It helps the customer not only easily find what they need on a web store but also get deeper into the brand’s style, mission, and values.

Hyper-creative web animations

Top 9 E-Commerce Website Design Trends in 2021 16
Automotive website Roman for Fireart Studio

This year, we will also see more creative and surprising animations for web page transitions. While most web designers use them for a rather “cosmetic” effect, there are also those who leverage web animations to create a more immersive customer experience, zoom product details, and disassemble products and create other fantastic transitions.

In 2021, web animations might be as slightly visible as definitive details in web page design. In both cases, they turn websites into a more enjoyable user experience and make people want to spend more time with a brand online.

Adding product “cut-outs” into web design

Top 9 E-Commerce Website Design Trends in 2021 17
Ecommerce design by JPSDesign

Featuring top products in newsletters and web stores wasn’t a new practice. However, it takes a new turn this year. Designers use the so-called product image cut-outs and embed them on a homepage. It looks like a creative collage and makes a brand digital appearance even more outstanding. Also, it helps build recognizability for the brand itself and its best-selling products.

Fun filter features

Top 9 E-Commerce Website Design Trends in 2021 18
Ecommerce design by Elena Sh, Sergey Popkov and Apmyp 10, via Behance

Filtering is one of the most important functions of an eCommerce website, as it allows you quickly and easily to find the product you’re looking for. The problem of the best and most convenient filtering often arises when you’re creating an eCommerce web design. Suppose you want to find women’s shoes in an online shop. Would you try to find them in the “women’s” or “shoe” sections? That’s right: the filtering design requires a lot of logical thinking.

In 2021, we will also experience one more peculiarity of filtering in eCommerce – it will be funnier. Designers will add a pinch of humor and fun to filtering, providing convenient product search along with a small bonus – entertainment.

Neutral colors on backgrounds

Top 9 E-Commerce Website Design Trends in 2021 19
Wine Landing Page Concept Pham Huy for Fireart Studio

In response to popular bold and vibrant eCommerce web design trends, we can notice another, more soothing trend of the neutral color palette. While we would see many bright colors in eBusiness web design before, 2021 is featured with sophisticated neutral colors.

Saying “neutral,” we don’t mean plain old white. It’s already the past. We mean the variety of beautiful tones, like soft blue, cold grey, creamy, or light yellow. These colors will appear in the eCommerce website background even more often.

Incorporations of the pastel tonesTop 9 E-Commerce Website Design Trends in 2021 20


We are used to associating pastels with spring-like colors, vibes, and moods. Pastels may perfectly complement designs with a neutral background and add the feeling of freshness and novelty to a website. When designing an eCommerce site, you can add a flash of pastels or different pastel decorations to a layout. The best eCommerce website designs in 2021 will also be characterized by pastel buttons, menus, and other navigation elements.

Multidirectional layouts evolve

Top 9 E-Commerce Website Design Trends in 2021 21
Skincare Cosmetics Website Taya P for Fireart Studio

The trend of unconventional layouts has been popular before. This year, it has evolved even more. Today, users can scroll and move not only up-and-down, but also forward and backward, diagonally, left, right, and so on. Such an intuitive interaction makes a design even more enjoyable and visually appealing. This amazing practice makes an impressive effect and helps an eCommerce website stand out from its competitors on the web.

Vaporwave aesthetics on the rise

Top 9 E-Commerce Website Design Trends in 2021 22
Ecommerce design by Igor Zvyagintsev, via Behance

Vaporwave influence is the next wonderful and incredible eCommerce website trend awaiting us shortly. It looks A vaporwave aesthetics has quickly transformed into a new pop culture embracing the modern web today. The most common features of a vaporwave style are a bold palette, neon tones, old-school and vintage typography, psychedelic backgrounds, retro gradients, abstract forms, and a sudden rise of antique sculptures in a web design.

Smart content load for more enjoyable experiences

Top 9 E-Commerce Website Design Trends in 2021 23
Famag – online magazine concept Kostya Sobol for Fireart Studio

Many modern websites are visually stunning but may take a lot of loading time. To avoid losing website users because of long waiting times, designers have developed several approaches to this problem. The most popular of them include lazy loading and infinite scrolling. However, we will see another trend in UX 2021. It is a smart content load. This feature allows users to upload only those website graphics and imaginary that can be quickly loaded without the necessity of waiting while something is loading for a long time on a website.

How to choose the best eCommerce design

The best eCommerce website design must be convenient and easy to navigate, first of all. It should also be visually enjoyable for users and give them a lot of entertainment, aesthetical satisfaction, and even an opportunity to play fun games or get game-like experiences. In 2021, a great eCommerce website also means increased interactivity of its elements and the overall design.

Final thoughts

This article has overviewed the best, most popular, and impressive web design trends for eCommerce businesses in 2021. From unusual navigation patterns, super-creative animated page transitions, fun filter functions, and pastel pop to multidirectional layouts, vaporwave influence, and more – here we have considered all of them.

Are you interested in designing a prominent eCommerce site for your business? Our team of professional eCommerce designers and developers can help you implement it in the best way. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at client@fireart.studio to ask your questions. We’re always happy to help!