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With Vue.js, you can use a single file component instance to create feature-rich applications. You can combine code with Vue.js to improve performance. It’s a popular framework to help you develop a productive app.

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Vue.js is used to create web interfaces and develop desktop and mobile applications using the Electron framework. We’ve put together some vue best practices to help you develop more efficient code and make it easier to maintain and distribute later.

What is Vue JS?

Vue.js has advantages over Angular and React because of its lightweight structure and original framework design principles. This popular open-source frontend building platform is designed to create single-page projects. Because of this, Vue.js developers can apply a single file component instance to create rich projects.

Considering that Vue.js is increasingly popular globally, these useful tips will help you create a simple web application.

What is Vue JS Used For?

Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework used to create single-page applications and web projects. This framework is used to create web interfaces and develop mobile applications using the Electron framework. 

Let’s look at the framework and get vue js components best practices.

Pros and Cons of Vue JS

If you don’t know about the framework’s features, let’s briefly review the key advantages and disadvantages. 

Pros of Vue JS

Compact size

This framework will be as small as Vue itself. Being lightweight, it provides fast loading and positively affects SEO and UX.

A robust ecosystem 

Vue.js has acquired a powerful set of tools to work within its five years of existence. The upcoming release of Vue CLI 3 is a complete overhaul that will provide many new features. Vue also has its browser debugging tools, server-side renderer, and state manager.

Easy to learn

You only need a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to develop Vue applications.

Concise documentation

Whether you’re a newbie, Vue’s documentation has you covered. Its well-structured documentation covers everything from installing to scaling the application. 

Community support

Vue.js has a large community of developers. Just take a look at the Vue.js tags on Stack Overflow.

Cons of Vue JS

Language barrier

The adoption of Vue by Xiaomi and Alibaba has helped popularize the framework and created demand. Since Vue.js is increasingly popular in China, much of the content and documentation is in Chinese. That is a potential problem for English-speaking programmers.

Lack of support for large-scale applications

Vue.js is a fairly young technology, but the user community is still smaller than Angular. To be adopted by large companies, the technology must be stable. 

Lack of experienced programmers

Once again, this is a young technology. Therefore, developers will have to wait sometime for its mass implementation in creating applications. So far, finding developers with experience developing based on this technology is a difficult task. However, the further we move, the more experts in this technology will appear. 

7 Vue Best Practices

Let’s move on to vue js best practices to help you make working with this framework easier. 

Data should always return a function

The data parameter should always return a function at runtime. Otherwise, we just return an object. It means that all components will share the data.

Nevertheless, usually, the goal is to create reusable components. Accordingly, we need each object to return a unique object. We should return an object of information within a specific function to do this.

Validate your props with good definitions

It is probably the most significant practice we have prepared for you in this article. During the development of a large project, you may forget the exact format and font you used for the props. 

But if you’re working as part of a large programming team, you need to use the same definitions. Try to save your team from keeping track of the components to define the props format. It will also be important to prescribe prop validation. 

Base components should be prefixed accordingly

The usual naming convention centers around base components, which help establish common styles and settings for the entire application.

According to the Vue style guide, base components contain only vue coding standards.

  • HTML components
  • Additional base elements
  • User interface components.

It’s a good habit to give names with “Base” or “App.” You can use either prefix to preserve the structure of your project. Using the webpack import feature, you can search for components that match your name pattern.

Manage Global File for Shared Variable 

To make your project as versatile as possible and easier to update at any time, try managing global configurations or in a separate file. 

You’ll see how useful one of these best practices vuejs is when your project gets to a running stage to do basic configurations without re-deployment.

Communication Between Instances

A common pattern for communication within Vue is to pass a parent method as a callback to a child using props. Its combination makes it possible to define communication within a template while keeping the details of the JavaScript implementation separate.

Use of Shorthands

You should always use abbreviations for all directives or never use them at all. In the end, you should not mix the use of abbreviations and the full name of the directives.

Detection Of Changes Within An Array

Required Practice. There are some limitations in Vuejs that Vue cannot detect changes within an array or object.

Array: When you directly set an item with the index, e.g. vm.values[index] = newValue

There are three solutions to this:

  • Vue.set(vm.values, index, newValue)
  • vm.values.splice(index, 1, newValue)
  • vm.$set(vm.values, index, newValue)

Are you looking for Vue JS Developers? – Feel free to contact us!

Finding developers who have experience with this framework can be time-consuming. You need to consider many factors when choosing a development team. Choosing a development team will directly determine the success of your application. 

With years of experience, Fireart Studio can help you develop an app to realize your goals within the project. Effective practices and vuejs good practices can help you organize your code easily and affordably with Vue. 


We’ve covered the most popular and best practices vue that will help you simplify your interaction with the framework. It will help you gain additional experience developing web and mobile apps using the framework. 

Thanks to the framework’s large community, you can further leverage the developer experience. Considering that the technology is only at the beginning of its development now, you have every chance to take a good place in this niche. This technology has a lot of potentials, so you should not stand aside from the trend! 

We hope that Vue will be an effective tool for bringing your project to life!


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