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What is a Flyout Menu?

By Elements
10 Oct 2022
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What is a flyout menu, and why discuss it? Flyout menus are essential temporary navigation tools that your website or app users need to reveal when they interact with any element of your resource design like buttons, or commit action, or do other control. Fly out menus are graphic control elements designed to allow your users to often access a list of choices or actions that aim to improve their UX.

What is a Flyout Menu? 5
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Why are Flyout Menus Important?

Since a flyout menu is a toggle menu that allows the user to select one value from a predefined list, it is a recommended design element for some projects where context scenarios or hidden items are a part of the design concept.

Thus, such menu flyouts can be well applied in menu and context menu scenarios to show a list of options or commands under the users’ request. They are not evident, but appear under request and thus improve the user interface and experience. A menu fly out shows a single, inline, top-level menu that can have menu items and sub-menus which saves design space and users time for onsite navigation.

Offering such types of menus usually help many users to avoid long scrolling and may quickly get them any access needed to a variety of your site’s content. For large content websites, menus of this kind may save much user’s time by allowing them to quickly jump down a level or two and reach the content they seek in no time. And users’ time spent on your website is priceless.

Pros and Cons of Flyout Menus

Let’s revise the pros first.

Navigation is a breeze

When your users land on homepages that are overloaded with visuals or other content, the chances that they abandon these websites are high simply because they don’t have time or patience to sift through all that data. And the great navigation is a savior, indeed.

Everyone gets it

The menu icon is always easily recognizable. It takes time for symbols to reach an instantly familiar, unambiguous status, but when it happened; your design element will be a flashing beacon helping users to get what they want faster immediately.

Functionality is boosted

This type of menu leads your users directly to the data they want, and that’s true. Saving time is crucial for their experience, especially in the context of an app, where each inch of the space is limited and should be well thought out to serve the users who want information fast.

Now, let’s switch to the cons.

Key data is still hidden

One of the downsides is that fly-out menus still hide information. If the menu icon is difficult to spot, visitors will even have a hard time navigating the site, which aggravates, so, many will leave.

Click rate decreased

Normally, menus aren’t the most clicked part of the website or app. Users tend to focus on the information in the middle first and then scroll down or to the right as per an F pattern. That’s where many users may assume the menus are reserved for extra or just less important details and skip using it at all.

When to use flyout menus?

Of course, there are cases when you should code and apply fly out menus in your website or app design to the utmost. And here are some of them.

To conserve screen space

Menus of this type also help conserve screen space, so by means of offering them you may help users avoid scrolling and looking through the columns. You quickly get them access to your site’s content whenever they need it

To save navigation time

Especially important for large websites, these menus can save users time by allowing them to jump down a level or two to get to the content they seek faster enough not to hurry up and leave the resource without even trying.

To improve usability

Cluttering is the worst enemy of good usability. Menus streamline screen layouts. Designers know how valuable user attention is, so offer solutions to your precious resource to avoid distraction. These menus are a space-saving mechanism since all navigation options become visible only after a click or tap on them.


Less talk, more action is what flyouts are all about. They improve not only your website view image but also create an incredible experience for the users where they easily control or navigate the data they really need. The flyout menus display buttons on the application page or form, which, when clicked, opens a list with items and added actions. These actions are configured using the code and great design. When you need to improve your website or app design, web design outsourcing services will be what you need to help with that in no time. 



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