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6 Best App Analytics Tools: Overview and Comparison 3 6 Best App Analytics Tools: Overview and Comparison
Review: 5 - 6 Best App Analytics Tools: Overview and Comparison

218 billion. Can you imagine this number? Surprisingly, this is the figure for mobile app downloads in 2020. This indicator keeps growing yearly, so does the number of users and mobile devices. The competition gets tighter. 

When it comes to the success of mobile applications, there are many questions to ask. Are you sure your app is good enough? Are your users satisfied with their experience? Does your app bring you money? And these questions may lead you to the answers that can change everything. 

You can no longer ignore the necessity of ​​app analytics tools. No worries! In this article, you will find everything you need about the best app analytics tools: how to use them, how much to pay, and their main features.

What is Mobile App Analytics, and Why does it Matter?

Understanding the numbers is vital for your business. We bet you know that. However, even when we understand the importance of numbers in general, we frequently forget that numbers are also important for details. 

Let’s imagine the situation. Your monthly revenue is $100,000. You’re absolutely satisfied with this number. You know that you have 1,000 regular customers, 10,000 leads, and, let us say, a $200 average bill. But where does this money come from?

If you have an app, you need to know how much money it brings to your business. And, of course, you need to know how the application affects the behavior of the users. Thus, you can improve your app, add new features and upgrades to make it even more beneficial to your business.

For instance, in the situation mentioned above, you may notice that the app brings you $5,000, and the average bill is only $20. Can you improve these numbers? Absolutely.

Statista has estimated global mobile app revenue of 581.9B dollars. It is expected that in 2023, it will reach 935.2B. 

6 Best App Analytics Tools: Overview and Comparison 17
Source: Statista

What does it mean for you? If you know what metrics to track to improve your app, you can increase your revenue. With the help of the best mobile app analytics tools, you will get to know how to make every single customer satisfied, loyal, and ready to pay for your products.

Now let’s focus on the metrics that are important to your mobile app. First and foremost, these are actionable metrics. By analyzing them, you can see what’s good and what’s bad in your application. 

Please pay attention that these metrics show you what’s going on with your app right now. If you have not analyzed your app previously, it will be hard for you to understand the numbers. In this case, the help of a professional agency is obligatory.

6 Best App Analytics Tools: Overview and Comparison 18
Source: RubyGarage
  • Active users (daily, weekly, monthly)

Do you know how many customers use your app every day, week, or month? Knowing these numbers makes it easy for you to understand the performance of your product over time.

  • Retention rate

This metric will help you know the size of the audience that uses the app. If you track this metric for at least several months, you will see whether it is growing or not.

  • Duration of session

Your users may spend an hour in your app. And they also may spend 20 seconds and quit. What’s better? It depends on your product. 

  • DAU

It is one of the key metrics that provide information on how frequently the customers use your application every day. Again, this number will depend on the area of your business.

  • Push opt-in

Do you send push notifications to your users? We’re sure you do! But how effective are they? Perhaps, your customers just turn them off?

  • ROI and CPA

Return on Investment and Cost per Acquisition are the basic metrics you track in any marketing campaign. They are also important for tracking the effectiveness of your app.

If you want to get more information about the app performance, you can additionally track these two metrics:

  • Number of downloads and installs

It will help you understand how popular your application is. If you are running a promo campaign for your app, this metric is vital to track.

  • Cost per install

How much does it cost to make users install your app? Are you sure the price is good? Consider this metric if you want to cut costs.

TOP 6 Mobile App Analytics Tools

An effective and the best mobile analytics presupposes that you track all these metrics, analyze them, and make some changes to improve the results. But let’s be honest: analyzing vital metrics manually is too complicated and time-consuming. It would be smarter to use automated tools. 

We’ve prepared a mobile app analytics comparison to help you find the tools you can use for effective analysis.


It is one of the best mobile analytics tools chosen by thousands of web developers. What makes it so popular? First, it is the product of Google, which automatically brings it to the top of the list. With its help, you can build an app, release it and monitor its effectiveness.

Firebase key features:

  • Cloud Firestore
  • Machine Learning
  • Cloud Functions
  • Authentication
  • Hosting
  • Cloud Storage
  • Realtime Database
  • Crashlytics
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Test Lab
  • App Distribution
  • Google Analytics

Pricing: depends on the services you decide to use.

To know the price, use the Blaze Plan calculator.

Free mode: available (includes A/B Testing, Analytics, App Distribution, App Indexing, and other features).

Platforms supported: iOS, Android.

Google Analytics

The best mobile app analytics tools list is impossible to imagine without Google Analytics, a leading tool worldwide. 

You can hardly find a person who knows nothing about Google Analytics. We all have used it at least once due to free access to the whole set of tools. Google Analytics is great for analysis, setting goals, and improving engagement. 

Google Analytics key features:

  • Regular reports on the audience, traffic, acquisition, conversion rates, user flow, etc
  • Keyword referrals
  • Third-party referrals
  • Custom dashboards
  • Various integrations
  • Campaign measurements
  • Tracking goals

Pricing: free, with a premium plan for enterprises

Free mode: available

Platforms supported: iOS, Android.


In our mobile analytics comparison, we would like to mention Mixpanel, perhaps the most effective tool for analyzing the users’ behavior. Whatever users do in your app, you will know that.

Mixpanel key features:

  • Interactive reports
  • User segmentation
  • Team dashboards and alerts
  • Group analytics
  • Data integration
  • Data management
  • Integration directory

Pricing: free, starting with $25/month

Free mode: available (including access to unlimited data history and seats, core reports, data dictionary, monitoring, and alerts)

Platforms supported: iOS, Android.

Adobe Analytics

For deeper insights, use Adobe Analytics, one of the most loved tools among marketers. This tool provides a set of various options that will help you cover all analytics needs, starting from web analytics and up to prediction analytics. This tool is not as popular as Google Analytics and Firebase, as it does not have a free plan.

Adobe Analytics key features:

  • Multichannel data collection
  • Advanced calculated metrics
  • Unique processing rules
  • Custom variables
  • Offline data integration
  • Data warehouse and data feeds
  • Remarketing triggers
  • Audience analytics
  • Mobile marketing
  • Third-party integration

Pricing: depends on the set of hits you choose. Price can range between $100,000 per year and higher.

Free mode: unavailable 

Platforms supported: iOS, Android.

Amplitude Analytics

Another great tool in our app analytics comparison list is Amplitude Analytics. If you want to get a deep understanding of what is going on with your app, Amplitude is your choice. 

Amplitude Analytics key features:

  • Data management
  • Product analytics
  • Personalization
  • Experimentation

Pricing: depends on the plan you choose. The average price is $15,000 per month.

Free mode: available (including core analytics, unlimited data retention, unlimited user seats, up to 10 million actions per month)

Platforms supported: iOS, Android.


Good old heatmaps! However, Hotjar presents other features that will be effective for your app analytics. That’s why it is amongst our top mobile app analytics tools.

Hotjar key features:

  • Heatmaps
  • Recordings
  • Incoming feedback
  • Surveys

Pricing: depends on the plan you choose. Plus – from €39/month, Business – from €99/month, Scale – from €389/month)

Free mode: available (including manual data capture, creating 3 Heatmaps, up to 300 recordings, 3 Surveys & Incoming Feedback widgets)

Platforms supported: iOS, Android.

Which App Analytics Tool is Right for You?

If you want to track your app’s performance on your own, the list of the best app analytics tools will help you choose the most effective tool for you.

Have some hesitations? Here are some tips that will help you to make a wise choice:

  • try with a free version. If you don’t like it, you can always quit and choose something more suitable for your needs
  • select the important features for you. Choose tools that have these options
  • watch online videos on how to use the tools. Gladly, there are thousands of them online, and you can find something that matches your demands.

Analytics help scaling up

We at Fireart Studio are sure: if you want to scale your business, you don’t need to do everything on your own. App analytics is what you can delegate to professionals and get all information you may need in the form of a report.

We will help you understand what’s good with your app, and in case there are some problems, we can also help you fix them.

No more hesitations. Contact us, and let’s improve the performance of your mobile application together!


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