6 Common UI Design Principles 3 6 Common UI Design Principles
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6 Common UI Design Principles

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6 December
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6 Common UI Design Principles 4

A well-defined set of design patterns makes the interface an ultimate part of a product without limiting the designer’s creativity. And we all know that the user interface is integral to any high-quality functional digital product development. When an interface is well designed, users don’t notice it working – it’s flawless. UI design principles are essential in achieving this.

6 Common UI Design Principles 5
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What is design consistency?

Problems start when the interface is poorly designed, and users can’t complete the right tasks. Elementary principles of UI design teach us how to avoid the most severe mistakes. They also add consistency to designers’ work. And consistency in design is all about making elements uniform. This means having them look and act the same way. We often hear designers discuss consistent navigation, button design, page layout consistency, control elements, etc. In every case, they are looking for a way to leverage usability by creating uniformity so that the UI elements behave equally.

Common user interface design principles

To increase their chances of success, most designers follow three well-known interface design principle lists from Jakob Nielsen, Bruce Tognazzini, and Ben Shneiderman. Let’s check on some common user interface design principles retrieved & summarised from the principles of user interface design adopted by masters that allow designers to achieve design consistency in their everyday struggle:

1.     Define which interface a user needs

You must determine how people will use your interface before designing it. With the advent of touch devices, this factor is becoming increasingly important.

2.     Simplify interface design

Whether you want to improve usability or increase conversions, the most important thing a designer can focus on is simplifying interface design o make it one of the UI best practices.

3.     Make it easy to interact with

Ease of interaction means an effort to reduce the cognitive load on the user whenever possible. Be consistent and logical here. Build a solid visual hierarchy system that tells the visitor the purpose and method of making a target action.

4.     Mind the navigation

Navigation offers users many choices within a two-dimensional space that they must accept without seeing the results of the action. A user-friendly app can provide users with visual and organizational cues to help them navigate. Users should always know where they are currently on the website or app. Viable navigation is an essential part of excellent user interface design.

5.     Create a visual hierarchy

Essential information such as the company name, logo, and navigation menu should be centered and displayed in design elements that stand out to make important details instantly visible to users. Visual hierarchy is a fundamental characteristic of excellent web user interface design and is achieved when the color elements on the screen are organized in a clear viewing order, allowing users to catch the primary data without getting too distracted by the secondary.

6.     Make it consistent & well structured

Consistency helps users make sense of previously unknown things and creates a sense of familiarity with them. When designing a user interface, it is essential to keep in mind the interaction between the screen you are designing and the human mind. It pays off to make things easier for your users without forcing them to learn new sets of tools or views for each new task.

Also, discover Usability Heuristics for UI Design.

Сommon mistakes in UI design

There’s no excellent design without an error. When it comes to creating high-quality products, every little detail is critical. User design principles help designers avoid inconsistency. However, some common mistakes may still reoccur from app to app. Here are some of them:

Poor layout

Lorem ipsum and stock photos just won’t do. If you want to skyrocket, develop something that can become a final product from scratch. What images will be present in it, which structure, and what are the headings? Fill in your beautiful design with UI ideas and authentic content from the beginning.

Bad visuals

Photos are usually conceptual, animated logos, brand identity, etc. It’s not enough to just use something pretty. Instead, choose images that create a narrative or simply have a deeper meaning.

Scaling issues

Knowing the edge cases of your content will help you make more efficient use of screen space and choose the proper UI for each part of it. Also, a good designer should always think proactively, considering the possibility that clients may need to scale the user interface in the future.

White space trap

The UI/UX design challenge is building a good interface design which is the thoughtful use of white space at all levels, from component to page, micro to macro. When white space is used correctly, you get a harmonious, legible, efficient, and easy-to-use interface.

Form errors

Website forms are aimed at shortening the length of the time spent while interacting with the page. They greatly simplify drafting complaints, leaving feedback, subscriptions, etc. When designing any input fields, forms or notification messages, try your best not to annoy users. In particular, be wary of all possible forms of form validation.

Price & value issues

Don’t listen to people who try to prove that an app you want will cost you too much or is not possible to develop. Remember: saving on competent development will cost you your future customers! No one would need a service or product without customers, even if its development was quite cheap.

Final Words

Consistency is when all design elements behave similarly or follow the set pattern. A website or app is more than a collection of interlinked pages. They are an interface, a virtual space in which many things — like the web presence of a company and a person — interact, communicate, and meet each other for a purpose. This creates an experience for the visitor that they will likely remember and talk about for a long time, which means good UI designs. More awesome UI designs for a change – with Fireart Studio UI/UX Design Services.



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